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Chris Huelsbeck
Chris Hülsbeck
Chris Hülsbeck (compositeur allemand)
Chris Hülsbeck (compositore tedesco)
Chris Hülsbeck (deutscher Spieleentwickler und Musiker)
Chris Hülsbeck (Duits componist)
Chris Hülsbeck (German video game music composer)
Chris Hülsbeck (kompozytor niemiecki, twórca muzyki do gier komputerowych)
Chris Hülsbeck (tysk komponist)
Chris Hülsbeck (tysk kompositör)
Huelsbeck, Chris
Hülsbeck, Chris
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Hülsbeck, Chris
6000 Miles From Home
8.15 to Nowhere
Active Soccer - Go for the Goal
Adorable CuteNES
Air Combat
Alien Disaster
Antics, Chip War (Tune 1), The
Antics, Chip War (Tune 2), The
Antics Main Title, The
Apidya Credits
Apidya II (Suite)
Apidya Soundtrack
Apidya Theme
Apydia - Credits
Are You Ready
Baby of Can Guru - Track 1, The
Baby of Can Guru - Track 2, The
Baby of Can Guru - Track 3, The
Baby of Can Guru (Tune 5), The
Bad Cat (SigmaZeven Remix)
Balance of Time
Base Invader
Battle Isle
Being Boiled
Believe in Love
Bert 'Stahl' Austin Theme
Better Off Undead
Big Chill, The
Bionic Action
Bitcrushed Ice
Blade of Fate
Bonus Track: On the Run
BONUSTRACK - SID-Medley (by SigmaZeven)
Born to Be Wild
Boss Attack
Boss Panic
Breakout (Kryptonite mix)
Bridge From the Past to the Future
Buggy Panic
C. H. Megamix
C64 Megamix 1
C64mix (6 Notgoodatallmix)
Carl Lewis Challenge
Check the Gripper
Chip War (Digital Technology)
Chip War Ingame
Chip War Tune 3
Choppy Waves
Chris Hülsbeck - In the mix
Climb to Survive
Colors (from GeoDrop)
Commodore 64 Medley
Compilation I: Time
Compilation III (Dr.Future remix)
Compilation III: Dreamlights
Concerto For Laser And Enemies
Concerto for Lasers and Enemies
Crane Boss
Crazy Lover
Credits (Credits mix)
Credits RMX
Cut Character (medley)
Cut Character Suicide
Cut Character Title & Dreamsequence
Dance at Night (original synth mix)
Danger Ahead
Danger Freak Ingame Medley
Danger Freak Jingle
Danger Freak (SigmaZeven Remix)
Danger Freak Theme
[data track]
Day at the Beach, A
Deep Ocean
Desert Storm
Do the Bath Man
Dream Dimension ’94
Dreamland (remix 2001)
Dreamlights (from Compilation III)
Dreamy Bells · subtune 1 (Snake-TMF Remix)
Dulcedo Cogitationis Theme
Dunes in the Wind
Easy Life (extended)
Easy Life (Trance mix)
Easy Ride
Elevator, The
Embrace Change (BM inspired live performance)
End Sequence
Endless Dunes
Enemy Mine
Escuadrón Pícaro
Even Higher
Even Wilder
Exploring Secret Dungeons
Extreme Assault (Operator Message mix)
Extreme Assault (Operator Trance mix)
Extreme Assault (Planet Trax mix)
Extreme assault soundtrack ; original game soundtrack
Fabian Del Priore - Leona Dark Map
Fabian Del Priore - Leona Opal
Face the Sunset
Faces of Terror
Factory Action
Final Challenge, The
Final Fight - TSA Maxi, The
Final Frontier
Final Stage
Final Theme From The Baby Of Can Guru
First Mission
Fish and Chips
Fistful of Steel
Flight of the Crow
Freedom Is Indivisible (Global Cut)
Fun in the Sun
Galileo (short version)
Game Over
Gem'X C64 original
GEM'X Credits (Original Sound Version)
GEM'X Extended Soundtrack
Gem'X (Main Theme)
Gem'X (megamix)
Gem'X (Mitch van Hayden Celtic HipHop Remix)
GEM'X Round A (Fabian Del Priore Bonus Remix)
GEM'X Round A (New Arranged Version)
GEM'X Round A (Original Sound Version)
Gem'x Round B (New Arranged version)
GEM'X Round B (Original Sound Version)
GEM'X Round C (New Arranged Version)
GEM'X Round C (Original Sound Version)
GEM'X Title Theme (Arranged Version)
GEM'X Title Theme (Original Sound Version)
GeoDrop Remix Medley
GeoDrop Soundtrack EP
GeoDrop Theme
Germany Calling
GI Joe Meets Space Patrol
Giana Sisters Bonus Ingame (unused)
Giana Sisters Highscore List
Giana Sisters (Intro)
Giana Sisters Lost
Giana Sisters Main Ingame
Giana Sisters - Main Title
Giana Sisters (medley)
Giana Sisters (megamix)
Giana Sisters Menu Theme
Giana Sisters (Remix 2001)
Giana Sisters Start Jingle
Giana Sisters Underworld
Go for the Goal (instrumental)
Go for the Goal (karaoke Stadium mix)
Go for the Goal (Theme From Active Soccer)
Go for the Gunhed
Go for the Nuke!
Golden Gate
Grand Monster Slam (High Score)
Grand Monster Slam (Opening Fanfare)
Grand Monster Slam (Title)
Graveness & Romantics
Great Bath, The
Great Giana Sisters (CZ-Tunes Halloween Remix), The
Great Giana Sisters (Ingame), The
Great Giana Sisters (Intro), The
Great Giana Sisters (SigmaZeven Remix), The
Great Giana Sisters (Suite), The
Great Giana Sisters (Tune 4), The
Hall of Heroes
Happy Holiday
Hard'n'Heavy High Score
Hard'n'Heavy · Highscore (CZ-Tunes Remix)
Hard'n'Heavy Ingame 1
Hard'n'Heavy Ingame 2
Hard'n'Heavy Ingame 3
Hard'n'Heavy Ingame 4
Hard 'n' Heavy (Level 3)
Hard'n'Heavy Theme
Hard 'n' Heavy (Title)
Hard'n'Heavy (Tune 4: Level 2)
Hard'n'Heavy (Tune 5)
Harmonic Waves (Trance 42 Radio edit)
Harmonic Waves (Trance 42 Radio Mix)
Heaven's Gate (Lazerdub)
Heli Attack
Hero, The
High Score
Holiday Morning
Holiday Night
Holiday Sunset
Hollywood Poker Pro
I'm Rushin (CH radio mix)
Ingame 1
Ingame 2
Ingame 4
Ingame 5
Inka-City (From Extreme Assault)
Input64 [SR] p2001:
Intro (FX mix)
Intro-Theme From Starball
Island, The
Island Vibes
Jet Pack Attack
Jim Power I
Jim Power II
Jim Power in Mutant Planet · Level 3: Mutant's Forest (CZ-Tunes Remix)
Jim Power in “Mutant Planet” (Main Theme)
Jim Power (Level 1)
Jim Power (Level 4)
Jim Power "Main Title"
Jim Power (medley)
Jinks Theme
Jinks (Tune 2)
Join the Dream
Karawane der Elefanten
Katakis Boss Medley
Katakis (High Score)
Katakis Ingame 1
Katakis Ingame 2
Katakis Ingame 3
Katakis Ingame 4
Katakis Ingame 5
Katakis Ingame 6
Katakis (Level 1)
Katakis (Level 2)
Katakis (Level 3)
Katakis Medley 2000 (G² remix)
Katakis (remix edit)
Katakis (Song3)
Katakis Title Theme
Last Ninja 2 Chris Huelsbeck Remix Medley
Leaving the Scene
Leona Amethyst
Leona Citrine
Leona Credits
Leona Ruby
Leona's Tricky Adventures Theme
Leona Topaz
Level 3-3
Level One
Licht am Ende des Tunnels (Suite)
Light at the End of the Tunnel: Credits
Light at the End of the Tunnel (medley)
Light at the End of the Tunnel: Theme
Little Shop Of Terror
Loader Medley
Lombard Street
Machine's Gallery
Machine, The
Madness (Hi Score)
Madness High Score Screen
Madness (Tune 1)
Madness (Tune 2)
Main Theme
Main Title
Meat Beast Boss
Metal Stars
Mine, The
Mission Briefing
Mission Complete
Mission Failed
Moodolo (from Compilation III)
Mountain Madness
Mr. Walker and His Factory
NESting Sea Birds
Noise of Lights
North Beach Night Life
Number Nine
Ocean Swell
Ocean Travel
Ode to Johann Sebastian (SID Orchestra mix)
Old Imagine (from Compilation I)
On stage
One More Night
One Night More
Oxxonian Ingame
Oxxonian Theme
Parallax Highscore (Chris Huelsbeck Remix)
Payment Day
Piranhas & Shredders
Pirate Station
Planet of War
Platform Action
Please Leave a Message
Pond (Apidya Remix 2001), The
Power of Magic (The Magic of Power Mix'!!)
Powerslide Into Hypercycle Drive
Quick n Silva (Title & Ingame Level 1)
Quik & Silva
R-Type Amiga Theme (arranged version)
R-Type Amiga Theme (original sound version)
R-Type C64 Theme (original sound version)
R-Type C64 Theme (Relation SCT arranged version)
R-Type Iphone Theme (extended)
R-Type Iphone Theme (original sound version)
R-Type (Main Theme)
R-Type Themes EP
Rainstorm (Cloudburst mix)
Realm of the Trolls Ingame
Realm of the Trolls Theme
Return to LFO
Riding With the Wind
ritmo (original version), El
Rock 'n' Roll Balance
Rock 'n' roll - Take off Song
Rock 'n' Roll Theme
Rony Barrak-Solo
Running Out of Time
Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs - The Game
Sailboats on the Bay
Samplemania I
Samplemania II
Samplemania III
Samplemania IV
Scenic Drive
Score Loop
Scrap Yard I
Scrap Yard II
Screw Nut Hall
Sea Monster Boss
Seawasp Medley
Second Floor
Second Theme
Sewer's Blast
Shades '95
Shades (In the Rain)
Shades - JaRemake
Shapes (from GeoDrop)
Shoot or Die
SID Anthology Vol. 1
SID Anthology Vol. 2
SID Anthology Vol. 3
Sid Delicious
Soldier! - Level 3
Soldier - Track 1
Soldier - Track 2
Sound Factory
Space Chaos
Sparkling Digital Ocean
Spherical · subtune 1 (Snake-TMF Remix)
Spherical Title Theme
Spherical (Tune 8: Sphere Dance)
Sprite on the Beach
Stage Cleared
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 2 - Rogue Leader
Station 2045
Steam and Pressure
Subsolar Menu Theme
Subsolar Mission
Subsolar (RSCT medley remix)
Subsolar Soundtrack EP
Subsolar Survival
Subsolar Victory
Super GEM'Z Credits (Original Sound Version)
Super GEM'Z Ingame 1 (Original Sound Version)
Super GEM'Z Ingame 2 (Original Sound Version)
Super GEM'Z Ingame 3 (Original Sound Version)
Super GEM'Z Ingame 4 (Original Sound Version)
Super GEM'Z Ingame 5 (Original Sound Version)
Super GEM'Z Title Theme (Original Sound Version)
Super Turrican 2
Super Turrican - Factory Action
Super Turrican II Credits
Super Turrican II (Preview)
Swim or Die
Symphonic Shades
Techno Dungeon
Techno Party (Ultraworld mix)
Theme From Battle Isle
Theme From Merland
Theme From Starball
Theme From the Antics-Chip War
Theme From To Be on Top
Theme (from TouchFish)
Theme of Rock'n Roll
They Come At Night
Thornado Demo
Those Were the Days
Thunder Plains
Time (from Compilation I)
Timeless Passion
To Be on Top (Tune 14)
To Be on Top (Tune 2)
To Be on Top (Tune 7)
To Be on Top (Tune 9)
Tomorrow's Yesterday (instrumental)
TouchFish Soundtrack EP Vol. 1
TouchFish Soundtrack EP Vol. 2
TouchFish Soundtrack EP, Vol. 3: Deep Chiptune
Touchfish Trailer Music
Tower of Babel (Hallelujamix)
Tower of Morgul
Transfer to the Battlefield
Trioly (from Compilation I)
Trip Like That (The Nite the Girls Freaked Out)
Try It Hard (from Compilation III)
Tunnel B1 - Credits
Tunnel B1 - Intro
Tunnel B1 Soundtrack
Tunnel B1 (Suite)
Tunnel (Chip Holland remix), The
Tunnel (D.J.P.A.W. remix), The
Tunnel (Planet Trax remix), The
Tunnel (Planet Trax Vocalmania), The
Turrican 1 · Outpost (Dr.Future Concert Hall Remix)
Turrican 1 · Victory (Dr.Future Remix)
Turrican 2 · Secret Dungeons (Tronimal Remix)
Turrican 2 · The Final Challenge (Dr.Future Remix)
Turrican 2 · The Great Bath (Mitch van Hayden Opus Remix)
Turrican 2 · The Wall (Dr.Future Remix)
Turrican 3: Air Combat
Turrican 3 Credits
Turrican 3 Main Title
Turrican 3 - Payment Day (Piano Suite)
Turrican 3: Second Floor
Turrican C64 - Ingame 1
Turrican II - Anthology Suite
Turrican II "Freedom"
Turrican II (Main Title)
Turrican II - The Final Fight (Renderings: Main Theme)
Turrican II - The Orchestral Album
Turrican Medley (mix)
Turrican Medley (SunSpire Remix)
Turrican (Original Video Game Soundtrack)
Turrican Soundtrack Anthology: Original Sound Version Vol. 1
Turrican Soundtrack Anthology, Volume 1
Turrican Soundtrack Anthology, Volume 2
Turrican Soundtrack Anthology, Volume 3
Turrican Soundtrack Anthology, Volume 4
Turrican - Techno Dungeon
Turrican (Tune 3: The Deep)
Turrican (Tune 5)
Underwater Sun Rays
Unidirectional Fight
Walker Factory
Wall, The
War at Meadow's Edge (Apidya Remix 2001)
Warzone (DiColamix)
Watching All the Fishes
Wave, The
Wet Dungeon
X - Beyond the Frontier
X-Mas Theme
X-Out (Highscore)
X-Out (Level Up)
X-Out · Loader (Mitch van Hayden Club House Remix)
X-Out · Main Theme (CZ-Tunes Remix)
Yo! Rock the House
Z-Out (Theme)
Zombie Smash (C.H. Special mix)
ZombieSmash! Sound Of Games Remix (Bonus Track)
ZombieSmash! Soundtrack EP
ZombieSmash! Theme
ZombieSmash! Trailer Music
スター・ウォーズ ローグ スコードロン II
スター・ウォーズ 出撃! ローグ中隊
Contributed to or performed: 
[data track]
Addicted to These Games (NES mix)
Air - Ground Battle
All Clear - Jingle
Alliance - Battle Stations
Alliance - Bravery
Alliance - Code Red
Alliance - Deep Space Exploration
Alliance - Search for the Unknown
Alliance - The Captain's Oath
Alliance of the Planets Station
Assault Run
At the Traders Bar
Bad News - Jingle
Barkesh Cargo Delivery
Beggar's Canyon Race
Blast It!
Bomber Mission
Bonus Track - Defection at Corellia
Boss 1
Boss 1 (Dark)
Boss 2
Boss 2 (Dark)
Boss Attack
Briefing Room, The
C64: Back in Time, Volume 1
City in the Clouds
Commodore 64 Medley
Crix Madine
Dark - Sequence, The
Dream Dimension
Easy Ride
Extreme Assault (Planet Trax remix)
Extreme Assault Game CD
Failure #1
Failure #2
Fight for the Galaxy
Final Frontier
Final Stage
Finale - Celebration
First Mission
Frankfurt Beat, Limited Edition: Yellow Box
Future - Sequence, The
Future, The
Game Over - Jingle
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Original Soundtrack
Good Times
Great Giana Sisters: Gianna Sisters Remix, The
Hangar, The
Heli Attack
Help Me Out
Hit & Run
How Do Ya Feel
HVSC: 1986
Immortal 2
Immortal 3
Imperial March
Incubation: Original Soundtrack
Infinite Space Resurrection Medley
Infinite Space: Resurrection (Original Soundtrack)
Infinite Space: Resurrection Theme
Infinite Space: Resurrection Theme (Proto version)
Ingame 1
Ingame 1 (Dark)
Ingame 2
Ingame 2 (Dark)
Ingame 3
Ingame 3 (Dark)
Ingame 4
Ingame 4 (Dark)
Ingame 5
Ingame 5 (Dark)
Input 64
Into the Trap 1
Into the Trap 2
Kasan Moor Theme
Level Complete
Lost Life - Jingle, The
Love X 2
Luke Skywalker
Main Theme
Masterblazer (Jazz 'o' matic)
May the Force Be With You
Merregnon, Volume 1
Merregnon, Volume 2
Mine, The
Mission Ahead - Sequence
Mission Briefing
Mission Complete
Mission Successful
Music, The
Narcissu 10th Anniversary Soundtrack
New Threat 1
New Threat 2
Nightmoves (4pm internal)
Paula Agnus Denise
Piano Collection, The
Play! A Video Game Symphony Live!
Power Game Hits
Prisoner Saved - Jingle
Probe Droids!
Project Sidologie: Remixes
R-Type Amiga Theme (live orchestra version)
Remix64 - Into Eternity
Rogue - Jingle
Rogue Theme - Reprise
Rogue Title
Sandcrawler Shortcut
Save the Bacta
Save the City
Score Loop
Second Theme
Shadows Over Jade Moon
SID Chip Sounds: The Music of the Commodore 64
Snow Battle - Remix
Snowspeeder Theme
Sound of Games, Volume 1
Speeder Attack - Sequence
Standing By - Sequence
Star Wars - Jingle
Star Wars - Rogue Squadron
Star Wars Title
Taloraan Sky - Sequence
Tatooine Morning - Sequence
Tatooine Wastelands
TIE Fighter Attack
Tomorrow's Yesterday
Traders Outpost
Trench Run, The
Up and Away
Upcoming - Sequence
Volcano Battle
Walker Factory
Warriors - Ancient Claims
Warriors - Battle Blood
Warriors - Fight for Honor
Warriors - New Territories
Warriors - The Need to Expand
Warriors - Vengeance
Warriors Fortress
Wedge's Rescue
Where is the Ship
World Devestator, The
X³: Reunion