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Buck, T.
Buck, Th
Buck, Tho
Buck, Thom
Buck, Thomas
Bucke, Thomas
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Buck, John (active 1625-1635)
Daniel, Roger
Davenant, John (approximately 1572-1641.)
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Sternhold, Thomas (15..-1549))
Van Heurne, Johan (1543-1601))
Washington Library (Washington, D.C.)
William, John (fl. 1617-1650)
Winterton, Ralph (1600-1636)
apologie for the Reformed churches, 1653:, An
book of common prayer, and administration of the sacraments: and other rites and ceremonies of the Church of England: with the psalter, or Psalmes of David., The
Clavis apocalyptica ex innatis et insitis visionum characteribus eruta et demonstrata : ad eorum usum quibus Deus amorem studiúmq[ue] indiderit prophetiam illam admirandam cognoscendi scrutandíq[ue].
Determinationes quaestionum quarundam theologicarum... editio secunda....
Expositio Epistolae D. Pauli ad Colossenses
Gerards meditations
Hippocratis magni Aphorismi, soluti & metrici. Interprete Joanne Heurnio medico Ultrajectino. Metaphrastis, Joanne Frero medico-poeta et Radulpho Wintertono medicinæ & poëseōs Græcæ studioso, Anglis
historie of the holy warre, 1651:, The
In sancti Joannis Apocalypsin commentarius
Meditationes sacrae.
New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Newly translated out of the original Greek : and with the former translations diligently compared and revised by His majesties speciall command. Appointed to be read in churches
Pietas Jesuitica
Praelectiones de duobus in theologia controversis capitibus : De judice controversiarum, primo : De justitia habituali et actuali, altero
Publii Papinii Statii Sylvarum libri V. Cum notis ad marginem commentarii vice, quas undecumque collegit Thomas Stephens....
Six sermons upon severall occasions, preached before the King, and elsewhere: by that late learned & reverend divine John Donne, Doctour in divinitie, and Dean of S. Pauls, London.
Speculum mundi, or, The glasse representing the face of the world : shewing both that it did begin and must also end, the manner how, and time when, being largely examined : whereunto is joyned an hexameron, or a serious discourse of the causes, continuance, and qualities of things in nature, occasioned as matter pertinent to the work done in the six dayes of the worlds creation.
temple, 1633:, The
temple. Sacred poems and private ejaculations. The fourth edition. By Mr. George Herbert, late oratour of the University of Cambridge., The
Tēs Kainēs Diathēkēs hapanta
Three-dimensional echocardiography
Two famous pitched battles of Lypsich and Lutzen
Whole book of Psalmes # collected into English meeter, by Thomas Sternhold, John Hopkins, and others, conferred with the Hebrew, with apt notes to sing them withall...
XII Aeneids of Virgil, the most renowned laureat-prince of Latine-poets, The