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Fauvel-Gouraud, Fr
Fauvel-Gouraud, Fr's
Fauvel-Gouraud, Francis
Fauvel-Gouraud, Francis (M.)
Fauvel-Gouraud, François
Francis Fauvel Gouraud (French engineer & photograph)
Francis Fauvel Gouraud (Ingénieur et photographe français)
Gouraud, F. F.
Gouraud, Francis Fauvel-
Gouraud, Francis Fauvel- (M.)
born 1808-01-01 deceased 1847-06-16
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Ballard, James ([from old catalog])
Craig, Francis Marion ([from old catalog])
Harry Houdini Collection (Library of Congress)
Hawley, Edwin H.
Plate, Adrian
Art of memory
First fundamental basis of Fr's. Fauvel-Gouraud's phreno-mnemotechnic principles, consisting in a philosophical decomposition of all the human languages in general, and of the English language in particular into articulations and sounds.
Mnemotechny for the million; or, How to remember chronology, necrology, latitude &longitude, heights, distances, specific gravities, &., &., on the basis of F. F. Gouraud.
Phreno-mnemotechnic dictionary : being a philosophical classification of all the homophonic words of the English language : containing also separate classifications of geographical, mythological, biographical, scientific, and technical homophonic words, to be used in the application of the phreno-mnemotechnic principles
Practical cosmophonography; a system of writing and printing all the principal languages, with their exact pronunciation
Programme of Prof. Fauvel-Gouraud's public experimental lectures: being a selection of the principal scientific, historical, statistical, geographical and literary facts or questions, which are answered, from memory, by Professor Gouraud, to the audience in his public introductory lectures, in proof of the unbounded powers of the system.