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Asherton, Johan
Johan Asherton
Johan Asherton (French singer-songwriter)
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Auréa music
FNAC Music
Kersauson, Olivier de (1944-...)
M6 interactions
Meyssirel, Yves
Milkshake Records UK
The Froggies (Groupe de rock) Groupe de rock (see also from)
The Liquid Gang (see also from)
Wotre music
XIII bis music
1925 (3 min 20 s)
Across the corridors of glass (3 min 50 s)
After All (Song to Max Linder)
Alive in the Sky
All Your Rock'n'Roll Dreams
Amber Songs
Automatic Vamper
Ballad of the Sashaying Orphan
Betrayal street (4 min 30 s)
Blues run the game (4 min 38 s)
can feel it coming around, I
Cendres amères... 1979-1990
Cockelburr Slough
Cold Turkey
Collection "acoustique"
Dancing on Thin Air
Dandy in dundee (3 min 15 s)
dark lady (3 min 21 s)
Down at the liquor store (5 min 05 s)
drift (2 min 43 s)
Duel autour du monde
Early One Rainy Morning
Easter Sunday (4 min 33 s)
Elizabeth, Dreaming in the Sun
Elsie's gone wild (3 min 35 s)
Evangeline (4 min 40 s)
Fair and tender ladies (3 min 29 s)
Fall Into You
Fallen leaves (2 min 18 s)
Famous last words (4 min 55 s)
From blendheim crescent to cheyne walk (1 min 50 s)
From the strand (3 min)
Garden party (5 min)
Garden Party, The
Gift from above (2 min 05 s)
Gift From Above, A
Gipsy rider (5 min 08 s)
Girl on a Barricade
Girl on barricade (4 min 19 s)
Glamour bay (5 min 06 s)
God's clown (3 min 05 s)
Growing Up Is Not Enough
Heart of Glass
High Above the City
High lonesomes
Highways of the sun (4 min 50 s)
Hold me down (4 min 15 s)
Holy Grail
house of many doors (3 min 31 s)
How About the Weather: A Conversation With Johan Asherton
If I needed you (4 min 11 s)
Impossible light (2 min 47 s)
Interview: A Conversation With Johan Asherton, Paris Mars 1996
Interview: Entretient avec Johan Asherton, Paris Mars 1996
Ivory mountain (3 min 25 s)
Johan Asherton's Diamonds
Lady came from baltimore (2 min 43 s)
Leather and lace
Leaving you behind (3 min 05 s)
Life of the Party
Little ones (2 min 58 s)
Little Ones, The
Lonely Feeling
Look Like Death (Song to Charlene)
love so strong (4 min 24 s)
Love So Strong, A
love the rain (3 min 40 s), I
Madelen Dances
Magic Went to Down
Marc Bolan et T. rex
Master of Strokes
May First
Memoirs (From the Burlesque Hall)
Mercy, mercy
Midwinter - Pure
Moon, Soon, The
Morning star (2 min 41 s)
My Disappearing Act
My rifle, my poney and me (2 min 32 s)
Night Forlorn, The
No expectations (4 min 16 s)
Offender (4 min 30 s)
Old Man Tyme
old tale (4 min 10 s)
Old Tale, An
On leaving Warsaw (4 min 03 s)
One thousand nine hundred and twenty five
Ooh I Miss You
Other end of the street (4 min 42 s)
Other End of the Street, The
P.R. B II (Stone Lady and the Angel)
Phantom (3 min 30 s)
place to hide for everyone anthologie 1992-1996
Power of the Dog
prince de fumée
Pyramid of Suffering
River song (5 min 15 s)
River Song, The
Road to Tarnation
Robbery by default (3 min 58 s)
Sad waltz (3 min 08 s)
Sally was no angel (2 min 30 s)
Serious sunglasses
Shine on mighty sun (2 min 28 s)
Shoughnessy O' Reilly
Silver shadow (2 min 30 s)
Sink deep into the night
Sleepy Nights in Costume
Smile of Yesterday, The
Smiles of yesterday (3 min 40 s)
Smiles of Yesterday, The
Soliloquy for Two
song for you (5 min 08 s)
Songwriter [Enregistrement sonore]: a contemporary collection
Southern gothic (6 min 36 s)
Star to follow (4 min 22 s)
Still in the business
Story Brought to Heaven, A
Strange kind of weather (4 min 10 s)
Struck by Lightning, Touched by Frost
Take the money and run
Talk of the Town
Theme for an imaginary western (4 min 11 s)
These days (4 min 03 s)
Touch the leper (3 min 50 s)
Troubadour song (4 min 13 s)
Truly continental blue (3 min 48 s)
Trystero's Empire
Under the weather (3 min 47 s)
viaje sentimental, El
Vie de ch
vie de chateau, La
Vineyards of soul (4 min 42 s)
Visit, The
Wakehurst Place
Weaver, The
Windows (4 min 35 s)
Woman of the Sea
World Behind the Shades, The
World behind these shades
Contributed to or performed: 
Bold Fisherman, The
Inrockuptibles présentent : The Rolling Stones Revisited, Les
John Barleycorn Reborn: Dark Britannica
Laid Back
Lay the Bent to Bonny Broom
Mixer #2
Mystic Dreams
Mystic Spirits, Volume 4
Mystic Spirits: Special Classic Edition 4
Ruta 66 Album, The
Viaje Sentimental, El