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Esposito, L. W.
Esposito, L. Wayne
Esposito, Larry
Esposito, Larry W.
Esposito, Larry Wayne
Larry W. Esposito
Larry W. Esposito (American astronomer)
Larry W. Esposito (Amerikaans astronoom)
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Computer file
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American Chemical Society
Cravens, Thomas E. (1948-...)
Cravens, Thomas E. (1948-..)
Dishong, Jeanne
Dougherty, M.
Dougherty, Michèle (19..-....))
Dougherty, Michele K.
Finley, Stuart
Krimigis, Stamatios M.
Stofan, Ellen R.
Stofan, Ellen Renee (1961-....))
University of Massachusetts
Absorbers seen near the Venus cloud tops from Pioneer Venus
'adding' algorithm for the Markov chain formalism for radiation transfer, An
auroral footprint of Enceladus on Saturn., The
Azimuthal brightness variations of Saturn's rings. II - Observations at an intermediate tilt angle
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Cassini observations and the history of Saturn's rings
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Characteristics of aerosol phenomena in Martian atmosphere from KRFM experiment data
Characteristics of aerosols phenomena in Martian atmosphere from KRFM experiment data
Characteristics of Saturn's FUV airglow from limb-viewing spectra obtained with Cassini-UVIS
chemical composition of the dust-free Martian atmosphere: preliminary results of a two-dimensional model, The
Clumps and Moonlets in Saturn's F Ring
Clumps and Moonlets in Saturns F Ring
Composition, Structure, Dynamics, and Evolution of Saturn's Rings
Creation of the Uranus rings and dust bands
curvature-radiation-pair-production model for gamma-ray pulsars, A
Density waves in Cassini UVIS stellar occultations
Distribution and source of the UV absorption in Venus' atmosphere
Eccentric ringlet in the maxwell gap at 1.45 saturn radii: multi-instrument voyager observations.
EUV spectroscopy of the Venus dayglow with UVIS on Cassini
Ever Decreasing Circles
Evidence for dust grain growth in young circumstellar disks.
evolving view of Saturn's dynamic rings., An
Exploring Venus as a terrestrial planet
Far ultraviolet spectral properties of Saturna[tm]s rings from Cassini UVIS
Fragmentation rates of small satellites in the outer solar system
Galileo ultraviolet spectrometer experiment: initial venus and interplanetary cruise results.
International Planetary Patrol observations of Saturn's rings. I - Observations and data reduction
International planetary patrol observations of Saturn's rings. II - Four color phase curves and their analysis
Light scattering from Saturn's rings calculated by a Markov chain formalism, 1977:
Long term changes in Venus sulfur dioxide
Markov chain formalism for polarized light transfer in plane-parallel atmospheres, with numerical comparison to the Monte Carlo method.
Meteorological observations on Martian surface: met-packages of Mars-96 Small Stations and Penetrators
Monte Carlo simulations of the water vapor plumes on Enceladus
Moonlet collisions and the effects of tidally modified accretion in Saturn's F ring
Moonlets and clumps in Saturn's F ring
Nature of the ultraviolet absorber in the venus clouds: inferences based on pioneer venus data.
numerical model of the Uranian dust rings, A
Optical design of the ultraviolet imaging spectrograph for the Cassini mission to Saturn.
Particle properties and processes in Uranus' rings
Photometry and polarimetry of Saturn at 2640 and 7500 A
Photometry and polarimetry of Saturn's rings from Pioneer Saturn
Photometry from voyager 2: initial results from the uranian atmosphere, satellites, and rings.
Photopolarimetry from voyager 2; preliminary results on saturn, titan, and the rings.
Physical properties of Uranian delta ring from a possible density wave
Pioneer fly-by of Saturn and its rings
Planetary rings, 2014:
Planetary science. Cassini imaging at Jupiter.
Polarization studies of the Venus UV contrasts: cloud height and haze variability
Properties of the Hulse-Taylor binary pulsar system
Radiation transport of heliospheric Lyman-\alpha from combined Cassini and Voyager data sets
Regolith Growth and Darkening of Saturn's Ring Particles
Rings of Saturn
Satellite 'wakes' and the orbit of the Encke Gap moonlet
Saturn and its moons
Saturn from Cassini-Huygens
Saturn's rings - Azimuthal variations, phase curves, and radial profiles in four colors
Saturn's rings: Pre-Cassini status and mission goals.
Saturn's rings - Properties and processes
Saturn's rings - Structure, dynamics, and particle properties
Self-gravity wakes and radial structure of Saturn's B ring
size distribution of Jupiter's main ring from Galileo imaging and spectroscopy, The
SO2 in the middle atmosphere of Venus - IR measurements from Venera-15 and comparison to UV data
Structure and dynamics of Saturn's rings as seen by the Voyager stellar occultation
Structure and evolution of Saturn's rings
structure of Saturn's rings - Implications from the Voyager stellar occultation, The
Sulfur dioxide and its variations [in Venus atmosphere]
Sulfur dioxide at the Venus cloud tops, 1978-1986
Sulfur dioxide: episodic injection shows evidence for active venus volcanism.
Sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere of Venus. II: Modeling results
Sulfur dioxide in the Venus atmosphere: distribution and implications
Temperature and aerosol structure of the nightside Uranian stratosphere from Voyager 2 photopolarimeter stellar occultation measurements
Theoretical interpretation of the ground-based photometry of Saturn's B ring
tilt effect for Saturn's rings, The
Titan airglow spectra from Cassini Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph (UVIS): EUV analysis
Titan airglow spectra from the Cassini Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph: FUV disk analysis
Ultraviolet contrasts and the absorbers near the Venus cloud tops
Ultraviolet imaging spectroscopy shows an active saturnian system.
Ultraviolet spectroscopy of venus: initial results from the pioneer venus orbiter.
Understanding planetary rings
Univ. of Colorado WWW site, 4 Feb. 2002:
Venus Monitoring Camera for Venus Express
Voyager 2 photopolarimeter observations of Titan
Voyager photopolarimeter observations of Saturn and Titan
Voyager photopolarimeter observations of Uranian ring occultations
Voyager photopolarimeter stellar occultation of Saturn's rings
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Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Massachusetts, 1978