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Garety, P A
Garety, Philippa
Garety, Philippa A.
Garety, Phillippa
ガレティ, P
ガレティ, フィリッパ
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Bentall, Richard P.
Fowler, D.Robert
Fowler, David (1961-....))
Freeman, Daniel (1971-)
Hemsley, David R.
King's College London
King's College London (University of London)
Kuipers, Elizabeth
Kuipers, Liz
Marxová, Petra
Tanno, Yoshihiko (1954-)
Tōkyō Komaba CBT Kenkyūkai
University of London 1990
丹野, 義彦 (1954-)
Acting on persecutory delusions: The importance of safety seeking
Application of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis in Clinical and Research Settings, The
association between traumatic experience, paranoia and hallucinations: a test of the predictions of psychological models, The
Attributional Style in Psychosis -- The Role of Affect and Belief Type
Brief Core Schema Scales (BCSS): psychometric properties and associations with paranoia and grandiosity in non-clinical and psychosis samples, The
Can virtual reality be used to investigate persecutory ideation?
Characteristics of delusional experience.
characteristics of delusions: a cluster analysis of deluded subjects., The
Cognitive approaches to delusions: a critical review of theories and evidence.
Cognitive-behavioral theraphy for medication-resistant symptoms
[Cognitive behavioral therapy for psychosis.].
Cognitive behaviour therapy for psychosis : theory and practice
Cognitive--behavioural therapy and family intervention for relapse prevention and symptom reduction in psychosis: randomised controlled trial.
Cognitive, emotional, and social processes in psychosis: refining cognitive behavioral therapy for persistent positive symptoms.
cognitive model of persecutory delusions., A
cognitive model of the positive symptoms of psychosis, A
Connecting neurosis and psychosis: The direct influence of emotion on delusions and hallucinations
Content & affect in persecutory delusions
Cost-Effectiveness of an Early Intervention Service for People with Psychosis
Delusions and Decision-Making Style: Use of the Need for Closure Scale
Delusions, c1994:
Delusions : investigations into the psychology of delusional reasoning
Developing a theoretical understanding of therapy techniques: an illustrative analogue study.
Discrepant illness perceptions, affect and expressed emotion in people with psychosis and their carers
Effect of Early Intervention on 5-Year Outcome in Non-Affective Psychosis
Emotional dysfunction in schizophrenia spectrum psychosis: the role of illness perceptions
Implications for neurobiological research of cognitive models of psychosis: a theoretical paper
Jumping to conclusions and persecutory delusions.
Lambeth Early Onset (LEO) Team: randomised controlled trial of the effectiveness of specialised care for early psychosis, The
large-scale validation study of the Medication Adherence Rating Scale (MARS)., A
London-East Anglia randomised controlled trial of cognitive-behavioural therapy for psychosis. I: effects of the treatment phase.
London-East Anglia randomised controlled trial of cognitive-behavioural therapy for psychosis. II: Predictors of outcome.
London-east Anglia randomised controlled trial of cognitive-behavioural therapy for psychosis. III: Follow-up and economic evaluation at 18 months.
measure of state persecutory ideation for experimental studies., A
Measuring Adherence in CBT for Psychosis: A Psychometric Analysis of an Adherence Scale
Measuring delusional experiences: a method and its application.
Measuring Ideas of Persecution and Social Reference: The Green et al. Paranoid Thought Scales (Gpts)
Mōsō wa donoyōnishite tachiagaruka
multidimensional measurement of the positive symptoms of psychosis, The
Overcoming paranoid and suspicious thoughts.
Paranoia, 2004:
Paranoia the psychology of persecutory delusions
Paranoid explanations of experience: a novel experimental study.
Patient perceptions of caregiver criticism in psychosis: links with patient and caregiver functioning.
Persecutory delusions and catastrophic worry in psychosis: Developing the understanding of delusion distress and persistence
Persecutory delusions : assessment, theory, and treatment
Persecutory delusions: developing the understanding of belief maintenance and emotional distress
Podezřívavost a paranoidní myšlenky : jak jim porozumět a překonat je
Predicting recovery from schizophrenia: a retrospective comparison of characteristics at onset of people with single and multiple episodes
prediction of hallucinatory predisposition in non-clinical individuals: examining the contribution of emotion and reasoning, The
Probabilistic judgements in deluded and non-deluded subjects.
psychological effect of an urban environment on individuals with persecutory delusions: the Camberwell walk study., The
Psychological investigation of the structure of paranoia in a non-clinical population.
Psychological treatments in schizophrenia: I. Meta-analysis of family intervention and cognitive behaviour therapy
Psychological treatments in schizophrenia: II. Meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials of social skills training and cognitive remediation
psychology of persecutory ideation I: a questionnaire survey., The
psychology of persecutory ideation II: a virtual reality experimental study., The
Reasoning, emotions, and delusional conviction in psychosis
Reasoning in deluded schizophrenic and paranoid patients. Biases in performance on a probabilistic inference task.
Reasoning in deluded schizophrenic and paranoid patients: biases in performance on a probabilistic inference tasks
Reasoning, rationality and delusions ; studies in the concepts, characteristics and rationality of delusions
Remission and relapse in psychosis: operational definitions based on case-note data
Specialised care for early psychosis: symptoms, social functioning and patient satisfaction: randomised controlled trial.
Tōgō shitchōshō o rikaishi shiensuru tameno ninchi kōdō ryōhō
Trauma and hallucinatory experience in psychosis.
Understanding suicidal ideation in psychosis: findings from the Psychological Prevention of Relapse in Psychosis (PRP) trial
validation of a new measure of activity in psychosis., A
Virtual reality study of paranoid thinking in the general population
Why do people with delusions fail to choose more realistic explanations for their experiences? An empirical investigation
Leaves 271-327 are appendices
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of London 1990