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Neil Wallace (American economist)
Neil Wallace (Amerikaans econoom)
Neil Wallace (amerikansk ekonom)
Neil Wallace (amerikansk økonom)
Neil Wallace (US-amerikanischer Wirtschaftswissenschaftler)
Wallace, N.
Wallace, Neil,
نیل والاس (اقتصاددان آمریکایی)
ウォーレス, ニール
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Language material
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Aiyagari, S Rao
Bryant, John
Bryant, John B.
Cavalcanti, Ricardo de O
Cavalcanti, Ricardo de O.
Champ, Bruce
Champ, Bruce A.
Kareken, John
Kareken, John H
Kareken, John H.
Katzman, Brett
Kennan, John
MacCandless, George T.
McCandless, George T.
Muench, Thomas
Pennsylvania State University / Department of Economics
Pennsylvania State University University Park, Pa. Affiliation (see also from)
Prescott, Edward C.
Prescott, Edward C. (1940-....))
Sargent, Thomas J
Sargent, Thomas J. (1943-....))
Taber, Alexander
University of Chicago
University of Minnesota Affiliation (see also from)
Wallace, Neil
Weber, Warren
Weber, Warren E.
川又, 邦雄 (1939-)
Absence-of-double-coincidence models of money: A progress report
Another attempt to explain an illiquid banking system: the Diamond and Dybvig model with sequential service taken seriously
Another Example in which Lump-sum Money Creation is Beneficial
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Banking Model in Which Partial Suspension Is Best, A
Buse on Meiselman-A Comment.
Coalition-Proof Trade and the Friedman Rule in the Lagos-Wright Model
Coexistence of money and interests-bearing securities
Comment on Theoretical Analysis Regarding a Zero Lower Bound on Nominal Interest Rates.
commodity-money refinement in matching models, A
Contractual arrangements for intertemporal trade, c1987:
Deposit insurance and bank regulation a partial equilibrium exposition
determinants of investment revisited, The
Determination of the Stock of Reserves and the Balance of Payments in a Neo-Keynesian Model., The
Dōgaku makuro keizaigaku
Elasticity of Substitution and Cyclical Behavior of Productivity, Wages, and Labor's Share., The
Existence of Steady States with Positive Consumption in the Kiyotaki-Wright Model
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general equilibrium interpretation of damage-contingent securities, A
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Knowledge of individual histories and optimal payment arrangements
Lawrence R. Klein lecture 2000: Whither monetary economics?
Lucas's signal-extraction model : A finite state exposition with aggregate real shocks
Market Transaction Costs, Asset Demand Functions, and the Relative Potency of Monetary and Fiscal Policy.
matching model with bounded holdings of indivisible money, A
model of circulating private debt, A
model of commodity money, A
model of private bank-note issue, A
model of the liquidity structure based on asset indivisibility, A
model of (the threat of) counterfeiting, A
Modeling Denomination Structures
Modeling small change : a review article
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Modigliani-Miller theorem for open-market operations, A
Monetary Instrument Variable Choice: How Important?: Comment., The
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Pairwise-core monetary trade in the lagos-wright model
Pairwise trade and coexistence of money and higher-return assets*
payments mechanism without Fed involvement and Fed monetary policy without required reserves, A
Portfolio autarky a welfare analysis
price discrimination analysis of monetary policy, A
Rational Expectations and the Dynamics of Hyperinflation.
Rational expectations and the theory of economic policy
"Rational" Expectations, the Optimal Monetary Instrument, and the Optimal Money Supply Rule.
Real-Bills Doctrine versus the Quantity Theory: A Reconsideration., The
real bills doctrine vs. the quantity theory a reconsideration, The
Resolving the National Bank Note Paradox
Ricardian equivalence and money dominated in return are they mutually consistent generally?
role of independence in the Green-Lin Diamond-Dybvig model, The
role of stock portfolio shifts under alternative exchange rate regimes, The
Samuelson's pure consumption loans model with constant returns-to-scale storage
Short-run and long-run effects of changes in money in a random-matching model
Some Unpleasant Monetarist Arithmetic
SPDAs and GICs : like money in the bank?
Stability of Models of Money and Growth with Perfect Foresight., The
suggestion for oversimplifying the theory of money, A
Supply Function of First-Term Re-Enlistees to the Air Force, A
term structure of interest rates and the maturity composition of the federal debt., The
Training and retention of Air Force airmen : an economic analysis
動学マクロ経済学 : 世代重複モデルによる分析
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Thesis--University of Chicago