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Snell, Roy J.
Snell, Roy Judson
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Craig, James (1878-1959; see also from)
O'Hara, David (1878-1959; see also from)
Adventure stories for girls
Arctic stowaways
arrow of fire, c1930:, The
black schooner, The
Blue envelope
Captain Kituk
Crimson flash
cruise of the O Moo, The
crystal ball, The
Curlie Carson listens in
Dark treasure
dinner that was always there, The
Eskimo island and Penguin land
Eskimo Robinson Crusoe, An
firebug, The
flying sub, The
Forbidden cargoes
galloping ghost., The
golden circle, The
Green eyes
Gypsy flight, ...
gypsy shawl, The
hidden trail, The
Hour of enchantment.
Ice bound in the South polar seas
invisible wall, The
Jet plane mystery
Jimmie Drury: candid camera detective
Johnny Longbow
Little boy France
Little white fox and his Arctic friends
Lost in the air
magic curtain, The
Monkeyland; Betty and Billy visit monkeys in the tropics
Mystery stories for boys
Mystery wings
Norma Kent of the WACS
Panther eye
phantom violin, The
purple flame, The
Red Dynamite
red lure, The
Riddle of the storm
rope of gold, The
Sally Scott of the WAVES;
seagoing tank, The
secret mark, The
shadow passes, The
Sign of the green arrow
silent alarm, The
Ski patrol
Soolook, wild boy
Spaansche goudschip, Het
Sparky Ames of the ferry command; story by Roy J. Snell, illustrated by Erwin L. Darwin.
strangeland bird life; the book of Antarctic birds, The
Third warning
thirteenth ring, The
Told beneath the northern lights : a book of Eskimo legends
Triple spies
U. S. soldiers in action, a fact story of U. S. soldiers at war
Whispering Isles
Whispers at dawn;
White fire
Wings for victory
Wings over England
Witches Cove