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Mulcahy, Richard
Richard Mulcahy (irischer Politiker)
Richard Mulcahy (Irish politician)
Richard Mulcahy (politicien irlandais)
Richard Mulcahy (politicus uit Ierland (1886-1971))
Risteard Ó Maolchatha
Мулкахи, Ричард
리스타르드 오 밀카허
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Collins, Michael (1890-1922)
Independent Newspapers (Firm)
Ireland. Oireachtas. Dáil
Lyons, George Augustine (1879-1950)
O'Connor, Rory (1883-1922)
O'Duffy, Eoin
O'Higgins, Kevin Christopher (1892-1927)
O'Shiel, Kevin Roantree (1891-1970)
Plunkett, Jack (1897-)
Plunkett, John (1897-)
Staines, Michael (1885-1955)
Beat heart disease! a cardiologist explains how you can help your heart and enjoy a healthier life.
Blueprint for prosperity. Speeches delivered at The Fine Gael Ard-Fheis on February 17 and 18, 1953.
challenge of peace., The
Chief of Staff 1919
Cigarette smoking and you: an explanatory booklet about the various diseases associated with smoking.
Copy of letter to Richard Mulcahy, Minister for Defence, regarding the death of Michael Collins and bringing an end to the Civil War
Correspondence between Laurence O'Neill, Lord Mayor of Dublin, Joseph MacRory, Bp. of Down and Connor, Michael Collins and Richard Mulcahy
Correspondence of Annie O'Farrelly
Dáil Èireann loan: to the household.
[Dáil Éireann] proclamation: offer of amnesty.
Documents filed under "Receipts for cheque payments up to end of February 1922", including related correspondence from George McCann, Richard Mulcahy, Darrell Figgis, George McGraff, Joseph O'Reilly, Michael Staines, and Diarmuid O'Hegarty
Eoin O'Duffy Papers
Folder "I.B. Vouchers for Payments out of Munster and Leinster Bank A/C" containing receipts for cheque payments, returned cashed cheques, cheque stubs, and statements of travelling expenses
For love of trees : trees, hedgerows, ivy and the environment
Improving with age : what exercise can do for you
Is the health service for healing? : a doctor's defence of medicine's Samaritan role
Letter from Richard Mulcahy to George A. Lyons
Letter from Rory O'Connor [as Director of Engineering] to Richard Mulcahy [as IRA Chief of Staff] on his frustrated hopes to have had engineers qualified in particular fields for the Department of Engineering
Memoirs of a medical maverick
Merciless tigers in their dealings with unarmed Republican prisoners. Spineless worms in their dealings with English ministers. That's what O'Higgins and Mulcahy are.
Michael Collins and the making of a new Ireland
Mr. Mulcahy explains. Mulcahy's reasons for disciplinary action in Mountjoy Jail.
Mulcahy said in The Dáil: - The people are more afraid of a split than they are of war. So he gives us both a split and a war. This is statesmanship.
My father, the general : Richard Mulcahy and the military history of the revolution
National security, national prosperity, national unity, an indivisible national objective : address of General Mulcahy to the Fine Gael Ard Fheis, Mansion House, 21 Novemebr 1944
Official form announcing the detainment in military custody of John "Jack" Plunkett under the Public Safety (Emergency Powers) Act, 1923
Piaras Béaslaí Papers
Portrait of a revolutionary, c1992:
Portraits of patriots : with a biographical sketch of the artist
Richard Mulcahy (1886-1971) : a family memoir
Richard Mulcahy and other soldiers with photographers
[Richard Mulcahy in National Army uniform]
Richard Mulcahy takes salute and soldiers on parade at Collins Barracks, Dublin
Saorstát na hÉireann: Supreme Court Judgement issued by Diarmuid Ó Cruadhlaoich on a writ of Habeas Corpus relating to George Oliver Plunkett held in Mountjoy Prison, requiring the prison governor, Colm Ó Murchadha, and the Defence Minister, Risteárd Ua Maolcatha, to attend court to justify his detention
Women in an Irish Parliament are absolutely necessary to keep a watchful eye on your interests. Sinn Fein has translated words into deeds by nominating women candidates for Irish constituencies. ... Vote for Mulcahy and Sinn Fein.
Your king and country calls ...