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Lerche, Sandra
Lerche, Sondre
Lerche Vaular, Sondre
Sondre Lerche
Sondre Lerche (chanteur de musique pop et compositrice de musique de film)
Sondre Lerche (Noors muzikant)
Sondre Lerche (norsk musikar)
Sondre Lerche (norsk musiker)
Sondre Lerche (Norwegian musician)
Sondre Lerche (norwegischer Sänger und Gitarrist)
Sondre Lerche & The Faces Down Quartet
Vaular, Sondre
Vaular, Sondre Lerche
Сондре Лэрке
손드레 레르케
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Faces Down Quartet
Faces Down Quartet Affiliation (see also from)
Hedges, Peter
Lerche, Sondre (1982-)
Sondre Lerche and the Faces down
Sondre Lerche and the Faces down (see also from)
Virgin France
2005-04-26: The Norva, Norfolk, VA, USA
Across the Land
After All
After the Exorcism
Airport Taxi Reception
All Luck Ran Out
Almighty moon
amore secondo Dan, L'
At a Loss for Words
At Times We Live Alone
Baby Come to Me
Bad Law
Bleeding Out Into the Blue
Boxing Day
Can Only Let You Down (home recording), I
cannot let you go, I
Coliseum Town
Counter Spark
Coup de foudre à Rhode Island
Dan and Marie Finale Theme
Dan and Marie Melody
Dan and Marie Picking Hum
Dan és a szerelem
Dan in real life [Enregistrement sonore]
Dan in real life original soundtrack
Dan – Mitten im Leben!
Dancing in the Dusk
Days That Are Over (Casio festival mix)
Days That Are Over (radio edit)
Days That Are Over (Short Jørgen Træen Edit)
Days That Are Over (Short Michael Brauer Edit)
Daytrotter Session (SXSW)
Dead End Mystery
Dead Passengers EP
Dead Passengers (live)
Dear Laughing Doubters
Despite the Night (Bryce Hackford Remix)
Despite the Night EP
Despite the Night (Fancy Colors Remix)
Despite the Night (Megamix)
Despite the Night (Niilas Remix)
Despite the Night (Stockhaus Remix)
Dial Away (home recording)
Don't Be Shallow EP
Don’t Fool Around
Don't look now
Duper sessions
Easy to persuade
Everyone's Rooting for You
Face the Blood
Faces down
Family Theme Waltz
Go Right Ahead
Good luck
guess it's gonna rain today, I
Happy Birthday Girl
Heart Beat Radio
Heartbeat Radio (radio edit)
Heartbeat Radio (solo demo)
Hell No
Hello Headphones
Hello Stranger
Hoisting the Flag
Human Hands
I’ll Be OK (instrumental reprise)
I’m Always Watching You
I'm Not From Here
If only
It's Never Meant to Be
It's Nothing
It’s Our Job
It’s Over
It’s Time
It’s Too Late
It Wasn't Meant to Be
Ja cię kocham, a ty z nim
John, Let Me Go (demo version)
Johnny Johnny Ooh Ooh
Know I Know, I
Know It's the Right Thing to Do, I
Know Something That’s Gonna Break Your Heart, I
Laid back galerie
Let It Slide (demo)
Let My Love Open the Door
Like Lazenby (solo demo)
Living Dangerously
Living Lounge
Logging Off
Love You
Lucky Guy
Lullaby Recorded in a Room Where My Sister Was Sleeping
Maybe You’re Gone
Min brors flickvän
Minu venna tüdruksõber
Modern Nature
More I See You, The
Mr. Bassman
My Hands Are Shaking
Never Mind the Typos
Night and Day (live)
No One's Gonna Come EP
NRJ music awards 2007
On and Off Again
On the Tower
Personal Crime
Phantom punch
Polaroid Pool Party EP
Polaroid Pumpkin Party EP
Private Caller
Red Flags
Ruthie Pigface Draper
Say It All
Serenading in the Trenches
Siamese Twin
Side Two
Single-Hand Affairs
Sleep on Needles EP
Sleep on Needles (live version)
Sleep on Needles (radio edit)
Soft Feelings
Solo Pleasure
Sondre Lerche
Sound of Fingerprints, The
Stupid Memory
Suffused With Love
Tape / Face The Blood, The
Thank u, Next
Things You Call Fate
Tied Up to the Tide
To Be Surprised
To Hell
Track You Down
Tragic Mirror
Two Way Monologue Album Sampler
Two Way Monologue (album version)
Two Way Monologue EP
Two Way Monologue (radio edit)
Violent Game
Virtue and Wine
Visions to Decline
Wanna) Call It Love, (I
Weakest Spot
Wet Ground
When the River
Won't Quote (home recording), I
Words & music
(You Knocked Me) Off My Feet
You Know So Well EP
You Know So Well (live)
You Sure Look Swell
Влюбиться в невесту брата
Закохатися у наречену брата
دان في الحياة الحقيقية (فيلم)
Contributed to or performed: 
:Larm 5 år
(You Knocked Me) Off My Feet
39º Festivalbar 2002: Compilation rossa
91.7 FM KVRX Presents: Local Live, Volume 8: It Came From the Basement
Absolute Hits 2001
Acoustic Songbook
Across the Land
After All
Airport Taxi Reception
Astralwerks 2003
Astralwerks New Music 2004
Astralwerks SXSW 2003 Sampler
Axe Fresh Sounds Mix
Barn, The
Blue Room, The
Car On The Hill
Colors of You, The
Cornerstone Player 035, The
Curse of Being in Love, The
Dead End Mystery
Dec 2007
Dinner for Schmucks
Duper Sessions
Esound. Seven
Europa and the Pirate Twins
Everyone’s Rooting for You
Face the Blood
Father's Closet
Hangover Days / Back in Your Head / The Punks Are Writing Love Songs / Clever Girls Like Clever Boys Much More Than Clever Boys Like Clever Girls / Modern Nature / Up to the Old Tricks / Stars / You're It, I Quit / Chuck It Out / Sleeping Aides and Razorblades / Fake / The Scientist / Climb / Here Comes the Rain / Isn't Life Strange? / Move = Move / July / One Sailor Was Waving / Your Biggest Fan / Carparts / Valentine's Day in Juarez
Happy Birthday Girl
Hear Music Playlist, Volume 2
Hell No
HMV Playlist SDR08A
Human Hands
I’m Not From Here
If Not Now, Then When
John, Let Me Go
Laid Back Galerie
Lake #1, The
Lake #2, The
Minor Detail
Monitor This! Oct/Nov 09
More I See You, The
Muppets: The Green Album
Night and Day
Nike Anywhere Anytime: Indoor Tune-Up
Norway Now Rock 2. Edition
Now Hear This! December 2011
Nu: The Sounds of New Scandinavia, Volume 2
Once in a While
Øya 2004
Øynene Lukket
Paste Magazine Sampler #03: Q1 2003
Paste Magazine Sampler #09: Apr-May 2004
Phantom Punch
Q: Mellow Gold
Real Ones & The Extended Family
Say It All
Search, The
Selections from Indie for the Holidays: An Amazon Music Original
She's Fantastic
Sleepwalker, The
Sleepwalking #1
Sleepwalking #2
Songs of Norway
Sounds of Astralwerks 2002, The
Surviving Christmas
Sweetheart 2005
Tape / Face The Blood, The
Tape, The
Tragic Mirror
Ultra.Chilled 03
Wanna) Call It Love, (I
Well Well Well
Word of Mouth
World Says No, The
Wrong Reasons
You Sure Look Swell