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Hurbin, Lionel
J. L, John Lilburne
John Lilburne (britisk politikar)
John Lilburne (britisk politiker)
John Lilburne (Brits politicus (1614-1657))
John Lilburne (brittisk politiker)
John Lilburne (English political activist)
John Lilburne (Wortführer der radikaldemokratischen „Levellers“)
Lil'bern, Džon
Lilbourne (Captaine)
Lilbourne, John
Lilbourne (Lieut. Col)
Lilburn, Ian
Lilburn, Iohn
Lilburn, John
Lilburne, John
Lover of his country and sufferer for the common liberty
Lylborne, John
Lylbourne, John
Джон Лільберн
Лилбёрн, Джон
Ջոն Լիլբեռն
จอห์น ลิลเบิร์น
ca. 1614-1657
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Canne, John (Amsterdam)
England and Wales. Court of Oyer and Terminer and Gaol Delivery (London and Middlesex)
L.I. Amsterdam, 1652
Lenthall, William (1591-1662)
Overton, Richard
Overton, Richard (1599?-1664)
Prince, Thomas
S.n. (S.l.)
Semenov, Viktor Fedorovič
Sykes, William
Walker, Clement (1595-1651))
Walwyn, William
Agreement of the free people of England, tendered as a peace-offering to this distressed nation, An
answer to nine arguments written by T.B., 1645:, An
Apologetical narration. English and Dutch
Come out of her, my people : or An answer to the questions of a gentleman (a proefessor in the Antichristian Church of England) about hearing the public ministers: where it is largely discussed and proved to be sinful and lawful
Declaration of some proceedings of Lt. Col. Iohn Lilburn, and his associates, with some examination and animadversion upon papers lately printed and scattered abroad ... also a letter sent to Kent, likewise a true relation of Mr. Masterson's, minister of Shoreditch, signed with his owne hand., A
Englands birth-right justified : against all arbitrary usurpation, whether regall or parliamentary, or under what vizor soever. With divers queries, observations and grievances of the people, declaring this Parliaments present proceedings to be directly contrary to those fundamentall principles, whereby their actions at first were justifyable against the King, in their present illegall dealings with those that have been their best friends, advancers and preservers: and in other things of high concernment to the freedom of all the free-born people of England; by a well-wisher to the just cause for which Lieutenant Col. John Lilburne is unjustly imprisoned in New-gate.
Englands new chains discovered. Part 1
epistle from Col. John Lilburn, in the shades, to John Wilkes, Esq; late a colonel in the Buckinghamshire militia, An
exceptions of John Lilburne, Gent., prisoner at the barre, to a bill of indictment preferred against him, grounded upon a pretended act, intituled, An act for the execution of a judgement given in Parliament against Lieutenant Collonel John Lilburn, The : which judgement is by the said act supposed to be given the 15 day of January 1651.
Foundations of freedom
Free-born John : a biography of John Lilburne
Grandie-deceivers unmasked (that you may know them)
Hunting of the foxes from New-Market and Triploe-Heaths to Whitehall, by five small beagles (late of the armie), or the grandie-deceivers unmasked... directed to all the free people of England... by Robert Ward, Thomas Watson, Simon Graunt, George Jellis and William Sawyer,...
Impeachment of high treason against Oliver Cromwel and his son in law Henry Ireton,... presented to publique view by... John Lilburn, close prisoner in the Tower of London... in which are also some hints of cautions to the lord Fairfax for absolutely breaking his solemn engagement with his souldiers... in which is also the authors late proposition sent to Mr. Holland, June 26 1649, to justifie... his late actions and writings...
just defence of John Lilburn, against such as charge him with turbulency of spirit., The
Just reproof to Haberdashers-Hall
lawes funerall. Or, An epistle written by Lieutenant Col. John Lilburn, The : prisoner in the Tower of London, unto a friend of his, giving him a large relation of his defence, made before the judges of the Kings bench, the 8. of May 1648. against both the illegal commitments of him by the House of Lords, and the House of Commons, ...
Legall, fundamentall liberties of the people of England revived, asserted and vindicated, or an Epistle written the eighth day of June 1649 by... John Lilburn (arbitrary... prisoner in the Tower of London) to Mr. William Lenthall, speaker to the remainder of those few knights, citizens and burgesses... who... stile themselves... the Parliament of England... [From the Tower of London, this 8 of June 1649.]
Levellers Overton, Walwyn and Lilburne
Liberty vindicated against slavery shewing that imprisonment for debt, refusing to answer interrogatories, long imprisonment, though for just causes, abuse of prisons and cruel extortion of prison-keepers, are all destructive to the fundamentall laws and common freedomes of the people
London's liberty in chains discovered. Part 1
London's liberty in chains discovered. Part 2
Missive van L. col. Iohn Lilbvrne aen sijn waerde lieve huys-vrouwe [...] verclarende de waere redenen ende gronden, die hem genootsaeckt hebben [...] sijn apologie aende Nederlander te maken.
ontdeckinge van de rechte grondt-oorsaeck der jonghst-geledene gelt-straffe, bannissement en jegenwoordige strenge proceduren tegens lieut. col. John Lilburne., Een
Picture of the Councel of state, held forth to the free people of England by Lieut. Col. John Lilburn, Mr. Thomas Prince and Mr. Richard Overton, now prisoners in the Tower of London, or a Full narrative of the late extrajudicial and military proceedings against them, together with the substance of their several examinations... at Darby House, upon the 28 of March last. [From the Tower, April 1, 1649.]
révolution anglaise, 1641-1660 procès-verbaux, comptes rendus parlementaires, documents officiels et pamphlets, La
serious apprehensions of a part of the people in behalf of the Commonwealth...
Thankful acknowledgement and congratulations of divers well-affected apprentices within the Ward of Cripple-gate Without unto the ever to be honored Lieutenant Colonel John Lilburn, Mr. William Walwyn, Mr. Thomas Prince, and Mr. Richard Overton, now prisoners in the Tower of London, for their faithful services, love and affections to this poor distressed and miserably wasted nation., The
To the right honourable the Commons of England in Parliament assembled the humble petition of thousands wel-affected persons inhabiting the City of London, Westminster, the Borough of Southwark Hamblets, and places adjacent.
triall of Lieut. Collonell John Lilburne, The : by an extraordinary or special commission of Oyear and Terminer at the Guild-Hall of London, the 24, 25, 26 of Octob. 1649 : being as exactly pen'd and taken in short hand, as it was possible to be done in such a croud and noise, and transcribed with an indifferent and even hand, both in reference to the court and the prisoner, that so matter of fact, as it was there declared, might truly come to publick view : in which is contained all the judges names, and the names of the grand inquest, and the names of the honest jury of life and death : unto which is annexed a necessary and essential appendix, very well worth the readers carefull perusal, if he desire rightly to understand the whole body of the discourse and know the worth of that ner'e enough to be prised bulwork of English freedom, viz., to be tried by a jury of legal and good men of the neighbour-hood
triall of Mr. John Lilburn, prisoner in Newgate, at the Sessions of Peace held for the City of London at Justice-Hall in the Old-Baily, The : sitting upon Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the 13, 14, 15, and 16 of July 1653.
Two petitions presented to the supreame authority of the nation from thousands of the lords, owners, and commoners of Lincolneshire against the old court-levellers, or propriety-destroyers, the prerogative undertakers.
worke of the beast or A relation of a most vnchristian censure, executed vpon Iohn Lilbvrne [...] the 18 of aprill 1638. With the heavenly speech vttered by him, A