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John Penn
John Penn (last governor of colonial Pennsylvania)
Penn, John
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Hall & Sellers
Pennsylvania Governor (1773-1776 : Penn) (see also from)
Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor (1763-1771 : Penn) (see also from)
Pennsylvania. Lieutenant Governor (1763-1771 : Penn)
Printed Ephemera Collection (Library of Congress)
Whereas a number of armed men, unlawfully assembled, did, on Friday, the twenty-ninth of January last, forceably enter the goal at Carlisle ...
Whereas a number of persons, chiefly belonging to the colony of Connecticut, have ... made attempts to possess themselves of, and settle upon a large tract of land within the limits of this province ...
Whereas by an act of General Assembly ... intituled "An act for the preservation of fish in the rivers Delaware, Sasquehanna, and the Lehigh ..."
Whereas by an act of General Assembly of this province, passed in this present year, it is, among other things, provided and enacted, that if any person or persons, settled upon any lands within the boundaries of this province ...
Whereas I have received information, that many ill-disposed persons ... have ... seated themselves upon lands within this province, not yet purchased of the natives
Whereas it appears by a deposition ... that, on Sunday, the tenth day of this month, a certain Frederick Stump, a German, of Penn's township, in the county of Cumberland, did, in violation of the public faith, and in defiance of all law, inhumanly and wickedly kill, without any provocation, four Indian men, and two Indian women, in his own house ...