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Anthony England
Anthony England (astronauta statunitense)
Anthony W. England (Amerikaans ruimtevaarder)
Anthony W. England (amerikansk ingeniør og astronaut)
Anthony W. England (amerikansk ingenjör och astronaut)
Anthony W. England (Astronaut)
Anthony W. England (astronautre américain)
Anthony Wayne England (amerikai űrhajós)
Anthony Wayne England (US-amerikanischer Astronaut)
England, A. W.
England, Anthony W.
England, Tony
Антъни Инглънд
Ентоні Уейн Інгленд
Инглэнд, Энтони Уэйн
آنتونی دبلیو انگلند (فضانورد و مهندس آمریکایی)
born 1942-05-15
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'08 Summer Engineering Academy: An Action Plan to Recruit, Retain, and Graduate Talented Minority Engineering Students
2007 Spring Courses for Pre-College Students
Active Layer Thickness and Moisture Content of Arctic Tundra from Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere Transfer (SVAT) Models and Assimilated 19 Gigahertz (GHz) Brightness
Annual temperature and radiobrightness signatures for bare soils
Calibration Improvements for the L-Band Synthetic Aperture Radiometer
Calibration of an integrated land surface process and radiobrightness (LSP/R) model during summertime
comparison of ground-based and satellite-borne microwave radiometric observations in the Great Plains, A
Continuing Evaluation of EOSDIS (Earth Observing System Data and Information System) V0 (Version 0) and V1 (Version1), A
Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program (DACEP)
Development and Test of a 1.5 GHz Direct-Sampling Digital Radiometer for Synthetic Thinned Aperture Radiometry (STAR)and Fully Polarimetric Radiometry
Development and Test of a1.4 GHz Direct-Sampling Digital Radiometer for STAR and Fully Polarimetric
Development and Validation of a Biosphere Model for Arctic Tundra with Linkages to Satellite Radiobrightness
Engineering Student Retention Initiative
EOS (Earth Observing System) Ground System and Operations Project
EPA Graduate Fellowship (Brian Hornbuckle)
Estimating Soil Moisture and Latent Energy Fluxes in Terrains Having Complex Vegetation Canopies Using LPS Models and Fully-Polarimetric L-Band Radiometry
Estimating Water Stored in Soil and Vegetation Using LSP (Land Surface Processes) Model Soil Wetness and Satellite Radiobrightness
Final report for grant period 9/15/91-9/14/92, 1993:
Freeze/thaw classification for prairie soils using SSM/I radiobrightnesses
General Faculty for the Future
Generation of the Subsurface Geothermal Climate Signal by Land Surface Processes in the North American Midcontinent
Growing season land surface process/radiobrightness model for wheat-stubble in the Southern Great Plains
How digital correlation affects the fringe washing function in L-band aperture synthesis radiometry
I.P.A. Assignment Agreement for Anthony England
land-surface process/radiobrightness model with coupled heat and moisture transport for freezing soils, A
Land surface process/radiobrightness model with coupled heat and moisture transport for prairie grassland
land surface process/radiobrightness model with coupled heat and moisture transport in soil, A
Linking GCM(General Circulation Model) Hydrologic Parameters to the Radiobrightness of Northern Prairie and ArcticTundra
Linking GCM(Global Circulation Model) Hydrologic Parameters to the Radiobrightness of Northern Prairie and Arctic Tundra
MEPO Summer Engineering Academy (NISSAN)
Model-Based Microwave Brightness Algorithm for Estimating Snow Wetness, A
model study of the effects of climatic precipitation changes on ground temperatures, A
Models of the diffuse radar backscatter from Mars
Modular Code for a Community Version of the Michigan Land Surface Process/Radiobrightness (LSP/R) Model, A
Preparation for Radiometric Measurements of Snow Covered Terrain at the Fraser Forest Site of CLPX
Radiobrightness of prairie soil and grassland during dry-down simulation
Scaling issues between plot and satellite radiobrightness observations of arctic tundra.
Seasonal snowpack radiobrightness interpretation using a SVAT-linked emission model
Sensitivity of a 1.4 GHz direct-sampling digital radiometer
SIR-C (Shuttle Imaging Radar - C) Polarized Backsatter from Volcanic Terrain
SIR-C (Shuttle Imaging Radar - C) Polarized Backscatter from Volcanic Terrain
Special problems in the estimation of power-law spectra as applied to topographical modeling
STAR - Light -A 1.4 GHz Scanning Thinned Array Radiometer for Use on Light Aircraft in Arctic Land-Surface Hydrology
Subsurface Climate Signal in the Context of Land Surface Process (LSP)/Radiobrightness Model-Based Estimates of Land-Atmosphere Energy and Moisture Fluxes for Regions of the Circumpolar Arctic, The
Summer Engineering Academy-An Action Plan to Recruit, Retain, and Granduate Talented Minority Engineering Students
Theoretical and Experimental Models of the Diffuse Radar Backscatter from Mars -1
Theoretical and experimental models of the diffuse radar backscatter from Mars, 1992:
USGS IPA-Development and Testing of Land Surface Process (LSP) Models