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Elmer Williams
Williams, Elmer
Williams, Elmer A.
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
Williams, Tone (pseudonym; other identity, same person)
Related names: 
Arbello, Fernando (co-performer)
Bailey, Buster (co-performer)
Bauzá, Mario (co-performer)
Berry, Leon "Chu" (co-performer)
Bushell, Garvin (co-performer)
Carry, Scoops (co-performer)
Carter, Benny (1907-2003)
Carter, Benny (co-performer)
Carver, Wayman (co-performer)
Catlett, Sid (co-performer)
Chick Webb and His Orchestra (isMemberOf)
Chick Webb's Savoy Orchestra (isMemberOf)
Clark, Pete (co-performer)
Cuffee, Ed (co-performer)
Eldridge, Roy (co-performer)
Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra (isMemberOf)
Fulford, Tommy (co-performer)
Harrison, Jimmy (1900-1931)
Haughton, Chauncey (co-performer)
Hawkins, Coleman (co-performer)
Henderson, Fletcher (co-performer)
Henderson, Horace (co-performer)
Holiday, Clarence (co-performer)
Ivory Joe Hunter and his Band (see also from)
Jackson, Franz (co-performer)
James, Elmer (co-performer)
Jefferson, Hilton (co-performer)
Johnson, Bobby (co-performer)
Jones, Claude (co-performer)
Jones, Ralph "Shrimp" (co-performer)
Jones, Reunald (co-performer)
Jordan, Louis (co-performer)
Jordan, Taft (co-performer)
Kirby, John (co-performer)
Kirkpatrick, Don (1905-1956)
Kirkpatrick, Don (co-performer)
Ladnier, Tommy (co-performer)
Lessey, Bob (co-performer)
Mathews, George (co-performer)
McRae, Teddy (co-performer)
Peer, Beverly (co-performer)
Robinson, Fred (co-performer)
Sampson, Edgar (co-performer)
Smith, Joe (co-performer)
Smith, Russell (co-performer)
Stark, Bobby (co-performer)
Steele, Joe (co-performer)
Story, Nat (co-performer)
Swayze, Edwin (1906-1935)
Thomas, Bill (co-performer)
Trueheart, John (co-performer)
Vance, Dick (co-performer)
Webb, Chick (1909-1939)
Webb, Chick (co-performer)
Williams, Sandy (co-performer)
Wilson, Edith (co-performer)
Wilson, Lena (co-performer)
Heebie Jeebies
Soft and sweet
stompin at the savoy sr p