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Allin, G. G.
Allin, GG
Allin, Kevin M.
Allin, Kevin Michael
G.G. Allin
G.G. Allin & the Murder Junkies
GG Allin (American singer-songwriter)
GG Allin (americký spevák)
GG Allin (americký zpěvák)
GG Allin (Amerikaans zanger (1956-1993))
GG Allin (amerikansk sångare)
GG Allin (amerikansk sanger)
GG Allin (amerikansk songar)
GG Allin (cantante statunitense)
GG Allin (chanteur de musique punk)
GG Allin (US-amerikanischer Rock- und Punkmusiker)
GG Allin (американский музыкант)
GG Allin (美國歌手/創作人)
ג'י ג'י אלין
จีจี แอลลิน (จีจี แอลลิน)
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
ANTiSEEN (isMemberOf)
Bulge (isMemberOf)
Connecticut Cocksuckers (isMemberOf)
GG Allin & the Murder junkies
Haxan films
Litte Sisters Date (isMemberOf)
Malpractice (isMemberOf)
Murder Junkies (isMemberOf)
New Records
New rose
Phillips, Todd (1970-...)
Ramone, Dee Dee (co-performer)
Reach Out International Records
Skinny nervous guy production
Southern Baptists (Musical group)
The Aids Brigade (isMemberOf)
The Carolina Shitkickers (isMemberOf)
The Cedar City Sluts (isMemberOf)
The Criminal Quartet (isMemberOf)
The Disappointments (isMemberOf)
The Drugwhores (isMemberOf)
The Fuckin' Shit Biscuits (isMemberOf)
The Holy Men (isMemberOf)
The Jabbers (isMemberOf)
The Motorcity Badboys (isMemberOf)
The Murderers (isMemberOf)
The New York Superscum (isMemberOf)
The Primates (isMemberOf)
The Scumfucs (isMemberOf)
The Sewerscum (isMemberOf)
The Southern Baptists (isMemberOf)
The Swankfucs (isMemberOf)
The Texas Nazis (isMemberOf)
The Toilet Rockers (isMemberOf)
Williams, Joe (co-performer)
Wotre music
Abuse myself, I wanna die
Ass fuckin' butt suckin', cunt lickin', masturbation (2 min 54 s)
Assassinate the President
Bad habits (3 min 59 s)
Bite it, you scum (2 min 36 s)
Blood for you (3 min 29 s)
Bloody cunt slider
Blowjobs (1 min 50 s)
Cheri Love Affair
Clit licker (2 min 55 s)
Cock on the loose (2 min 18 s)
Dead fuck
Death and defication
death before life
Decapitation ritual
Destroy the system
Devil's prayer (3 min 18 s)
Dirty love songs
don't give a shit (2 min 20 s), I
Drink, flight and fuck (1 min 28 s)
Drink from the pissing snakes mouth
Eat my diahrrea (3 min 35 s)
Fuck woman I've never had (1 min 50 s)
Fucking the dog (2 min 27 s)
God of fire in hell (2 min 12 s)
Guns and revolution
Hard candy cock (3 min 26 s)
hate people, I
I'm gonna rape you (1 min 50 s)
I'm your enemy
Immortal pieces of me
Kill, kill, kill
Kill the children, save the food (2 min 34 s)
Look into my eyes and hate me
love nothing, I
Murder for the mission
Murder junkies
My prison walls
Needle up my cock (3 min 08 s)
Ninety nine stab wounds
No limits no laws
Rape, torture, terminate and fuck
Res-erected live with the Holymen at the Lismar lounge
Rock'n'roll overdose
Savage blood bath
Scumfuc tradition (2 min 01 s)
Self absorbed
Sidewalk walking
Sister sodomy
Sluts in the city (3 min 53 s)
spoken word
Suicide sessions, p1991
Teachers pet (2 min 52 s)
Terrorist anarchy
Tough fuckin shit (2 min 17 s)
Violence now
wanna fuck myself (2 min 53 s), I
wanna fuck your brains out, I
wanna piss on you (2 min 10 s), I
wanna suck your cunt (2 min 04 s), I
War in my head
You'll never tame me (2 min 39 s)
Contributed to or performed: 
15 Minutes of Fame, 15 Years of Infamy
All Live, No Jive: Destructo Wehrmacht EP
Aloha From Dallas
Always Was, Is and Always Shall Be
American Standard
Anti-Social Personality Disorder - Live!
Badwill Ambassadors
Banned in Boston
Best of Suicide Sessions - Antisocial Personality Disorder Live, The
Blood Battles Of The South - Live In Tampa '96
Blood Of Freaks
Boys From Brutalsville, The
Conquers The North
Dear Abby
Deviation From the Flow
Dirty Love Songs
Doctrine of Mayhem
Drastic E.P. + Royalty E.P.
Drastic E.P., The
Early Years (1976-1984), The
Eat More Possum
Eat My Fuc
Evil Ones, The
Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match
Feed My Sleaze
Fornication (The Trouble It Will Bring)
Freaks, Faggots, Drunks & Junkies
Gimme Some Head
Great Pogo Hits, The
Hated in the Nation
Here to Ruin Your Groove
Honour Among Thieves
I'm a Gypsy Motherfucker
It All Breaks Down
It Looks Good For Them To Care
Layin' Up With Linda
Masters Of The Sky
Mean Woman Blues
Murder Junkies
My God Can Beat Up Your God
No Rules
Noise for the Sake of Noise
Psycho Killer
Public Animal #1
Raid Over Europe
Rock 'n' Roll Terrorist
Screamin' Bloody Live
Singles Collection 1977-1991: Expose Yourself, The
Southern Hostility
Suicidal Motherfucker (1987-1988)
Sweet Blood Call
Thanks A Lot
Today Your Love, Tomorrow Ich Frage Dich Für Nichts
Troubled Troubadour, The
Two Headed Dog
Vault Of The Antiseen, The
Violence Now
Violent Beatings
Walking Dead
We Got This Far (Without You)
You'll Never Tame Me