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Chardouvelēs, Gkikas A.
Gikas Chardouvelis (griechischer Wirtschaftswissenschaftler)
Gikas Hardouvelis (Greek economist and politician)
Gikas Hardouvelis (hoogleraar uit Griekenland)
Hardouvelis, Gikas
Hardouvelis, Gikas A.
Hardouvelis, Gikas Angelos
Χαρδούβελης, Γκίκας Α
Гікас Хардувеліс
born 1955-10-08
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Barnard College Economics Department Affiliation (see also from)
Barnhart, Scott W
Barnhart, Scott W.
Craine, Roger
Cunningham, Thomas J.
Estrella, Arturo
Federal Reserve Bank New York, NY Affiliation (see also from)
Frankel, Jeffrey A
Frankel, Jeffrey A.
Hardouvelis, Gikas
Hardouvelis, Gikas A
Hardouvelis, Gikas A.
Kim, Dongcheol
Malliaropoulos, Dimitrios
Malliaropulos, Dimitrios
Panepistēmio Piräus Affiliation (see also from)
Papanastasopoulos, George
Pericli, Andreas
Peristiani, Stavros
Peristiani, Steve
Porta, Rafael La
Priestley, Richard
Rutgers University Affiliation (see also from)
Theodossiou, Panayiotis
Thomakos, Dimitrios D
Thomakos, Dimitrios D.
Trapeza tēs Hellados Athen Affiliation (see also from)
Tsiritakis, Emmanuel D
University of California, Berkeley, May 1985
University of Piraeus / Department of Banking and Financial Management
Wang, Tao
Wizman, Thierry A.
Καραμούζης, Νικόλαος Β (1952-)
Accruals, Net Stock Issues and Value-Glamour Anomalies: New Evidence on their Relation
Apo tē diethnē krisē stēn krisē tēs Eurōzōnēs kai tēs Helladas, 2011 :
Asset pricing models with and without consumption data: An empirical evaluation
Asymmetric Relation Between Initial Margin Requirements and Stock Market Volatility Across Bull and Bear Markets, The
Commodity Prices, Overshooting, Money Surprises, and Fed Credibility
Consumer confidence and elections
Data base priors: stationarity and rational expectations
Do margin requirements matter? Evidence from U.S. and Japanese stock markets
Economic news, exchange rates and interest rates
EMU and European stock market integration. -
Evidence on stock market speculative bubbles: Japan, the United States, and Great Britain
evolution of Federal Reserve credibility: 1978-1984, The
Greek closed-end fund premia : differences and similarities with US premia and their implications
impact of EMU on the equity cost of capital, The
impact of globalization on the equity cost of capital, The
Inflationary bias and openness
Intertemporal asset pricing models and the cross section of expected stock returns
Macroeconomic information and stock prices
Margin requirements and stock market volatility
Margin requirements, price fluctuations and market participation in metal and stock index futures
Margin requirements, speculative trading and stock price fluctuations: the case of Japan
Margin requirements, volatility, and the transitory component of stock prices
Margin Requirements, Volatility, and the Transitory Components of Stock Prices.
Monetary policy and short-term interest rates : New evidence on the liquidity effect
Monetary policy games, inflationary bias and openness. -
Money and interest rates: the effects of temporal aggregation and data revisions
Optimal wage indexation and monetary policy in an economy with imported raw materials
predictive power of the term structure during recent monetary regimes, The
Price volatility and futures margins
Relative cost of capital for marginal firms over the business cycle
Reserves Announcements and Interest Rates: Does Monetary Policy Matter?
Stock market bubbles before the crash of 1987?
Stock prices: nominal versus real shocks
term structure as a predictor of real economic activity, The
term structure spread and future changes in long and short rates in the G7 countries: Is there a puzzle?, The
Three essays in policy regime changes, interest rate volatility, and federal reserve credibility
What moves the discount on country equity funds?
yield spread as a symmetric predictor of output and inflation, The
Από τη διεθνή κρίση στην κρίση της Ευρωζώνης και της Ελλάδας : τι μας επιφυλάσσει το μέλλον;
Thesis (Ph. D. in Economics)--University of California, Berkeley, May 1985