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Inchequen, Murrough O'Brien (Lord)
Inchequid, Murrough O'Brien (Lord)
Inchequin, ..
Inchguin, Murrough O'Brien (Lord)
Inchiquin, Lord Murrough O'Brien
Inchiquin, Murrough O.
Inchiquin, Murrough O'Brien (Earl of)
Inchiquin, Murrough O'Brien (Lord)
Inchiquin, Murrough O'Brien of
Inchiquin, Murrough. O. of
Inchiquine, Murrough O'Brien (Lord)
Lord Inchequin, ..
Murchadh (na dTóiteán)
Murchadh Ó Briain
Murrough O'Brien
Murrough O'Brien, 1:e earl av Inchiquin
Murrough O'Brien, 1st Earl of Inchiquin (Irish soldier)
Murrough (the Burner)
O'Brien Earl of Inchiquin, Murrough
O'Brien, Murrough
O'Brien, Murrough (Earl of Inchiquin)
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Manuscript language material
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Catholic Church. Pope (1623-1644 : Urban VIII)
Charles I, King of England (1600-1649)
England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)
Gething, Rich
Jephson, William (1615?-1659?)
Jones, Michael (d. 1649)
Ormonde, James Butler Duke of, 1610-1688
Warwick, Robert Rich Earl of, 1587-1658
Articles exhibited to the Honourable House of Commons assembled in Parliament, against the Lord Inchiquine Lord president of Munster : subscribed by the Lord Broghill and Sir Arthur Loftus Knight. Together with a full and cleare answer their unto made whereby it appeares that the said articles are false scandalous and full of groundlesse aspersions. Subscribed by Rich. Gething Secretary to the said Lord President. [Aug. 18, 1647].
declaration and protestation of the Lord Inchiquin, The : and all the officers under his command, voluntarily taken and subscribed by his councill of vvarre, that they will maintaine the honour of the King, and the priviledge and freedome of Parliament, according to his solemne ingagement, against all opposers, and other his great discouragements : [May 6, 1648].
Letter : from Murrough O'Brien, Earl of Inchiquin, at Cork, to Prince Rupert
letter from the Right Honourable the Lord Inchiquin and other the commanders in Munster, 1644., A
Lord Inchiquins queries. -, The
Miscellaneous Documents. 1645
More victoryes obtained in Ireland. -
Murrough the Burner, 1991:
Popes brief: or Romes inquiry after the death of their Catholiques here in England, during these times of warre:, The : discovered by two commissions; the one sent from the Pope that now is: the other, from the Bishop and Duke of Cambrey, to severall commissioners in England: whereby the death of such Catholiques may be returned to the See of Rome, to be determined of (As may be fit for the glory of God.) Together with a catalogue of the vicars generall, and archdeacons under the Bishop of Calcedon, for the setling of the popish hierarchy in England. With divers letters concerning the same. Also severall letters and papers of the Lord Inchiquines in Ireland, intercepted by the Earl of Warwick, and sent to the House of Commons; wherein is discovered the ungratefull and perfidious dealing of the said Lord with the Parliament of England.
Queries to the Protestant clergy of the province of Munster
severall copies of the kings letters, and messages, sent to the Parliament [5-29 Dec. 1645], The : first, about a treatie by commissioners, and then personally by himselfe: with the Parliaments severall answers thereunto, and some observations thereupon. With, the copy of a paper under the Lord Inchiquins hand, concerning the Popes Nuntio now in Ireland, and his proceedings there about the bill of bargain and sale of that kingdome. These letters from the King to the Parliament, and their answers to His Majesty, with the observations thereupon, are printed and published according to order.
True copy of a second letter, sent from the Lord of Inchiquine to the honorable Collonell Michaell Jones
true relation of a great victory. -, A