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Baker, Claude
Baker, W. Claude
Baker, William Claude
Claude Baker
Claude Baker (American composer)
Claude Baker (Amerikaans componist)
Claude Baker (compositeur)
کلود بیکر (آهنگساز آمریکایی)
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Bernhardt, Robert
Lang, Nancy
Library of Congress. Serge Koussevitzky Music Foundation
Louisville Orchestra
MacCombie, Bruce
Saint Louis symphony orchestra
Smith, Lawrence Leighton
Voice of America Music Library Collection (Library of Congress)
Whitman, Walt (1819-1892)
Aus Schwanengesang: I. Das Fischermädchen
Aus Schwanengesang: II. Am Meer - Die Stadt
Aus Schwanengesang: III. Der Doppelgänger
Aus Schwanengesang: IV. Ihr Bild
Aus Schwanengesang: V. Der Atlas
Awaking the winds
[Claude Baker and Bruce MacCombie interviews from the 1979 Friedheim competition]
Concerto, piano, orchestra
Divertimento, piano, clarinet, violin, cello
Elegy, violin
Flights of passage
Glass Bead Game: I. Age of the Feuilleton: The Beginnings of Castalia, The
Glass Bead Game: II. League of Journeyers to the East, The
Glass Bead Game: III. The Glass Bead Game (Fantasia), The
Märchenbilder : for orchestra (2005)
Mystic Trumpeter: The Dalliance of the Eagles, The
Mystic Trumpeter: The Mystic Trumpeter, The
Omaggi e fantasie
Phantasy pieces
Piano Concerto "From Noon to Starry Night": I. Drum Taps (for M.V.)
Piano Concerto "From Noon to Starry Night": II. Silent Sun (for J.D.)
Piano Concerto "From Noon to Starry Night": III. Lilacs (for L.S.): Ever - Returning Spring - Reprise: Drum Taps - Autumn Rivulets
Piano Concerto "From Noon to Starry Night": IV. Dalliance (for T.B.)
Piano Concerto "From Noon to Starry Night": V. Ecstatic Ghost (for M - A.H.)
Pieces, percussion, orchestra
Pieces, percussion, wind ensemble
Shadows: 4 Dirge-Nocturnes: No. 1.
Shadows: 4 Dirge-Nocturnes: No. 2.
Shadows: 4 Dirge-Nocturnes: No. 3.
Shadows: 4 Dirge-Nocturnes: No. 4.
Sleepers awake
Symphonies, no. 1
Whispers and echoes
Whitman cycle
Contributed to or performed: 
Glass Bead Game / Awaking the Winds / Shadows / The Mystic Trumpeter, The
Piano Concerto "From Noon to Starry Night" / Aus Schwanengesang