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Haubrich, Joseph
Haubrich, Joseph G.,
Haubrich, Joseph Gerard
Joseph G. Haubrich
Joseph G. Haubrich (American economist)
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Berger, Allen N.
Bianco, Timothy
Bordo, Michael
Bordo, Michael D.
Carlson, John B.
Craig, Ben
Craig, Ben R.
Demirgüç-Kunt, Asli
Dombrosky, Ann M.
Ergungor, O. Emre
Fan, Rong
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland / Economic Research
Gorton, G. B.
Gorton, G.B.
Gorton, Gary B.
Hallman, Jeffrey J.
Haubrich, J. G.
Haubrich, J.G.
Haubrich, Joseph
Haubrich, Joseph G
Haubrich, Joseph G.
Haubrich, Joseph H.
Higgins, Patrick
Humpage, Owen
issue, special
King, Robert G
King, Robert G.
Lambson, Val Eugene
Levine, Ross
Lindner, John
Lo, Andrew W.
Lo, Andrew Wen-Chuan
Lucas, Deborah
Meyer, Brent
Miller, Janet
National Bureau of Economic Research
Pennacchi, George
Popova, Ivilina
Rajan, Raghuram G.
Ritchken, Peter
Ritter, Joseph A
Ritter, Joseph A.
Rocheteau, Guillaume
Santos, J.A.C.
Santos, João A. C.
Santos, João A.C.
Santos, João Cabral dos
Thomson, James
Thomson, James B
Thomson, James B.
University of Rochester. Dept. of Economics
Wachtel, Paul
Weill, Pierre-Olivier
Assessing deregulation: Further considerations A reply to David Romer
Bank concentration and competition: an evolution in the making; a conference sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, May 21-23, 2003.
Bank deregulation, credit markets, and the control of capital
Bank diversification: laws and fallacies of large numbers
Banking and commerce: a liquidity approach
Banking and commerce: an approach based on liquidity synergies
Banking and insurance
Capital requirements and shifts in commercial bank portfolios
Capital requirements for financial firms
Central banks and crisis management
Coalitions, power, and the FOMC
Combining bank supervision and monetary policy
Comment on "The Quantification of Systemic Risk and Stability: New Methods and Measures"
Commitment as investment under uncertainty
Commitment as irreversible investment
Committing and reneging: a dynamic model of policy regimes.
Comparative financial systems : a conference sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, November 5-7, 1997
Comparative Financial Systems: Introduction.
conference on federal credit allocation, A
conference on liquidity in frictional markets, A
Conference Sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, October 24-26, 2001: Introduction., A
Consumption and fractional differencing: old and new anomalies
Contracting Costs, Inflation, and Relative Price Variability: Comment.
Credit crises, money, and contractions: A historical view
Credit crises, money and contractions : an historical view
Credit spreads and subordinated debt
dark side of liquidity, The
Declining Treasury debt; a conference sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, October 24-26, 2001.
Deep recessions, fast recoveries, and financial crises: evidence from the American record
Derivative mechanics: the CMO
Derivatives and intermediation: a conference sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, November 1-3, 1995
Do excess reserves reveal credit crunches?
Does the potency of monetary policy vary with capacity utilization? A comment
Does the yield curve signal recession?
Dynamic collusion in an open economy
Dynamic commitment and imperfect policy rules
Dynamic Commitment and Incomplete Policy Rules.
Estimating real and nominal term structures using Treasury yields, inflation, inflation forecasts, and inflation swap rates
evolving loan sales market, The
Executive compensation: a calibration approach
Expensing stock options
Fear and loathing in executive pay
Federal credit allocation: theory, evidence, and history; a conference sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, October 17-19, 1993.
Financial efficiency and aggregate fluctuations: an exploration
Financial intermediation : Delegated monitoring and long-term relationships
Forecasting with the yield curve; level, slope, and output 1875-1997
future of inflation, The
Getting the most out of a mandatory subordinated debt requirement
Gilt by association: uncovering expected inflation
Gold prices
Gross loan flows
Identifying and resolving financial crises: a conference overview
Imperfect information and the role of banks, 1984
Imperfect state verification and financial contracting
Inflation expectations, real rates, and risk premia: evidence from inflation swaps
Inflation: noise, risk, and expectations
Information and prices
Integrating business and personal income taxes
Interest rates, yield curves, and the monetary regime
Introduction: Bank concentration and competition: an evolution in the making
Introduction to "Quantifying Systemic Risk"
Large shareholders and market discipline in a regulated industry: a clinical study of Mellon Bank
Loan sales, implicit contracts, and bank structure
Loan Sales Market, The
Loan sales: Pacific Rim trade in nontradable assets
Loan Sales, Recourse, and Reputation: An Analysis of Secondary Loan Participations
Mechanisms, Multi-Lateral Incentive Compatibility, and the Core
Monopolistic Competition and the Theory of Private Money
new approach to gauging inflation expectations, A
Nonmonetary effects of financial crises : Lessons from the great depression in Canada
Oil prices: backward to the future?
Optimal Financial Structure in Exchange Economies.
Optimal Non-Linear Bank, The
paradox of loan sales, The
Peak oil
Predicting real growth using the yield curve
Pricing kernels, inflation, and the term structure of interest rates
Productivity and the term structure
Putting systemic risk on the radar screen
Quantifying systemic risk, 2013:
Risk aversion, performance pay, and the principal-agent problem
Risk management and financial crises
Sharing with a risk-neutral agent
Sluggish deposit rates: endogenous institutions and aggregate fluctuations
Some lessons on the rescue of Long-Term Capital Management
sources and nature of long-term memory in aggregate output, The
sources and nature of long-term memory in the business cycle, The
Sticky prices, money, and business fluctuations
Stock market fundamentals
Subordinated debt: tough love for banks?
Swaps and the swaps yield curve
Term structure economics from A to B
Too much risk?
Umbrella supervision and the role of the central bank
Vagueness, credibility, and government policy
W(h)ither the Fed’s balance sheet?
Waiting for policy rules
What should central banks do?; a conference sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Oct. 27-29, 1999.
What should central banks do? : a conference sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, October 27-29, 1999
Who holds the toxic waste? an investigation of CMO holdings
Yield Curve as a Predictor of Growth: Long-Run Evidence, 1875-1997, The
Yield Curve, Recession and the Credibility of the Monetary Regime: long run evidence 1875-1997, The
yield curve, recessions, and the credibility of the monetary regime: long-run evidence, 1875-1997, The
Typescript (photocopy)
Includes vita and abstract
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Rochester. Dept. of Economics, 1985