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Eklund, Sigvard
Eklund, Sigvard Arne
Sigvard Eklund
Sigvard Eklund (personnalité politique suédoise)
Sigvard Eklund (schwedischer Atomenergiewissenschaftler, zweiter Generaldirektor der Internationalen Atomenergie-Organisation (IAEO))
Sigvard Eklund (Swedish politician)
Sigvard Eklund (Zweeds politicus)
सिग्वार्ड एकलंड
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Language material
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publishing director
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Alfvén, Hannes (1908-)
Brynielsson, Harry (1914-1995)
Hole, Njål (fl. 1943)
International Atomic Energy Agency
International Atomic Energy Agency Affiliation (see also from)
Jacobæus, Christian (1911-1988)
Jurewicz (2004))
Mechera, Erika
Modin, Karl
Svenke, Erik (1918-)
University of Uppsala
Velander, Frans Edvard (1894-1961)
World Youth Festival of Music and Performing Arts (1979 : Vienna, Austria)
Atomkraftfrågor vid Genèvekonferensen
Atomreaktorer och atomenergi
Energia jądrowa, bezpieczeństwo i środowisko
Environmental aspects of atomic energy and waste management
Ericsson Technics.
Experiments with a vacuum high voltage device
Fest für den Weltfrieden
International directory of radioisotopes
Internationale Aspekte der friedlichen Nutzung der Kernenergie
Lise, Atomphysikerin : Lise Meitner, kärnkraften och Kungälv
Method of determing the percentage of potassium in glass by means of its natural radioactivity
Några erinringar från utvecklingen av atomenergi i Sverige.
Nogle synspunkter om energispørgsmålet
Nuclear fuels: fabrication and reprocessing
Nuclear fuels: raw materials
Nuclear fuels: types and economics
Nuclear reactors: gas-cooled and water-cooled reactors
Nuclear safety
On neutroninduced Activities in aluminium
Proceedings of the Third International Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy : held in Geneva 31 August - 9 September 1964.
Programming and utilization of research reactors : proceedings of a symposium held in Vienna, October 16-21, 1961
Progress in atomic energy
Reactor control
Reactor engineering and rquipment
Reactor materials
Reactor physics
Reactor studies and performance
Research and testing reactors
simple Neutron Generator, using the D-D process Preliminary note
Special aspects of nuclear energy and isotope applications
Studies in nuclear physics : excitation by means of X-rays : activity of 87 Rb.
Studies in nuclear physics ; excitation by means of x-rays activity of ⁸⁷Rb
Vetenskapen just nu
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Uppsala, 1946