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Herb Robertson
Robertson, Herb
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
Robertson, Clarence (Wirklicher Name; other identity, same person)
Related names: 
Berne, Tim (1954-...)
Berne, Tim (co-performer)
Dresser, Mark (co-performer)
Ducret, Marc (co-performer)
Enja Records
Enja Records GmbH
Eskelin, Ellery (co-performer)
Eubanks, Robin (1955-...)
Feldman, Mark (co-performer)
Fonda, Joe (co-performer)
Gerry Hemingway Quartet (isMemberOf)
Gerry Hemingway Quintet Affiliation (see also from)
Grassi, Lou (co-performer)
Harmonia mundi France
Haynes, Phil
Helias, Mark (1950-...)
Helias, Mark (co-performer)
Hemingway, Gerry (co-performer)
Herb Robertson Quintet Affiliation (see also from)
Lane, Adam (co-performer)
Lou Grassi's Poband (isMemberOf)
Morris, Wilber (co-performer)
Nabatov, Simon (co-performer)
Polygram, Division Polydor
Previte, Bobby (co-performer)
Rainey, Tom (co-performer)
Robinson, Perry (co-performer)
Simon Nabatov Quintet (isMemberOf)
Smoker, Paul (co-performer)
Stevens, Michael Jefry (co-performer)
Stewart, Bob (1945-...)
Swell, Steve (co-performer)
Taylor, Dave (co-performer)
The Fonda/Stevens Group (isMemberOf)
Tim Berne's Caos Totale
Tim Berne's Caos Totale (isMemberOf)
Tim Berne's Caos Totale (see also from)
Attack the future
Auguries of speed
Caos totale
certified enregistrement sonore
Condensed Version, The
Core samples
Cosmic Child
Current set (7 min 0 s), The
Current set (7 min 08 s), The
dance of the double camp (5 min 58 s), The
day of bliss and joy (6 min 47 s), The
Desert blue
Diminutive mysteries (mostly Hemphill)
Don't Be Afraid We're Not Like the Others
Ellipsis (8 min 30 s)
Enigmatic Suite: Part 1 - Synergy; Part 2 - Overcast
Enigmatic Suite: Part 3 - A Little Ditty
fall of Lucrezia Borgia, The
Floatasia (Dedicated to Lisa and Roy)
Fractured fairy tales
Friendly Fire
From the source
Fruit (4 min 26 s), The
Glass enclosure (5 min 25 s)
Greetings from L C (6 min 35 s)
Hallucinations (9 min 37 s)
Harmony (6 min 19 s)
Herb Robertson Quintet - "X"-cerpts live at Willisau
I'll keep loving you (6 min 51 s)
Jacques (5 min 08 s)
Jiffy Jester Jig (Part 1, 2 &3) - Lula
Karmic Ramifications (2.1 Vibration - 2.2 Formation - 2.3 Dissipation - 2.4 Transformation)
Kastanienball the fall of Lucrezia Borgia, Der
kleine Trompete, Die
Knitting or quitting (26 min 02 s)
Lands end (10 min 22 s)
Legend of P-I (26 min 21 s), The
Lism (4 min 56 s)
little trumpet, The
little trumpeta musical fairy tale, The
Lullaby (10 min 07 s)
Lullaby (2 min 26 s)
Luna (4 min 32 s)
marvelous event (6 min 45 s), The
May he smother me with kisses (6 min 38 s)
Morphologarhythm (5 min 45 s)
Mudpie anthem (6 min 19 s)
Never no more
News from the front (8 min 31 s)
News from the front. JMT-Body and Soul 8491482
News from the front. Winter & Winter 919 046-2
Next move
Nice view
night (5 min 01 s), The
nightmare (8 min 28 s), The
No passport (7 min 10 s)
Noose (7 min 34 s), The
Nuclear one (6 min)
Pace yourself
Panacoustica (1 min 20 s)
Parousia (7 min 30 s)
phil haynes herb robertson 5tet brooklyn berlin sr p
Pitchield blues (6 min)
Poco loco (5 min 34 s), Un
Police story blues (6 min)
Pour Agnès (3 min 40 s)
Question time
Quiescence (4 min 29 s)
Rebound (6 min 46 s)
Rectal parasites (7 min 57 s)
Rumination (4 min 06 s)
Sad Fate (3 min 24 s)
Sam's dilemma (13 min 33 s)
Seeking Seeds in the Blues Bazaar
Set me as a seal (7 min 50 s)
Shades of bud (12 min 29 s)
Shades of Bud Powell
Shadow 1 (7 min 42 s)
Shadow 2 (4 min 59 s)
Shadow 3 (5 min 27 s)
Signs of life
Silver rain (3 min 18 s)
Sixty queens (7 min 51 s)
Skin (4 min 48 s)
Solo guitar and ensemble pieces
song of songs, The
Spirits and goddesses (7 min 52 s)
Split (3 min 42 s)
Split image
tango (7 min 00 s), Le
They Don't Know About Me Yet
Tim Berne's caos totale nice view.
Tim Berne's fractured fairy tales
transparency sr p
Usual (8 min 15 s), The
veil (11 min 25 s), The
welcoming (5 min 42 s), The
Wild disputes (3 min 35 s)
Wren is such a strange name (8 min 48 s)
X-cerpts - live at willisau
Yellows and blues (4 min 24 s)
Z-5 (8 min 04 s)
Contributed to or performed: 
A-Live at the A-Trane
Dukes Voice
Exercises for currency
Fat Boy Chicago
Intending Heart
Sorry for What?!
Tabbing Will Get You There Faster