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DJ Quantic (pseudonym)
Holland, Will
Quantic (musicien)
Will Holland (britischer Musiker, DJ und Produzent)
Will Holland (British musician)
Will Holland (Brits diskjockey)
ویل هالند
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
Holland, William George (real name)
Related names: 
Bell, Damian (co-performer)
Capstone (isMemberOf)
Holland, Lucy (co-performer)
Holland, William George (co-performer)
Hughes, John (co-performer)
Llorca (1974-...)
Milano Groupe musical
Mr Scruff (1972-...)
Namtchilak, Sainkho (1957-...)
Porter, Russell (co-performer)
Quantic and his Combo Bárbaro (isMemberOf)
Quantic soul orchestra (see also from)
Russell, Alice
The Quantic Soul Orchestra (isMemberOf)
The RH Factor
Vega, Louie (1965-...)
Wilson, Spanky (co-performer)
5th Exotic, The
Absence Heard, Presence Felt
Angels and Albatrosses
announcement to answer, p2006:, An
Apricot Morning
Best of Quantic, The
Blackstone Rock
Bomb in a Trumpet Factory
Break n' bossa more funk into it
Cançãodo Deserto
Common Knowledge
Cumbia Clash
Cumbia sobre el mar
Disco Caribre
Don't Joke With a Hungry Man (Seiji mix)
Duvido (feat. Pongo Love)
Electric Folklore
Fresh Rhythm
Furthest Moment
Hard groove the RH Factor remix
In the Key of Blue
Infinite Regression
Intro / The 5th Exotic
Latin DJ all stars Louie Vega, Joe Claussel, Quantic,..
Life in the Rain (Carl Faure remix)
Life in the Rain (Dave da Gato's Ferile Touch)
Long Road Ahead
Meet Me at the Pomegranate Tree
Mishaps Happening (Flux Pavillion remix)
Mishaps Happening (Prins Thomas edit)
Mishaps Happening (Prins Tomas edit)
Mishaps Happening (Quantic Beat mix)
Mishaps Happening (Todd Terje remix)
Mishaps Happenings
Mofongo Para el Alma
Need a Forest Fire, I
Not So Blue
Nu funk a selection of rare electro tunes with a funk flavour
Off the Beaten Track (Carmel mix)
One Off's Remixes and B Sides
Only a Little While Here
Painting Silhouettes
Perception (extended mix)
Perception (Nu:Tone mix)
Picture Inside, The
Plata, La
Politik Society (feat. Noelle Scaggs) (Quantic remix)
Prelude to Happening
Primate Boogaloo (a cappella)
Primate Boogaloo (Evil Ed mix)
Primate Boogaloo (instrumental) (Quantic mix)
Primate Boogaloo (Natural - Self mix)
Primate Boogaloo (radio version)
Quick Sand
Sabor (Beats)
Salsa connection
Search the Heavens (Atjazz mix)
Snakes in the Grass
Sol Clap
Sound of Everything, The
Sounds of cumbia
Spark It
Sweet Calling (a cappella)
Sweet Calling (album version)
Sweet Calling (Bears in the Wood Mix)
Sweet Calling (Bears In The Wood Remix)
Sweet Calling (instrumental)
Sweet Calling (radio version)
Tell It Like You Mean It
Through These Eyes (12" version)
Through These Eyes / Life in the Rain (remix)
Time Is the Enemy
Trees and Seas
Trouble from the River
Use What You Got
We Got Soul? (Rob Life remix)
When You're Through (feat. Spanky Wilson)
Wider Than the Sky
Contributed to or performed: 
¿Qué me duele?
100 Hits Lounge
1000 Watts
1000 Watts (Far East dub)
10th Anniversary
Afritanga: The Sound of Afrocolombia
Agent du Monde presents the Paris Connection
Águas De Sorongo
Alegria en Bella Vista
Alegria en Bella Vista (version)
All I Do Is Think About You
All I Do Is Think About You (Far East dub)
Ambient Lounge 11
Amor en Francia
Amor en Francia (Nicola Cruz remix)
Arrivals & Departures
Asia Lounge: Asian Flavoured Club Tunes: 4th Floor
Babylon is Music... Music is Soul... Vol.3
Bambuddha Grove: The Arrival
Bar Lounge Classics: The Chill Out Edition
Best 2002 (disc 1), The
Best of Lounge Music
Blow Your Horn
Bondi Calling: A Surfside Soundtrack
Boogaloo 33
Bra grejer är gratis
Brand New Watusi
Brazilectro: Session 8
Brazilian Fever
Break n’ Bossa, Chapter 7: More Funk Into It
Break'n' Swing
Café del Mar, Vol. 9
Café del Mar, volumen nueve
Cafe Nirvana: The Cream of Lounge Cuisine
Callejera, La
canto a mi tierra (edit), Un
Chambacú (Far East dub)
Chill Out Experience
Chill Out in Ibiza 3
Chilli Zet: Nastaw Sie Na Chillout, Volume 2
Chillout Session: Summer Collection 2003, The
City Lounge 1.1
City Lounge 2
Coffret FIP, Vol. 1
Cognima: Music to Replicate Data By, Volume 2
Coming Home II
Craig Charles Funk & Soul Classics
Cuidad Del Swing
Cuidad del Swing (version)
Cumbia Sobre el Mar
Dancing Time
Deadly 7" Sins, The
Death of the Revolution
Descarga cuántica
Desorden, El
Dios promete
Dog With a Rope
Dog With A Rope (Dub)
Don't Joke With a Hungry Man
Don't Joke With a Hungry Man (a cappella)
Don't Joke With a Hungry Man (instrumental)
Don't Joke With a Hungry Man (original)
Don't Mess With a Hungry Man
Don’t Joke With the Hungry Man
Donkey Ride
Donkey Ride (radio edit)
Doo Wop (That Thing)
Doo Wop (That Thing) / Entre Rejas
Dub Del Pacifico
Dub del Pacífico (version)
Dub y Guaguanco
E Ye Ye
E Ye Ye (a cappella)
E Ye Ye (edit)
E Ye Ye (instrumental)
Eccleston Square Hotel London SW1
Echate Pa'lla
Echate Pa'lla (version)
Edge, The
Elemental Chill, Volume 3: Air
En focus
En Focus (Pilooski mix)
En Focus (Pilooski remix)
Entre rejas
Essential Afrobeat
Family Affair, A
Fashion Trends & Music
FIP : Sélection musiques électroniques, Volume 2
Flowering Theme
Frequent Flyer: Havana
Funk Fever
Giraffe Walk
Global Chilling
Got to Be a Love
Got to Be a Love (Paul Nice remix)
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Radio
Here Again
Hi-Fidelity Lounge, Volume 4: Res Ipsa Loquitur
Homeward Bound
I'd Cry
I'll Keep My Light in My Window
I’d Cry
Ibiza Lounge
Ibiza: The History of Chillout
Ikey's Vibe
Intelligent Music Favorites, Volume 4
Interludio I
Interludio II
Interludio III
Interludio IV
It's Dancing Time
It’s Dancing Time
Jazz Boutique 3
Jazz for Summer
Juanita Bonita
Ketama Original, Volume 1: Compiled & Mixed by Sergey Sanches
Kulturkantine - The Funk Groove Session
Label Love 001
Late Night Jazz Lounge, The
Life Worth Living (Far East dub), A
Life Worth Living, A
Listening Room, Volume 1, The
Lluvia (instrumental), La
Look Around the Corner
Look Around the Corner (reprise)
Lounge Music: The Must Have Selection - Paris Vol.2
Lullaby for Lagos
Magdalena (Accoustic version)
Magdalena (Acoustic)
Magdalena (Behling & Simpson remix)
Magdalena (reprise)
Make Dub Not War
Make Dub Not War (version)
Maldito muchacho
Man Ray III
María no me llevó
María no me llevo (Osage remix)
Mi Chocolatina
Mi Swing Es Tropical
Mi Swing es Tropical (Zeb's Reggae remix)
Mix Up, Volume One
Modern Funk
Modern Mood (West Elm Sampler)
Mono - When Shapes Join Together Mix
Mother Earth
Muévelo Negro
Muévelo negro (edit)
Music for Modern Living
My Swing Es Tropical
Ñanguita (edit)
New Funk Voices
New Jazz Funk: A Selection of the Cool Electro Nu Jazz Tunes
Night at the Blowshop, A
Night Shade
Night Shade (dub)
No Soy del Valle
No Soy Del Valle (Nickodemus & Zeb remix)
No soy del valle (version)
Nova Soul 2: A Collection of Contemporary Soulmusic
Nova Soul 3: Soul Flavoured Club Tunes
Nova Tunes 1.7
Nu Afro
Nu Brazil: A Selection of New Rare Tunes With a Brazil Flavour
Nu Brazil: A Selection of Rare 2000's Tunes With a Brazilian Flavour
Nu Funk: A Selection of New Rare Tunes With a Funk Flavour
Nu Jazz Essentials
Nu Jazz Sessions, Volume 1
Nu Jazz Vibrations, Volume 1
Nu Jazz, Volume 2
Nu Soul
Ocean Drive: The Collection, Volume 1
Ojos vicheros
Ojos vicheros (a cappella)
Ojos vicheros (instrumental)
pesar la vida, A
Playlist: July 2006
Politick Society
Politick Society (Quantic remix)
Politik Society
Portada del Mar
Primate Boogaloo
Private Lounge 3
Private Lounge 4
Puerto Rico Beats
Puerto Rico Pa Gozar
Puerto Rico pa' gozar
Radio RAM & Magic Records Present RAM Café 11
Republicafrobeat, Volume 2
Road to Islay
Rough guide to Latin Street Party, The
Saint-Germain-des-Prés Café, Volume 10
Saint-Germain-des-Prés Café: Paris
Saint-Germain-des-Prés-Café - Anthology
Salsa Connection
Salsa Fever
Salsa Style: Latin Beats for Dancing Feets
Science Fiction Jazz, Volume 8
Se lo vi
Se lo vi (instrumental)
Search the Heavens
Seleção do Brasil, Volume 2: Electronic Brasilian Tunes
Shanghai Lounge, Volume 2
Shapes 07:01
Shapes 07:02
Shapes 08:02
Shapes 09:01
Shapes 10:01
Shapes 10:02
Shapes 11:01
Shapes 12:01
Shapes Compilation 2006
Shapes Compilation 2006, Volume 2
Shapes: Red
Shapes: Yellow
Shuffle Them Shoes
So Long
Somebody's Gonna Love You
Son de la Grenouille, Volume 1: Electro Cuts for Air Play, Le
SoulShaker, Volume 2
SoulShaker, Volume 4
Sound of Everything
Sound of Everything (Señor Lobo & Watch TV mix), The
Sound of Everything (Senorlobo & Watch TV remix)
Sound of Everything, The
Spark It
Spirit of Jazz
Spirit of SALSA
Spring Tank Fire
Striding on Grand St
Su Suzy
Suite Moments: Contemporary Metropolitan Sounds
Sweet Calling
Swing Beats
Swing Easy
Te Picó el Yaibí
Te Picó el Yaibí (version)
This Is Funk: The Juiciest Collection of Pure Funk Grooves
Ticket to Know Where
Time Is the Enemy
Travelling Song
Trip Hop Anthology
Trip Hop Music
Trip-Hop Anthology
Trip-Hop: The Best Of
Tru Thoughts / Zebra Traffic Sampler
Tru Thoughts Compilation
Tru Thoughts World Music Sampler
Tru Thoughts: Amazon MP3 Sampler 2009
Turntables on the Caribbean
Turntables on the Hudson, Volume 6
Ubiquity Sampler, The
Ultimate Late Night Lounge Album, The
Una Tarde en Mariquita
Unfold Presents: Tru Thoughts Hip Hop
Use What You Got
Viva la revolución
Weekend in Ibiza
Weekend Nu-Jazz 2
Weekend Nu-Jazz: Late Nite Nu-Jazz of Modern Tunes With Jazzy Flavour
Westbound Train
When Shapes Join Together 2
When Shapes Join Together 3
When You're Through
Wicked Jazz Sounds
You Don’t Know: Ninja Cuts
You Will Return
Your Lounge Your Music 3
Zuivere Koffie: Juni 2006