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Jimmy Maxwell
Jimmy Maxwell (American musician)
Jimmy Maxwell (Amerikaans trompettist (1917-2002))
Jimmy Maxwell (musicien américain)
Jimmy Maxwell (US-amerikanischer Jazzmusiker)
Maxwell, James Kendrick
Maxwell, Jim
Maxwell, Jimmy
جیمی ماکسول
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Archia, Tom (co-performer)
Bert, Eddie (co-performer)
Bowman, Dave (co-performer)
Bradley, Will (co-performer)
Bryan, Mike (co-performer)
Caceres, Ernie (co-performer)
Carry, Scoops (co-performer)
Cole, Cozy (co-performer)
Cole, Teddy (co-performer)
Collins, John (co-performer)
Dick Hyman & The New York Jazz Repertory Company & Jimmy Owens (isMemberOf)
Doty, Mike (co-performer)
Drelinger, Art (co-performer)
Duvivier, George (co-performer)
Eckstrand, Ray (co-performer)
Eldridge, Joe (co-performer)
Eldridge, Roy (co-performer)
Erwin, Pee Wee (co-performer)
Feld, Morey (co-performer)
Ferretti, Andy (co-performer)
Ferri, Danny (co-performer)
Freeman, Hank (co-performer)
Freeman, Stan (co-performer)
Gardner, Andrew "Goon" (co-performer)
Gayle, Roselle (co-performer)
Giardina, Phil (co-performer)
Goodman, Benny (1909-1986)
Graham, Bill (co-performer)
Green, Urbie (1926-...)
Griffin, Chris (co-performer)
Haggart, Bob (co-performer)
Henry, Haywood (co-performer)
Hyman, Dick (co-performer)
Johnson, Budd (co-performer)
Lawrence, Arnie (co-performer)
Mason, Robert "Cookie" (co-performer)
Matthews, Hal (co-performer)
Mondello, Toots (co-performer)
Moody, James (co-performer)
Moten, Benny (co-performer)
Musso, Vido (1913-1982)
Newman, Joe (co-performer)
Ohms, Fred (co-performer)
Owens, Jimmy (co-performer)
Parham, Truck (co-performer)
Philburn, Al (co-performer)
Pizzarelli, Bucky (co-performer)
Poole, Carl (co-performer)
Powell, Mel (1923-1998)
Pritchard, Billy (co-performer)
Purvance, Don (co-performer)
Quebec, Ike (co-performer)
Ricci, Paul (co-performer)
Rosengarden, Bobby (co-performer)
Ross, Hank (co-performer)
Roy Eldridge and His Orchestra (isMemberOf)
Royal, Ernie (1921-1983)
Royal, Ernie (co-performer)
Silloway, Ward (co-performer)
Singleton, Zutty (co-performer)
Solomon, Melvin "Red" (co-performer)
Stacy, Jess (1904-1995)
Sudhalter, Dick (co-performer)
Tate, Grady (1932-...)
Terry, Clark (1920-...)
Turney, Norris (co-performer)
West, ‘Doc’ (co-performer)
Wilber, Bob (co-performer)
Will Bradley and His Orchestra (isMemberOf)
Wood, Booty (co-performer)
Woodman, Britt (co-performer)
Young, Dave (co-performer)
Young, David (co-performer)
Young, Snooky (1919-...)
Zwerin, Mike (co-performer)
All the cats join in (3 min 07 s)
And the angels sing (3 min 12 s)
Avalon (3 min 26 s)
Ballade (3 min 46 s)
Basin' street blues (4 min)
Benny Goodman story selections featured in the motion picture of his life
Beyond the moon (2 min 50 s)
Bimsha swing
Blues in the night (4 min 45 s)
Bugle call (2 min 47 s)
Camino real (4 min 07 s)
cat (3 min 24 s)
Chicago (3 min 55 s)
China boy (3 min 34 s)
Clarinade (2 min 39 s)
Clarinet à la king (2 min 24 s)
Cry me a river
darktown strutters' ball (2 min 23 s)
Delon's blues (4 min 48 s)
Don't be that way (3 min 03 s)
Down south camp meeting (2 min 59 s)
Euro 2 (5 min 40 s)
Fascinating rhythm (2 min 58 s)
first trumpeter, c1982:, The
Fly-bynight (3 min 19 s)
Goob-Bye (3 min 14 s)
Goody, goody (2 min 33)
got rhythm (4 min 40 s), I
Honeysuckle rose (3 min 03 s)
In walked Horace (4 min 43 s)
It's all right with me (4 min 10 s)
It's been so long (2 min 56 s)
Jam session (2 min 41 s)
King of swing 1958-1967 era
King porter stomp (3 min 52 s)
Let's dance (44 s)
Llittle Dave (4 min 05 s)
Main titles from "The carpetbaggers" (3 min 56 s)
Make with the kisses (2 min 45 s)
Memories of you (3 min 18 s)
Mission to Moscow (2 min 40 s)
Moonglow (3 min 25 s)
My little suede shoes (4 min 52 s)
Night and day (2 min 50 s)
Nobody's heart
Not mine (3 min 15 s)
Peace, brother ! (2 min 39 s)
Poor Butterfly (1 min 25 s)
Put that kiss back where you found it (3 min)
Rattle and roll (3 min 16 s)
Ridin'high (2 min 34 s)
Roll'em (4 min 15 s)
Runnin'wild (2 min 30 s)
Say when (2 min 53 s)
Shadow of your smile (1 min 50 s)
Shine (1 min 05 s)
Short cake (2 min 43 s)
Sing, sing, sing (7 min 22 s)
So what (4 min 20 s)
Sometimes I'm happy (2 min 49 s)
Space walk (4 min 10 s)
St. Louis blues (3 min 17 s)
Stolen moments (5 min 48 s)
Stratusphunk (6 min 45 s)
String of pearls (2 min 42 s)
Swing spring (3 min 43 s)
That's a plenty (2 min 25 s)
Theme from "The love cage" (4 min 38 s)
There' ll be some changes made (2 min 47 s)
These foolish things (1 min 43 s)
thought about you (2 min 33 s), I
walk with you (2 min 50 s), I
want to be happy (4 min 13 s), I
Where or when (1 min 50 s)
Whispering (2 min 25 s)
Why don't you do right ? (3 min 12 s)
World is waiting for the sunrise (3 min 12 s)
Yesterday (1 min 55 s)
You're easy to dance with (3 min 14 s)
You turned the tables on me (2 min 52 s)
Contributed to or performed: 
Let's Dance
Midnight in Moscow
Mission to Moscow
Red, White and Blue Eyes
Russian Lullaby
Sochi Boatman, The