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Coy, Carlos
M, S. P.
M, South Park Mexican
S. P. M, South Park Mexican
South Park Mexican
South Park Mexican (Amerikaans rapper)
South Park Mexican (Rapper)
South Park Mexicans
SPM ((Rapper))
SPM, South Park Mexican
استوور پارک مکزیک
born 1970-10-05
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
S. P. M. (South Park Mexican)
2 Joints
3rd wish to rock the world, The
Addicted to Storms
All Cot Up
Always So High (Screwed & Chopped)
Am Your Future, I
And They Said
At Shetoro's Crib (A Poem)
Baby's Prayer, A
Beach House, The
Best of South Park Mexican
Best of the Best Vol. 1
Best of the Best Vol. 2
Best of the Best, Vol. 3
Blazin Janey
Block of Rock
Bloody War
Boys on da Cut
Cali-Tex Connect
Carolyn Rodriguez (Skit)
Carolyn's Hook
Child Of The Ghetto
Children of the Ghetto (Radio)
Children Of The Ghetto (Remix)
Collect Call
Come Back Home (Screwed & Chopped)
Comin Up Comin Down (Radio)
Comin Up (Remix)
Coming Up, Coming Down
Cookie Baker
Country Life
Crazy Lady
Dallas to Houston
Day of Unity
Dead or in Prison (Screwed & Chopped)
Dead Pictures
Deep Instrumental
DJ Screw (Skit)
Dope Game
Dope House Family
Dope House Intro
Dope House Records
Dope Life
Dope Sells Itself
Dopehouse Mind, The
Dyin' Over Nuttin'
End, The
Even From a Prison (Screwed & Chopped)
Falsely Accused
Filthy Rich
Follow My Lead
For Da Homies
For My Hood (Screwed & Chopped)
Forgotten Verse (Screwed), The
Free SPM
Freestyle Flow From the Penitentiary
Freeworld to the Pen (Radio)
Garza West
Ghetto Prisoner
Ghetto Tales
H-Town G-Funk
Habitual Criminal
He’s a Bird, He’s a Plane
Hellified Hills (Remix)
High Everyday (Screwed)
Hillwood Hustlaz II
Hillwood [SR] 1998:
Hubba Hubba
Hustla World
Hustle Town
If I Die
Illegal Amigos
In My Hood
Intro The Phone Call (Screwed)
Jackas in My Home
Jackers In My Home
Juan Gotti's Chick [Skit]
Jugador, El
Last Chair Violinist, The
Latin Throne
Mary Go Round (Screwed)
Medicine (SPM)
Meet Your Fate
Merry Go Round
Mexican Heaven -
Mexican Radio
Mi ruka
Moham Mitchell
Moment of Silence for "Those Ahead of Us"
Money Makin Huston (Screwed)
Must Be High, I
My Feria
My Hoodie (Screwed & Chopped)
Need a Sweet, I
Never change the pain and glory album
Night Shift
Oh My My
On Da Grind (Screwed)
One of Those Nights
Ooh Wee
Pass The Killa
Peace Pipe
Penitentiary Flow
Phone Call, The
Power moves [SR] p1998:
Power Moves: The Table
Purity Album, The
Real Gangsta
Real Gangster
Reveille Park
Riddla on da Roof
Right Now
S.P. So Bastardly
Screens Falling
(Screwed), Los
Shout Outs (Screwed)
Shout Outz
Something About Mary
Something I Would Do
Son of Norma, The
Son Shines (Screwed & Chopped), The
SPM Diaries
SPM Jailhouse Interview
SPM presents the purity album
SPM vs. Los
Stay on Your Grind (Screwed)
Strapped & Deadly
Street’s on Beat’s
Streets on Beats
Studio Time
Styrofoam Cup
System, The
Thought of Many Ways
Till They Come
Time is money
Twice Last Night
U Know My Name
Underground Block Bleeder
Underground Block Bleeders
Vengeance (Remix)
Wanna Know Her Name, I
Watch The Block Bleed
We Did Dat
Whatever You Do
Wheel Watches
When Devil’s Strike
When Devils Strike (disc 2: Chopped and Screwed)
Who's Over There
Who Would Know (Screwed & Chopped)
Wizard of Oz
Woodson and Worthing
Y Must I
You Know My Name
Contributed to or performed: 
'Love and War' Snippets
3 'N the Mornin'
3rd Coast Finest, Volume 1
3rd Wish, The
40 Dayz / 40 Nightz
4Eva Mobbin
All Cot Up
All Done
All I Ever Wanted
All N' Yo Face
Anything Goes
Are We Real
As a Youngsta
At Shtoro's Crib (A Poem)
Auld Lang Syne
Ball Til We Fall
Blazin Janey
Blood & Tears
Bout to Go Down
Boys On Da Cut
Burn Us Alive
By Prescription Only
Cali-Tex Connect (Screwed)
Carolyn's Hook
Certified Snitchez
City of Dank
City of Dreams
Cold Corona
Cool Enough
Country Life
Creep With Me
Da Real
Day of Unity
Dime Piece
Don't Go Away
Don't Hide It
Don't Let Them Fool Ya
Done Deal
Dope House Fam Bam
Dope House Family
Dope House Saga, The
Drop It Like It's Hot
Este Oeste Mix, Volume 1
Fear No Evil
Filthy Rich
Flossin Looking Good
For Years (remix)
Forever Botany
Freestyle (Candy 6-4)
Fuck What They Think
Fuck What Ya Heard
Garza West
Get Yo Guns
Ghetto Tales
Ghetto Tales (Screwed)
Ghost, The
Graveyards (remix)
Habitual Criminal
He's A Bird, He's A Plane
Held Up: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
High Everyday
High So High
Hillwood Hustlaz
Ho Down
Hoggin' and Doggin'
Holla At Cha Later
Holla Atcha Later (Screwed)
Honest Man (Skit)
Hotel Lady (Skit)
Houston Hard Hitters, Volume 1: The Soundtrack, The
Houston Hard Hitters, Volume 4: Skrewed & Chopped
Hubba Hubba
Hydro Buzz (Screwed & Chopped)
I’d Rather Bang Screw
If I Die
If It Were You
If Your Na Na Get Wet
Illegal Amigos (Screwed)
Imprisonment (remix)
In Hillwood
In My City
Indies Present: The Freestyle Kings, Volume 3
It Was All a Dream
Juan Gotti's Chic (Skit)
Jugador (The Player), El
Just Like You
K Luv Vs. SPM
Katrachos, Los
Land of the Lost
Last Chair Violinist, The
Latin Hard Hitters
Latin Hard Hitters: Chopped & Screwed
Latin Kings
Latin Throne
Legend, The
Like This and Like That
Lil' Luv
Live for the Dough
Live from the Ghetto
Livin -n- Sin
Lobo Wanna Raise
Lone Star Ridaz
Lord Loco's Melody
Love Signs
Loyal Customers
Makin' You Sweat
Mary Jane
Mènage a Trois
Mexican Burt Reynolds
Mexican Heaven
Mi Ruka
Miss Perfect
Murder Aint a Thing
Must Be High, I
My Feria
My Homegirl
My Lead (Chopped & Screwed)
N. R. G.
Need a Sweet, I
No Love for No One (Screwed & Chopped)
No Sett Trippin
No Tomorrow
On Everything (Screwed & Chopped)
Party On
Pay U Bacc
Pepe Le Pew
Pimpin the Pen
Playamade Mexicanz
Poor Kids, The
Power Moves (Screwed)
Pure and Uncut (Screwed & Chopped)
Real Gangsta
Red Beams and Rice
Right Here
River, The
Rollin on Glass (remix)
Rollin' on Glass
Ronnie Rey All Day
Run Away
S.O.N., The
S.P. So Bastardly
Same Thug Song
Screen’s Falling
Screwed Up Tape
Screwston Vol. III: Stuck In Da Mud
Season In Hell, A
Sex Files
Short Skirts
Silent Night
Since Day 1
Since Day 1 (Screwed)
Slant Eyes
Slow Lane
So Cold
So Quick... Like a Heist
Somethin’ I Would Do
Something About Mary
Something I Would Do
South Bronx/South Side
South Park / South Bronx
South Side Groovin
South Side With Me
Southern Life Chapter I
SPM Diaries
Still Tippin' in Texas
Street on Beats
Streets (remix)
Streets on Beats (remix)
Studio Time
Styrofoam Cup
Suckaz N Hataz
Tex to Cali, Part 2
Texas Boys
Texas Revolution
These Streets
Thizz Latin
Throw Away Gats
Throwed In da Game
Thug Girl
Thug Shit
Time Is Money
To the Flame
Tomorrow Not Promised
Twice Last Night
Universal Smash Hits
VIP (Screwed)
Walk On Toes
We Know the Price (Screwed & Chopped)
West Coast, Gulf Coast, East Coast
Wheel Watcher
Wheel Watchers (Screwed)
Where My Money Makers
Where My Soldiers At
Where My Soldiers At (Screwed)
Who Got tha Butta?
Who's Overthere
Who’s Over There
Whut It Dew
Whut It Dew The Album
Woodson N Worthin
World Wilde Playaz
Y Must I (Screwed)
You Can Make It (Screwed & Chopped)
You Know My Name - (remix)
You Know My Name (remix)
You Wouldn't Listen (Screwed & Chopped)