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Reinhilde Veugelers (Belgian economist)
Reinhilde Veugelers (econoom uit België)
Veugelers, R.
Veugelers, Reinhilde
Veugelers, Renhilde
born 1963-06-05
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Manuscript language material
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Abraham, Filip
Aerts, Kris
Aghion, Ph
Aghion, Philippe
Arts, Sam
Ayadi, Rym
Backer, K. De
Belderbos, R.
Belderbos, R.A.
Belderbos, René
Belderbos, René Antonius
Bernet, Beat
Bovha-Padilla, Simona
Brussels European and Global Economic Laboratory Affiliation (see also from)
Bureau of European Policy Advisers Affiliation (see also from)
Callaert, Julie
Carree, M
Carree, Martin
Carree, Martin A
Cassiman, B
Cassiman, Bruno
Castrillo, David Pérez
Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR)
Centre for Economic Policy Research (London) Affiliation (see also from)
Cincera, Michele
Colombo, M
Colombo, Massimo
Colombo, Massimo G.
Czarnitzki, Dirk
Darvas, Zsolt
David, Pérez-Castrillo
De Backer, K
De Backer, Koenraad
De Bondt, Raymond
De Voldere, I
Debackere, Koenraad
Dedene, Guido
Denis, C.
Diederen, B
Diederen, Bert
Gaeremynck, Ann
Garrone, P
Garrone, Paola
Gerrone, P
Glänzel, Wolfgang
Goedhuys, Micheline
Gruwez, T
Guo, Hongjun
Hagen, Jürgen von
Hemous, D.
Hemous, David
Hottenrott, Hanna
Hottenrott, Hanna (1980-)
Houte, Peter Vanden
Inés, Macho-Stadler
Kalenga-Mpala, Roger
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven / Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfswetenschappen
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven / Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfswetenschappen / Onderzoekseenheid Bedrijfseconomie, Strategie en Innovatie
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Affiliation (see also from)
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfswetenschappen Affiliation (see also from)
Kelchtermans, Stijn
Kempen, Lieselot
Kesteloot, Katrien
Konings, Joep
Konings, Jozef
Lecocq, Catherine
Luwel, M
Lykogianni, Elissavet
Lykoianni, E
Macho Stadler, Ines
Macho-Stadler, InÉs
Mommaerts, G
Morrow, K. Mc
Nederland Centraal Planbureau Affiliation (see also from)
Perez Castrillo, David
Pérez-Castrillo, D
Pérez-Castrillo, David
Pérez-Castrillo, J David
Pisani-Ferry, Jean
Ploeg, Frederick Van der
Pottelsberghe, Bruno Van
Reinhilde, Veugelers
Rexhäuser, Sascha
Röger, W.
Sanna-Randaccio, F
Sanna-Randaccio, Francesca
Sapir, André
Schneider, Cédric
Serre, Clément
Siegel, Donald S.
Sleuwaegen, Leo
Song, Xiaoyan
Steurs, Geerhard
Tanayama, Tanja
Toivanen, Otto
Universiteit Antwerpen Affiliation (see also from)
Van Bouwel, Linda
Van Looy, Bart
Van Pelt, An
van Pottelsberghe, Bruno
Vanden Houte, P
Vandenbussche, H.
Vandenbussche, Hylke
Veugelers, R.
Veugelers, Rainhilde
Veugelers, Reinhilde
Viaene, Stijn
Westerfeld, Simone
Wright, Mike
Zimmermann, E
Zuniga, P
Zuniga, Pluvia
Access to external knowledge: an empirical analysis of alliances as spillover channel.
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Alliances and the pattern of comparative advantages : a sectoral analysis
Antidumping duties, undertakings, and foreign direct investment in the EU.
Are external technology acquisition strategies substitutes or complements: The case of embodied and disembodied technology acquisition?.
Are external technology sourcing strategies substitutes or complements? The case of embodied versus disembodied technology acquisition
Assessing the foreign control of production of technology: the case of a small open economy
Assessing the potential for knowledge-based development in transition countries
Bargained shares in joint ventures among asymmetric partners : is the Matthew effect catalizing?
Bargained shares in joint ventures among asymmetric partners: Is the matthew effect catalyzing?
Boosting innovation in Europe
Buitenlandse ondernemingen in Belgie.
Can technology lead to a competitive advantage? A case study of Flanders using European patent data.
Cold Start for the Green Innovation Machine
Collaboration in R&D : an assessment of theoretical and empirical findings
Complementarity between technology make and buy in innovation strategies: Evidence from Belgiam manufacturing firms
Complementarity between technology make and buy in innovation strategies: evidence from Belgian manufacturing firms.
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Direct and cross-scheme effects in a research and development subsidy program
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Diversity of science linkages and innovation performance: some empirical evidence from Flemish firms
Do science-technology interactions pay off when developing technology? An exploratory investigation of 10 science-intensive technology domains.
Does university quality drive international student flows?
Domestic R&D in the presence of multinational enterprises
Dynamische effecten in industriële organisaties
Education, Research, and the Economy
‘Elite Brain Drain’: Are foreign top PhDs more likely to stay in the U.S.?., An
Endogeneizing know-how flows through the nature of R&D investments.
Endogenizing know-how flows through the nature of R&D investments
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Europe's missing yollies
European anti-dumping policy and the prefitability of national and international colusion.
European anti-dumping policy and the profitability of national and international collusion.
Evaluation of the Finnish National Innovation System - Full Report, The
External technology sources: embodied or disembodied technology acquisition.
Externe kennisverwerving bij innovatiestrategieën. Maken, kopen of samenwerken?.
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Foreign presence of Belgian companies : the case of India
Foreign subsidiaries as a channel of international technology diffusion: Some direct firm level evidence from Belgium.
G2 for science?, A
Global cooperation : a profile of companies in alliances
great divide in scientific productivity: why the average scientist does not exist, The
Green innovations and organisational change : making better use of environmental technology
Green innovations and organizational change: making better use of environmental technology.
Handle with care! Post-crisis growth in the EU
Heterogeneity in R&D cooperation strategies.
Higher education reform and the renewed Lisbon strategie role of member states and the European Commission
Higher Education Reform and the Renewed Lisbon Strategy: Role of Member States and the European Commission
How to capture value from linking to science-driven basic research: boundary crossing inventors and partnerships.
impact of M&A on the R&D process: An empirical analysis of the role of technological- and market-relatedness, The
impact of M&A on the R&D process. An empirical analysis of the role of tehcnological and market relatedness., The
impact van O & O actieve bedrijven op jobcreatie en -destructie in Vlaanderen., De
impact van technologische innovaties op jobcreatie en jobdestructie in Vlaanderen., De
Importance of international linkages for local know-how flows : some econometric evidence from Belgium
Improving industry science links through university technology transfer units: An analysis and a case.
In search of complementarity in innovation strategy: Internal R&D and external knowledge acquisition.
In search of performance effects of (in) direct industry science links.
Inducing private clean innovations.
Innovation in EU merger control: walking the talk
Innovation, jobs and growth in Europe: Tackling deficiencies in EU's innovation capacity.
Innovation strategies, process and product innovations and growth: Firm-level evidence from Brazil.
Innovative strategic groups in multinational industries.
Innovative strategies and know-how flows in international companies: some evidence from Belgian manufacturing.
Insurance bargaining under risk aversion
Internal R & D expenditures and external technology sourcing
International dynamics in the Belgian insurance market
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internationalisation of the production of technology: a more complete picture for Belgium, The
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lifeline for Europe’s young radical innovators., A
Lisbon Strategy and the EU's structural productivity problem, The
Locational determinants and ranking of host countries : an empirical assessment
Make and buy in innovation strategies: evidence from Belgian manufacturing firms.
Market Integration and Technological Leadership in Europe: Mapping market share positions, product market diversification, multinationality, and technology scope and strength through the MSM methodology.
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Mind Europe's early-stage equity gap
Mind the gap : capturing value from basic research : boundary crossing inventors and partnerships
Mind the Gap: Europe’s Early Stage Venture Capital Deficit
MNEs, internationalization of R&D and the impact on local firms: Evidence from China's high-tech industries.
Mobility decisions of European doctoral researchers.
Multinational knowledge spillovers with centralized versus decentralized R&D : a game theoretic approach.
Multinational knowledge spillovers with decentralised R&D: a game-theoretic approach
New ICT sectors: Platforms for European growth?
No green growth without innovation.
On the design of stable joint ventures
On the disclosure and capitalization of research and development spending: some empirical observations for Flanders.
On young highly innovative companies: why they matter and how (not) to policy support them
Onderzoek en ontwikkeling door het bedrijfsleven in Vlaanderen : enquête-resultaten 1992-1993
participation of universities in technology development: do creation and use coincide? An empirical investigation on the level of national innovation systems., The
Patent data as a tool to monitor S & T portfolio's.
post-crisis policy agenda to revive Europe's Schumpeterian growth capacity, A
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Price-undertakings and antidumping jumping FDI in the European Union.
Productivity growth, R&D and the rôle of international collaborative agreements: some évidence for Belgian manufacturing companies
profiel van Vlaamse en Belgische ondernemingen binnen strategische allianties., Een
Publiceren of Sterven? Inzichten in de onderzoeksproductiviteit van academici.
R&D activities of the business sector in Flanders: results of the R&D surveys in the context of the 3% target
R&D cooperation and spillovers: Some empirical evidence from Belgium.
R&D cooperation between firms and universities: some empirical evidence from Belgian manufacturing.
Reforming European universities scope for an evidence-based process
Reputation as a mechanism alleviating opportunistic host government behavior against MNEs
Research, development and innovation in Flanders 2004.
Resultaten van de O&O-enquête bij de Vlaamse bedrijven
rol van informatie in industriele organisaties., De
role of academic technology transfer organizations in improving industry science links., The
Role of SMEs in Innovation in the EU. A Case for Policy Intervention?, The
Samenwerking hogescholen, onderzoeksinstellingen, intermediairen en bedrijven: Een studie van de internationale literatuur.
Samenwerkingsverbanden in O&O en kennisdiffusie.
Schept het innovatiebeleid werkgelegenheid?.
schets van Belgische ondernemingen in allianties., Een
Science for wine: A bibliometric assessment of wine and grape research for wine-producing and consuming countries.
Science linkages and innovation performance: An analysis on CIS-3 firms in Belgium.
Scope decisions of multinational enterprises
signalling approach to the revaluation of assets, A : a theoretical and empirical analysis
signalling approach to the revaluation of assets: a theoretical and empirical analysis., A
Stable R&D cooperation between asymmetric partners.
Stable R&D Cooperation with Spillovers.
Strategic incentives for multinational operations
Strategic investment with spillovers
Strategic R&D location by multinational firms: spillovers, technology sourcing and competition
Strategic R&D location in European manufacturing industries.
Strategische samenwerkingsverbanden met Belgische partners.
Technology transfer offices and commercialization of university intellectual property: performance and policy implications
Top research productivity and its persistence : a survival time analysis for a panel of Belgian scientists
Towards a multipolar science world: Trends and impact.
Two-person insurance bargaining under risk aversion.
Undertakings and antidumping jumping FDI in Europe
Union wage bargaining and European antidumping policy in imperfectly competitive markets
Unionization and European antidumping protection.
Vlaams indicatorenboek wetenschap, technologie en innovatie.
Wage premia, price-cost margins and bargaining power in Belgian manufacturing
Which firms have cooperative R&D agreements with universities? Some empirical evidence from Belgian manufacturing.
Why Firms (Do Not) Participate in EU Funded R&D Consortia
Young Leading Innovators and EU’s R&D intensity gap
Young leading innovators and EUÂ?s R&D intensity gap
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Univ., Diss.--Leuven, 1990