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Cuervo, A. M.
Cuervo, Ana Maria
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4th International Symposium on Autophagy: exploiting the frontiers of autophagy research.
Activation of a selective pathway of lysosomal proteolysis in rat liver by prolonged starvation.
Activation of chaperone-mediated autophagy during oxidative stress.
Age-related decline in chaperone-mediated autophagy.
Altered dynamics of the lysosomal receptor for chaperone-mediated autophagy with age
Altered lipid content inhibits autophagic vesicular fusion.
Autophagic defects in aging: looking for an "emergency exit"?
Autophagic vacuoles are enriched in amyloid precursor protein-secretase activities: implications for beta-amyloid peptide over-production and localization in Alzheimer's disease.
Autophagy and aging: keeping that old broom working.
Autophagy and aging: the importance of maintaining "clean" cells.
Autophagy and aging--when "all you can eat" is yourself.
Autophagy and neurodegeneration: when the cleaning crew goes on strike.
Autophagy as a cell-repair mechanism: activation of chaperone-mediated autophagy during oxidative stress.
Autophagy fights disease through cellular self-digestion
Autophagy in Hypothalamic AgRP Neurons Regulates Food Intake and Energy Balance.
Autophagy in neurons: it is not all about food.
Autophagy: in sickness and in health.
Autophagy: many paths to the same end.
Autophagy-mediated clearance of aggresomes is not a universal phenomenon
Autophagy regulates adipose mass and differentiation in mice.
Autophagy regulates lipid metabolism
Autophagy's Top Chef
Calorie restriction and aging: the ultimate "cleansing diet".
Cargo recognition failure is responsible for inefficient autophagy in Huntington's disease.
Cathepsin A regulates chaperone-mediated autophagy through cleavage of the lysosomal receptor.
Cell biology. Autophagy's top chef.
Changes in the lysosomal receptor for chaperone-mediated autophagy with age
Chaperone-mediated autophagy, 2008:
Chaperone-mediated autophagy and aging: a novel regulatory role of lipids revealed.
Chaperone-mediated autophagy at a glance.
Chaperone-mediated autophagy: Dice's 'wild' idea about lysosomal selectivity.
Chaperone-mediated autophagy dysfunction in the pathogenesis of neurodegeneration.
Chaperone-mediated autophagy in aging and disease.
chaperone-mediated autophagy receptor organizes in dynamic protein complexes at the lysosomal membrane., The
Chaperone-mediated autophagy: selectivity pays off.
Consequences of the selective blockage of chaperone-mediated autophagy
Constitutive activation of chaperone-mediated autophagy in cells with impaired macroautophagy.
Degradation of proteasomes by lysosomes in rat liver.
Direct lysosomal uptake of alpha 2-microglobulin contributes to chemically induced nephropathy.
Dopamine-modified [alpha]-synuclein blocks chaperone-mediated autophagy
Early cellular changes after blockage of chaperone-mediated autophagy.
Extensive involvement of autophagy in Alzheimer disease: an immuno-electron microscopy study.
Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy in higher eukaryotes.
HDAC6 controls autophagosome maturation essential for ubiquitin-selective quality-control autophagy
How do intracellular proteolytic systems change with age?
How shall I eat thee?
Identification of regulators of chaperone-mediated autophagy.
IkappaB is a substrate for a selective pathway of lysosomal proteolysis.
Impaired Degradation of Mutant [alpha]-Synuclein by Chaperone-Mediated Autophagy
In search of an "autophagomometer".
Induction of autophagy by cystatin C: a mechanism that protects murine primary cortical neurons and neuronal cell lines.
Inhibitory effect of intracellular lipid load on macroautophagy.
Loss of macroautophagy promotes or prevents fibroblast apoptosis depending on the death stimulus.
Lysosomal chat maintains the balance.
Lysosomal Proteolysis and Autophagy Require Presenilin 1 and Are Disrupted by Alzheimer-Related PS1 Mutations
Lysosome membrane lipid microdomains: novel regulators of chaperone-mediated autophagy
Lysosomes a meeting point for proteins, chaperones and proteases
Lysosomes, a meeting point of proteins, chaperones, and proteases.
Macroautophagy: a novel beta -amyloid peptide-generating pathway activated in Alzheimer's disease
Macroautophagy--a novel {szligbeta}-amyloid peptide-generating pathway activated in Alzheimer's disease.
Mechanisms of reduced protein degradation with age
Methods for monitoring autophagy from yeast to human.
Microautophagy of cytosolic proteins by late endosomes.
Mouse Model for Studying Protein Degradation in Aging, A
Nerve conduction velocity decrease and synaptic transmission alterations in caffeine-treated rats
Oxidative stress and autophagy.
Pathophysiology of chaperone-mediated autophagy.
photoconvertible fluorescent reporter to track chaperone-mediated autophagy., A
population of rat liver lysosomes responsible for the selective uptake and degradation of cytosolic proteins., A
Protein degradation, aggregation, and misfolding.
Protein degradation and aging.
Protein homeostasis and aging: taking care of proteins from the cradle to the grave.
Protein homeostasis and aging: The importance of exquisite quality control.
receptor for the selective uptake and degradation of proteins by lysosomes., A
Regulation of lamp2a levels in the lysosomal membrane.
Restoration of chaperone-mediated autophagy activity in old rodents
Restoration of chaperone-mediated autophagy in aging liver improves cellular maintenance and hepatic function
Reversal of autophagy dysfunction in the TgCRND8 mouse model of Alzheimer's disease ameliorates amyloid pathologies and memory deficits
Selective binding and uptake of ribonuclease A and glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase by isolated rat liver lysosomes.
Selective degradation of annexins by chaperone-mediated autophagy.
Stimulatory effect of vitamin C on autophagy in glial cells.
Synergy and antagonism of macroautophagy and chaperone-mediated autophagy in a cell model of pathological tau aggregation.
Tau fragmentation, aggregation and clearance: the dual role of lysosomal processing
Temperature dependence of the toxic effects of phenytoin on peripheral neuromuscular function of the rat tail.
Therapeutic effects of remediating autophagy failure in a mouse model of Alzheimer disease by enhancing lysosomal proteolysis.
Ubiquilin functions in autophagy and is degraded by chaperone-mediated autophagy
Unifying nomenclature for the isoforms of the lysosomal membrane protein LAMP-2.
Unique properties of lamp2a compared to other lamp2 isoforms.
Uptake and degradation of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase by rat liver lysosomes.
When lysosomes get old.
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