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Robinson, Tom
Robinson, Tom ((Rock musician))
Tob Robinson
Tom Robinson
Tom Robinson (British musician)
Tom Robinson (Brits zanger)
Tom Robinson (englischer Musiker und Songwriter)
Tom Robinson (musicista, cantante e disc jockey britannico)
Τομ Ρόμπινσον
Робинсон, Том
Том Робінсон
טום רובינסון
تام رابینسون
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Ambler, Mark (co-performer)
Café Society (isMemberOf)
Castaway records
Ditcham, Martin
Doyle, Raphael (co-performer)
Kaye, Hereward (co-performer)
Kustow, Danny (co-performer)
Morgan, Charlie
Parker, Ian (1976-)
Parker, Ian (co-performer)
RCA (Europe)
RCA Ariola France
RCA France
RCA Records (GB)
Sector 27 (Musical group) (see also from)
Simmons, Jim (co-performer)
Snapper music
Taylor, Dolphin (co-performer)
Tom Robinson Band
Tom Robinson Band (isMemberOf)
Tom Robinson Band (see also from)
1967 (So long Ago)
2‐4‐6‐8 Motorway
2-4-6-8 [Two-four-six-eight] (3 min 16 s)
'Adam, Andy, Jo, Tom' (Spoken Intro)
Ain’t Gonna Take It
All Right All Night
'All the Way From Germany' (Spoken Intro)
All Tomorrow’s Parties
Alptraum Tango Dub
Ambient B
Any favours (1 min 55 s)
Atmospherics - Listen to the Radio
Baby You're an Angel
Back in the Old Country (7″ single)
Back in the old country (extended version)
Back in the Old Country (live)
Back in the Ould Country
Band Introduction
Begging You Baby
Better Decide Which Side You're On
Bitterly Disappointed
Black Angel
Blond and blue (3 min 50 s)
Blond and Blue (alternate recording)
Blood Brother
Blue Murder
Bourgeois, Les
Brits Come Rolling Back, The
Bully for you (3 min 27 s)
Cabaret ’79
Cabin boy (3m in 28 s)
Can’t Keep Away, Part 2
Castle Island
Cat From Hell, The
Change (Feel So Good)
Christopher Calling
Classic rock 1976 - 1977
Closing a Door
Cold Cold Ground
Coldharbour Lane
collection 1977-'87, The
Congo Blue
Cooking vinyl
Crossing Over the Road
Crossing the Sands
Cry Out
Cynic’s Handbook, The
Day After Day
Days of Rage
Days that changed the world
(Don’t Do Me) Any Favours
Don’t Jump Don’t Fall
Don't Make Me Go to Law School
Don't take no for an answer (4 min 32 s)
Drive all night
Easy Street
Elgin Avenue
'Elixir D'Anvers' (Spoken Intro)
Elton's Song
'En Nu...' (Spoken Intro)
End of the Rainbow, The
...etc (3 min 07 s)
Even Steven
Feel So Good, Hurt So Bad
Five 2 Five
Fool to Myself
Forgiving the Unforgiveable (Includes an early demo of “don’t Jump, Don’t Fall”)
Frozen Man, The
Gay Parenting
Gay Switchboard Jingle
Getting tighter (3 min 55 s)
Gilbert’s Last Letter
Glad to Be Gay 1996
Glad to Be Gay '79
Glad to Be Gay '87
Glad to Be Gay ’94
Glad to Be Gay '97
Glad to Be Gay '98
Glad to be gay [and] Last tango
Good to Be Gay
Grey Cortina
Hard Cases
Having It Both Ways
Hell Yes
'Hey - It's Free' (Spoken Intro)
Hold Out
Holy Smoke
Home From Home
Home in the Morning
Hope and glory
Hot Dog
Hurt so bad
I'm all right Jack (2 min 53 s)
I’m Alright Jack
In Any Case
In My Life
In the Cold
Invitation: What Have We Got to Lose?
(It Ain't Nothing Like) The Real Thing (Blaster version)
(It Ain't Nothing Like) The Real Thing (Blow version)
Joys of Christmas, The
July 13th 1985
Last Days of Caruso' (Spoken Intro), 'The
Last Rites
Last Word, The
Law and Order
Let My People Be
Listen to the Radio (Atmospherics)
Live at Abbey Road
Live At Eton EP
Live: Midnight at the Fringe
Living in a boom time
Living in a love town
Long Hot Summer
Looking at You
Looking for a bonfire (3 min 29 s)
Looking For a Bonfire (unreleased alternate recording)
Love Comes
Love over rage
Loved by you
Mad About the Boy
Man You Never Saw, The
Martin (2 min 45 s)
Martin's Gone
Mary Lynne
Merciful God
Merrily Up on High
Mighty Sword of Justice, The
'Mina Yahashii' (Spoken Intro)
More Lives Than One
Motorway [Tom Robinson - Live in concert]
Murder at the end of the day (4 min 55 s)
My Beer
My Own Sweet Way
Never Get Old
Never Going to Fall in Love (Again)
Never Gonna Fall in Love (Again)
Night Tide, The
North by northwest
Northern Rain
Not Ready
Nothing Like the Real Thing (Jazz version)
Now Martin’s Gone
Now Richard’s Gone
Number One: Protection
Old friend (4 min 15 s)
One Fine Day
One, The
One Way Street
Only the Now
Our people (2 min 55 s)
Out in the Cold Again
Out to lunch (2 min 30 s)
'Owari Desu...' (Spoken Intro)
Portobello Terrace
Power in the Darkness (2004 remix)
Prison (4 min 12 s)
Prison (7″ single version)
Pub Hassle
Punk Rock
Raining in Connecticut
Ricky Don’t Lose That Number
Riggin It Up Duncannon
Rigging It Up, Duncannon
Right on sister (3 min 10 s)
Rikki don't lose that number (3 min 52 s)
Risky Business
Rum Thunderbird
Sartorial Eloquence
Saturday Disco, The
Sector 27
'Shakai No Hagaruma' (Spoken Intro)
shall be released (4 min 34 s), I
(Sing If You’re) Glad to Be Gay
Smelling Dogs
Song About Live Aid' (Spoken Intro), 'A
Song for You, A
Sorry Mr. Harris
Stand together
Still Loving You (alternative version)
Suits Me Suits You
Surabaya Johnny
Take It or Leave It
Take me home again
Taking the Plunge
Tango an der Wand
Tango and der Wand
That's why they call it Dope
Theme 1
Theme 2
Theme 3
Theme 4
Theme 5
This little romance
Those Days
Thought of Fish, The
To Good to Be True (live)
Too Good to Be True (live)
Total Recall
TRB two
undiscovered Tom Robinson
Up Against the Wall (live)
Vidéo clips 23 hits vidéo
War Baby (12″ single version)
War baby (4 min 11 s)
War Baby (A Live Duo version)
War Baby: Hope and Glory
War Baby (Re-recorded Extended version)
We Didn’t Know (What Was Going On)
wedding (5 min 46 s)
Wedding, The
Werner’s Weekend in London
Where Can We Go Tonight?
Why Should I Mind
Winter of '79 (5 min 25 s)
Winter of ’79, The
Winter of 89, The
Won't You Tell Me How I Feel
Work Pie
You Gotta Survive
You Tattooed Me (Piano version)
Yuppie Scum (Les Bourgeois)
Yuppy Scum
Contributed to or performed: 
100% Pure Party
2 Meter Sessies: Het beste uit 10 jaar
25 Oldies Best, Vol. 7
25 Rolling Oldies, Vol. 3
40 Golden Oldies, Volume 4
40 Golden Oldies, Volume 5
40 Golden Oldies, Volume 7
40 Golden Oldies, Volume 8
Agitprop: The Politics of Punk
Are We Alright
Ashes to Ashes: Series 3
Baby Rages On, The
Best of Punk & New Wave, The
Best of the 70's
Best of the Seventies
Blood Brothers
Can’t Stop: Peter’s Theme
Cold Heart of England
Cooking Vinyl 1993 Sampler Volume 2
Cooking Vinyl Sampler Volume 5 1996
Cooking Vinyl Sampler, Mid and Budget Price Titles
Cooking Vinyl Sampler, Volume 3: 1994
Drive Time 4
Driving Through the Desert
Elton John Songbook
Entire History of Punk, The
Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime
Faith, Folk and Anarchy
Fantastic 80s! The Complete Collection
Festival of Folk, A
Flood, The
Fruit Cocktail
Greatest Hits 105 Classic 70's
Hard Cases
Hits of the 70s
I've Got Faith in You
Killing Fields
Kiss & Roll Over
London on the Line
Männer Rock
My Own Sweet Way
Ne me quitte pas: Brel Sung by...
Never Gonna Fall in Love... (Again)
Never Mind The Buzzcocks: The Book, the CD, the Brief Intense Rush Followed by a Feeling of Paranoia and Insecurity
No. 1 Drive Album, The
Non-Stop Seventies Party
One Love
Party Party Party
Please Sir
Pure Soft Metal
Ralph's Life
Rise of the Phoenix: Artists Against the Polltax, The
Rock Classics
Secret Policeman's Ball: The Music, The
Seventies, The
Shit Factory, The
Simply Seventies
Soft Rock Classics II
Sound of the Suburbs, The
Strange Way
Studio Brussel: 't Gaat vooruit '94
Thin Green Line, The
This Is Modern Folk
Top Ten Hits of the 70's
Ultimate Eighties, The
Very Best of 1970s, The
Very Best of Pop Music 1978-79, The
Video Waves
Wake Me Up
Walk on the Wild Side
Want to Be Straight, I
War Baby
Was het nu 70 of 80? Volume 3
We Never Had It So Good
What Have I Ever Done to You
Will Follow, I
World Is a Wonderful Place: The Songs of Richard Thompson, The
Worldstars for Freedom
You Tattooed Me