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Jepson, N.J.A.
Jepson, Nicholas J. A.
Jepson, Nicholas John Arnold
Jepson, Nick
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Allen, P. Finbarr
Stoppelaar-van Rijsinge, M.H. de
Suliborski, Bartosz
University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
Waas, M.A.J. van (1946-)
Waas, Marinus Antonius Josephus (1946-)
Wilson, Nairn H. F.
Attitudes and practice in the provision of removable partial dentures
'Bridging the gap.' Should the training of dental technicians be linked with that of the dental undergraduate?
Caries incidence following restoration of shortened lower dental arches in a randomized controlled trial
Computing facilities available to final-year students at 3 UK dental schools in 1997/8: their use, and students' attitudes to information technology.
Customizing the size of toothbrush handles for patients with restricted hand and finger movement.
Denture soft linings : clinical and laboratory studies
Determining ‘need’ for a Removable Partial Denture: a qualitative study of factors that influence dentist provision and patient use
Development and evaluation of a self-report measure for identifying type and use of removable partial dentures.
Evaluation of a computer-assisted learning programme on the oro-facial signs of child physical abuse (non-accidental injury) by general dental practitioners.
Indications for removable partial dentures: a literature review.
influence of denture design on patient acceptance of partial dentures., The
Influence of dietary simulating solvents on the viscoelasticity of temporary soft lining materials.
interdisciplinary management of hypodontia: background and role of paediatric dentistry, The
Interdisciplinary management of hypodontia: oral surgery
interdisciplinary management of hypodontia: orthodontics, The
interdisciplinary management of hypodontia: restorative dentistry, The
interdisciplinary management of hypodontia: the relationship between an interdisciplinary team and the general dental practitioner, The
method of making casts for permanent, complete acrylic resin denture bases without blocking out undercuts, A
Nutrient intake in partially dentate patients: the effect of prosthetic rehabilitation.
Nutrition counseling increases fruit and vegetable intake in the edentulous.
partiële prothese in theorie en praktijk, De
Patient satisfaction following restoration of shortened mandibular dental arches in a randomized controlled trial.
Perceived chewing ability and intake of fruit and vegetables.
Protezy szkieletowe
qualitative study of trends in patient preferences for the management of the partially dentate state., A
quantitative study of enamel acid etch patterns on surfaces used for retention of resin-bonded fixed prostheses., A
randomized-controlled trial of food choices made by edentulous adults., A
randomized controlled trial of implant-retained mandibular overdentures., A
Removable partial dentures
role of magnets in the management of unerupted teeth in children and adolescents., The
Survival of resin-bonded bridgework provided for post-orthodontic hypodontia patients with missing maxillary lateral incisors
Time to Survival for the Restoration of the Shortened Lower Dental Arch
Newcastle University website, seen 15 April 2015 (Dr Nick Jepson, Newcastle Biomedicine, School of Dental Sciences)