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De Sutter, P.
De Sutter, Petra
Sutter, Petra De
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Delrue, Eline
Gerris, Jan
Olivennes, F.
Olivennes, François
Seeuws, Annemiek
Aberrant spindle structures responsible for recurrent human metaphase I oocyte arrest with attempts to induce meiosis artificially.
Assessment of a new in vitro maturation system for mouse and human cumulus-enclosed oocytes: three-dimensional prematuration culture in the presence of a phosphodiesterase 3-inhibitor.
Assisted reproductive technologies, 2003:
Assisted reproductive technologies: how to minimize the risks and complications in developing countries?
Back muscle as a promising site for ovarian tissue transplantation, an animal model
Birthweight of singletons after assisted reproduction is higher after single- than after double-embryo transfer
Co-culture of pre-antral ovarian follicles does not increase the yield of in-vitro-matured oocytes in the mouse.
Comparison of outcome of pregnancy after intra-uterine insemination (IUI) and IVF
Comparison of Persistent Organic Pollutant Residues in Serum and Adipose Tissue in a Female Population in Belgium, 1996-1998
Does low-dose aspirin improve pregnancy rate in IVF/ICSI? A randomized double-blind placebo controlled trial.
Double-quality control reveals high-level toxicity in gloves used for operator protection in assisted reproductive technology.
efficacy of the embryo transfer catheter in IVF and ICSI is operator-dependent: a randomized clinical trial., The
Embryo development after successful somatic cell nuclear transfer to in vitro matured human germinal vesicle oocytes.
European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology guideline for the diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis: an electronic guideline implementability appraisal., The
First-trimester bleeding and pregnancy outcome in singletons after assisted reproduction
frozen embryo and its nonresponding parents., The
Human chorionic gonadotropin levels in early IVF/ICSI pregnancies are higher in singletons after single embryo transfer compared with singletons after double embryo transfer.
In situ identification of follicles in ovarian cortex as a tool for quantifying follicle density, viability and developmental potential in strategies to preserve female fertility.
Infertility patients' beliefs about their embryos and their disposition preferences.
influence of early embryo traits on human embryonic stem cell derivation efficiency., The
Long-term assessment of the physical, mental, and sexual health among transsexual women.
multi-center prospective, randomized, double-blind trial studying the effect of misoprostol on the outcome of intrauterine insemination., A
Nuclear and cytoplasmic maturation of in vitro matured human oocytes after temporary nuclear arrest by phosphodiesterase 3-inhibitor
Oocyte activation, phospholipase C zeta and human infertility.
Patients' conceptualization of cryopreserved embryos used in their fertility treatment
PCOS in lesbian and heterosexual women treated with artificial donor insemination.
Polar body mutation load analysis in a patient with A3243G tRNALeu(UUR) point mutation.
Prematuration of human denuded oocytes in a three-dimensional co-culture system: effects on meiosis progression and developmental competence
Rational diagnosis and treatment in infertility.
Reduced amounts and abnormal forms of phospholipase C zeta (PLC zeta ) in spermatozoa from infertile men
Reflections by patients who undergo IVF on the use of their supernumerary embryos for science.
Self-operated endovaginal telemonitoring (SOET): a step towards more patient-centred ART?
Sexual and physical health after sex reassignment surgery.
Should we adjust for gestational age when analysing birth weights? The use of z-scores revisited
To continue or discontinue storage of cryopreserved embryos? Patients' decisions in view of their child wish.
Treatment option for sperm- or oocyte-related fertilization failure: assisted oocyte activation following diagnostic heterologous ICSI.
Umbilical cord anomalies are more frequent in twins after assisted reproduction.
Xenotransplantation of cryopreserved human ovarian tissue into murine back muscle
Zwanger worden : alles wat je moet weten over je kinderwens
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