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Barbara Dane (American singer)
Barbara Dane (Amerikaans jazzmuzikante)
Barbara Dane (sangerinne)
Dane, Barbara
Spillman, Barbara Jean
ברברה דיין
باربارا دین
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Language material
Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
Notated music
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Broonzy, Big Bill (1893-1958)
Hô ̀, Chí Minh (1890-1969)
Hopkins, Lightnin' (1912-1982)
Leadbelly (1885-1949)
McGhee, Brownie (1915-1996)
New Lost City Ramblers
Ochs, Phil
Seeger, Peggy (1935-)
Seeger, Pete (1919-2014)
Silber, Irwin (1925-....))
Silber, Irwin (1925-)
Terry, Sonny
actual voice of Ho Chi Minh (4 min 06 s)
Answers to the press (2 min 10 s)
Appeal for Nationwide Resistance (2 min 04 s)
Appeal made on the occasion of the founding of the Indochinesse Communist Party (3 min 21 s)
Appeal to the patriots and fighters throughout the Country (3 min 41 s)
Avoir vingt ans
Bajo el arco del sol
Barbara Dane and her Good News Bonanza Band [SR] p1986
Barbara Dane collection of Jim Garland songs
Barbara Dane, James Johnson (Ft. Hood 3), Dr. Howard Levy, Peter Yarrow invite you to ... FTA, Freak the Army and other services Show GI-civilian solidarity, stop the Vietnam massacre, concert/rally - Dec. 26.
Barbara Dane sings the blues with 6 & 12 string guitare
Blues over Bodega
boatwoman's song (2 min 56 s)
Broken hearted blues
Canción de mi América
Classic blues from Smithsonian Folkways Recordings. Vol. 2 [SR] p2003
Classic protest songs
Compadre Miguel
Coplas de revolución
Coplas del pajarito
David and goliath
Declaration of independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (4 min 48 s)
Diez seran
Doing more with less : using long-term skills in short-term treatment
era esta pariendo un corazón
Evening scene (30 s)
final testement of Ho Chi Minh (5 min 10 s)
Fine weather Ho Chi Minh (2 min 31 s)
Four months have passed (47 s)
FTA ! songs of the GI resistance
Glory to the heroic Bi Nang Tac ! (2 min 45 s)
handkerchief (2 min 45 s)
Hasta siempre, comandante
hate the capitalist system, I
Heroic province of Thanh Hoa (3 min 17 s)
Hootenanny Saturday nite!
Insomnio, sleepless night (1 min 10 s)
It isn't nice
Johnny, no sabe porque
Last night I dreamed of uncle Ho (36 s)
leg irons (34 s)
legacy of Ho Chi Minh nothing is more precious than independence and freedom
Livin'with the blues
march of the Liberation Army (3 min 37 s)
Margaret Barry & Michael Gorman sing and play, with banjo and fiddle
Me gustan los estudiantes
Milestones (29 s)
muerte en el ring, La
My native land (6 min 07 s)
oea, me causa risa, La
On my way
On revolutionary morality (3 min 20 s)
path which led me to leninism (2 min 37 s)
pobre y el rico
Por la vida
Porque los pobres no tienen
Report on the draft amended constitution (1 min 23 s)
Report on the national and colonial questions (2 min 44 s)
Song of the coats (2 min 04 s)
Speech at Tours congress (2 min 04 s)
Spring comes to the liberated area (2 min 44 s)
Su nombre (2 min 25 s)
Swingin' the '20s
Thirty years of activity of the Party (1 min 04 s)
To you who volunteer in the army (2 min 15 s)
Twilight (51 s)
unconquerable Van Troi (3 min 31 s)
Vietnam songbook more than 100 songs from the American and international protests movements and fighting songs of the Vietnamese people, The
Vietnam will win ! liberation songs of the Vietnam people, recorded in Vietnam.
Vietnam will win ! liberation songs of vietnamese people recorded in Vietnam
Vietnamese women and French domination (3 min 28 s)
Voice of Fidel Castro (18 s)
We love our army brothers (2 min 02 s)
We will liberate the south (1 min 32 s)
What now, people ?
When we made it through
Wikpedia, August 6, 2014
Y hay que andar
You can't make it by yourself... [etc.]
You've got to reap what you sow