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Jernvall, J.
Jernvall, Jukka
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Helsingin yliopisto
Aging in wild female lemurs: sustained fertility with increased infant mortality.
Association of developmental regulatory genes with the development of different molar tooth shapes in two species of rodents
Automated 3D phenotype analysis using data mining.
Brief communication: Contributions of enamel-dentine junction shape and enamel deposition to primate molar crown complexity.
Common mammals drive the evolutionary increase of hypsodonty in the Neogene
computational model of teeth and the developmental origins of morphological variation, A
Dental senescence in a long-lived primate links infant survival to rainfall
Diversity components of impending primate extinctions
enamel knot as a signaling center in the developing mouse tooth., The
Evidence for the role of the enamel knot as a control center in mammalian tooth cusp formation: Non-dividing cells express growth stimulating Fgf-4 gene
Evidence of dietary differentiation among late Paleocene-early Eocene plesiadapids (Mammalia, primates).
Evolutionary modification of development in mammalian teeth: Quantifying gene expression patterns and topography
Fossil mammals resolve regional patterns of Eurasian climate change over 20 million years
Gene expression patterns associated with suppression of odontogenesis in mouse and vole diastema regions
gene network model accounting for development and evolution of mammalian teeth., A
Genotype, phenotype, and developmental biology of molar tooth characters.
Graduality and innovation in the evolution of complex phenotypes: insights from development.
High-level similarity of dentitions in carnivorans and rodents
How different types of pattern formation mechanisms affect the evolution of form and development.
hypocone as a key innovation in mammalian evolution., The
impact of regional climate on the evolution of mammals: a case study using fossil horses., The
life history of an embryonic signaling center: BMP-4 induces p21 and is associated with apoptosis in the mouse tooth enamel knot, The
Linking development with generation of novelty in mammalian teeth
Maintenance of Trophic Structure in Fossil Mammal Communities: Site Occupancy and Taxon Resilience
Mammalian molar cusp patterns : developmental mechanisms of diversity
Mechanisms of pattern formation in development and evolution.
Molar tooth diversity, disparity, and ecology in Cenozoic ungulate radiations
Nonindependence of mammalian dental characters
Predicting evolutionary patterns of mammalian teeth from development
Regulation of Mammalian Tooth Cusp Patterning by Ectodin.
Reiterative signaling and patterning during mammalian tooth morphogenesis.
Spectral ordering and biochronology of European fossil mammals
Splitting placodes: effects of bone morphogenetic protein and Activin on the patterning and identity of mouse incisors
Sprouty Genes Control Diastema Tooth Development via Bidirectional Antagonism of Epithelial-Mesenchymal FGF Signaling
taming of the shrew milk teeth, The
Tinkering with the inductive mesenchyme: Sostdc1 uncovers the role of dental mesenchyme in limiting tooth induction.
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Diss. -- Helsingin yliopisto