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Bailey, Clifton George
Bailey, Clifton George III
Capleton (artista de reggae y dancehall)
Capleton (cantante giamaicano)
Capleton (Jamaican reggae and dancehall artist)
Capleton (jamaikanischer Reggae- und Dancehall-Sänger)
Capleton (musicien jamaïcain de reggae/dancehall)
Capleton (muzikant uit Jamaica)
Clifton George Bailey III
Creation class: 
Computer file
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
Bailey, Clifton George III (real name)
Capleton (pseud)
Related names: 
Beenie Man, 1972-
Equal rights SARL
Luciano (19..-....; chanteur de reggae))
Luciano (1964-...)
Messageries lyonnaises de presse
Musisoft distribution
Polygram Distribution
Rush Associated Labels
Sizzla (Musician)
Wonder, Wayne
Yellowman (1959-....))
Yellowman (1959-...)
400 Years
Africa Bound (Feat Uplifter)
All Is Well
All My Girls
All My Life
Alms house
Am (intro), I
Arms House
Ask for What You Want
Baby Oil And Baby Lotion
Babylon a Use Dem Brain
Babylon Go Down
Babylon judgement
Bad Mind 2k2
Bad So
Be by Ma Side
Be Like This
Best of Capleton, The
Bible Fe Dem
Bible Fe Them
Big time
Black Woman
Blaze Dem Out
Blaze Dem Up
Blaze Up Di Fire
Blazing Hot
Blessed Love
Blue Print
Boom Sound
Boost No War
Brain Wash
Bumb Red
Bun Bun Dreadie
Bun Dem Dreadies
Bun Dem Every Day
Bun Dem Everyday
Bun Dem Up
Bun Everythings Rmx
Bun Friend
Bun Out the Chi Chi
Bung Dung Dreddie
Burn Dem Down
Burn Out the Chi Chi (Mixed by Jazzy T & DJ Kareem)
Burn Them Out
Burning now
Bust It
Caan Hold We Dung
Caan Tan Ya
Caan Tan Yah
Call I
Can't Hold We Down
Can't Sleep Ah Night
Can’t Sleep at Night
Can't stop this
Capleton & Friends
Capleton: Masterpiece (Deluxe Version)
Chalice, The
Chant Me Soon
Chat Dem a Chat
Classic rhythms.
Clean Hands
Clean Heart Free Up
Clear Meditation (Riddim: Ruff Life)
Cobbla Gal
Cold Blooded Murderer
Come Out A Mi Air
Conscience Ah Heng Dem
Cooyah Cooyah
Crazy look
Crazy looks
Cry For Love
Cuyah - Cuyah - Cuyah
Cyan Even See Dem
[Dance hall] bashment mix
Dancehall fever
Dancehall stylee the best of reggae dancehall music.
Danger Zone
Day Mi Born
Death Row
Dem a Bait (Kraddy remix)
Dem Ben
Dem Doom
Dem Na Like Me
Dem No Like Me
Dem No Like We (RHP remix)
Dem No Ready Yet
Dem Nuh Know Mi
Dem Running Out
Dis Tha Trinity
Dis the Trinity
Dislocate the Heart
Divide and Rule (interlude)
Do Something About It (dub)
Do Them So
Doctor's darling
Don't Cry No More
Don't dis the trinity
Don't Give Up
Dont Mess Around
dossier rasta et ganjah
Down The Place
Dr Wah
Dun Dem
Dutty life
Earthquake in Zion
East Coast to the West Coast
Equal Rights
Escape the Judgement (interlude)
Eye Shop
Falling in Love
Family and friends.
Final Assasin
Final Assassin
Fire Burn (Skit)
Fire Chant
Fire Haffi Burn
Fire Is Burning
Fire Time
Fireman's Anthem [Explicit]
Fireman, The
Forty Sup'em
Forward Inna Dem Clothes
Free Our Minds (interlude)
Free Up
Free Uur Minds (interlude)
G.c.t. (3 min 56 s)
Gal Picany
Gal Pickney Follow Me
Galong Galong
Get Up
Get Us Out
Gimme the Woman
Gimmi Little Bit
Gimmi the Woman
Gimmie Di Woman
Girls Shock Out
Give Har Goody
Global war (3 min 54 s)
Glorious morning
God Good
God Mi Love Mi Nuh Love Satan
Good in Her Clothes
Good Loving
Good So
Good Woman, A
Got It Fi Dem
Grab It Up
Guerilla Warfare
Gun Talk
Gwaan Fight Dem
Gwaan Fight Then
Halfway tree, p2001:
Hand's Up
Hands Off
Hands Up Rmx
Hang Dem Up
Happy Go So Lucky
Hard To Believe
Hear The Children
Heated Rush
Heathen Reign (Lil Jon & Paul's mix)
Hidden Secrets
High-Grade (Heatwave mix)
Higher Than the Sky
Highest Grade
Hit Maker
Hits Pon Toppa Hits
Hole good (3 min 48 s)
Home Alone
Hot a Get Hotter
Hot Stuff
Hot Suh
How Dem So Hype
How It a Go
How It Ago
How You Look So Hot
Hunt You
Hurts my heart (4 min 34 s)
Husband Goody-Goody
Hush up
& I Chant, I
I'm in love (3 min 39 s)
I-ternal fire
If You Dis Marcus
In Her Heart
In or Out
In Your Eyes
Inna De Fire
Inna Mi Gun (Dub)
Intro Mighty Mike (Fire Fm)
Istyic in the Clouds
It's Meditation
It's on (3 min 26 s)
It Was Written
Jah by My Side
Jah Is My Everything
Jah Jah City
Jah Jah Lift My Head
Jah Jah Lives
Jah Protect Us
Judgement Morning
Killing Spree
King Is A King
Kings & warriors from David House
Knock It
Know How Fe Work
Know, I
Know WI
Leaders Let the People Down
Leave Babylon
Leave Out the Gun
Level Your Heart
Lie Dem a Tell
Live At Negril Jamaica
Live In S.F.
Live Up
Lock Up
Lock What
Log on Girls
Long John
Long Time
Long way (4 min 02 s)
Longest Time
Look Goodin Har Clothes
Lotion Man
Love Is Coming at You
Love Mama
Love the Ghetto Youths
Love the one you're with
Love the Way, I
Love to See, I
Loving You
Lyrics With Understanding
Mai 2002
Make A Try
Make hay (3 min 41 s)
Make It Blaze
Mama you strong (4 min 14 s)
Man a Bawl
Man-Bruk (Nyabinghi mix)
Man Kind
Mark of the beast
Mashing Up the Earth
Mashing Up the World
Mass Media
Mate a dead (3 min 49 s)
Matie career (3 min 38 s)
Maximum ragga.
Me Deh Yah
Me Love Di
Me Mean It
meilleur du ragga, Le
Melting Pot
Mi Deh Yah (RHP remix)
Mi Deyah
Mi Food
Mi Love di P** P**
Mi Nuh Lotion Man
Mista Savona presents Warn the nation reggae heavyweight sound the alarm
More Dem Try, The
More fire
More Prophet
More Them Try, The
Mount Zion Medley
Mr. Lay Lay
Much More Than Loving
My Love
My Sound Have the Talk
Mystic In The Clouds
Mystics In The Cloud
Nah Bow (Do Now)
Nah Give Up
Nah Tek
Natty dread le magazine du reggae
Never Let Dem Get You Down
Never Let Us Down
Never Share (Burn Dem)
New Name
New Way (Woah!)
No. 1 Pon the Good Look Chart
No Carbon Copy
No competition
No control (5 min 29 s)
No doubt riddim
No doubt version (4 min 40 s)
No man can save no man
Nothing Beat A Trial
Nothing Best A Try
Nuff a Dem, A
Nuh Back and Front
Nuh Pardon
Nuh Stop Wi
Number 1 Pon di Look Good Chart
Number One Song
Number One Upon the Look Good Chart
Nurse in dub. Naïve NV39511
Octobre-novembre 2002
Oh Oh
Old and the young
Open Uno Eyes
Open Your Eyes
Or Wah
Original man
Overtime Bomb
People Dem, The
People From
People Want Change
Place Burn Down
Praises to the King
Prepare Fi Die
Prophet's Philosophy
Protect Us
Prove Them Wrong
Pull Up
Punchline 2 Hit
Punnany (Medley)
Pure Sodom
Pure Woman
Push Wood
Put down your gun (4 min 42 s)
Ragga bambam
Ragga bling-bling party
Ragga roots, ska, dub
Raggy Road
Ready Fe Bun
Ready to shout
Ready When You Ready
Ready When Yu Ready
Real Hot
Rebel salute roots dancehall
Red Pon Backra
Red, Red, Red
Reggae gold 2006
Reggae massive
Reign of fire
Remember the Days
Respect (DMX Crew Remix)
Right Now
Rise Them Up
Rise Up (Riddim: Judge)
Rising Up
Rod In Hand
Rougher & Tougher
Roughest King
Run De Place
Run the Place
Sadam & Gamora
Same old story (3 min 58 s)
Satan Mind
Say What You Want
Say Yeah
Search Fi a Find
See Dem
See from afar
See Them Quacking, I
Seek knowledge
Seek Salvation
Sell Out
She's Ma Baby
She's My Baby
She's So Fine
Sing & Wonder
Slew Dem
Small Sound (RHP remix)
Small World (Quik Response Unit remix)
So Fine
So Much Woman
so we stay (4 min 42 s), A
Sodome & Gomorha Rmx
Some Body
Some day (4 min 15 s)
Soundboy Judgement
Special Carbon Copy
Spread the Love
Stake Vampires
Stand Tall
Standing Ovation
Star trail
Stay Far From Trouble
Stay Far (Remix)
Steep mountain
Steppin' Up
Still Blazin'
Still blazing
Stop the coming
Straight Forward
Table Turn
Table Turning
Talk Wid Jah
Tek It Off (Kraddy remix)
Tek Weh U A-K
testament extraits de l'album, I
That Day Will Come
That's True
Them a go run (3 min 53 s)
Them get corel (3 min 45 s)
Them Running Out
They Just Don't Know
Things are happening
Throw Us Down
Ton Load
Too Much Gun
Toppa Ting
Toppa Tings
Tour (DJ SS remix)
Tour (Dynamik Duo A Cappella Joint)
Tour (Dynamik Duo remix)
Tour (Hold Up Instrumental)
Tour (Lil Jon & Paul's mix)
Tour (Original Yard mix)
Trinity (RHP remix)
True Love
Twist & Turn
Two Minute Man
Universal / Stay Far
Unno No Hear
Unnu no fear (3 min 48 s)
Voice of Jamaica, Volume 3
Wait a Bit
Warn Dem
We III kings.
We No Lotion man
We Run the Route, A
Wha Dat?
What Is Your Purpose
What They Gonna Do Now
When I come to town (4 min 23 s)
When Me A Love
Who bus the place
Who I Am
Who Is Dem
Who See It
Who You Callin' Nigga
Who You Calling Nigga
Who Yuh Callin' Nigga
Whoa "New Way"
Whoa Whoa
Why Do the Hearten Rage
Why Worry
Wi Nuh Tek Dis
Wicked Man Fall, The
Will Survive, I
Wings of the Mornig
Wings of the Morning (Dynamik Duo mix)
Wings of the Morning (Lil Jon & Paul's mix)
Wings of the Morning Rmx
Wise Up People
Woman Bless
Woman dem a gwaan
Woman Dem a Gwan
Woman Dem a Log In, The
Words of Mind
Working On
Worlwilde love (4 min 42 s)
Your Smile
Yuh Nah Hear
Contributed to or performed: 
$mall ¢hange’s ‘The Power of the LP’ ¡WFMU Marathon ’05 beeyotch!
15th Couleur Café
3 Kings (medley)
3 R
Abyssinians and Friends: Tree of Satta, The
Addicted to Bass 2012
African Star Specials
All Out
Armageddon Time Chapter II
Babylon a Use Dem Brain
Babylon Days
Badman Knowledge (remix)
Best Of The Best
Best Riddim Ragga
Bhangra Beats
Bien sobre mal, volumen 2: Ojos rojos, Black Rain, Al Andalus riddims
Biggest Ragga Dancehall Anthems 2000, The
Biggest Ragga Dancehall Anthems 2001, The
Biggest Ragga Dancehall Anthems 2002, The
Biggest Ragga Dancehall Anthems 2003, The
Biggest Ragga Dancehall Anthems 2004, The
Biggest Ragga Dancehall Anthems 2005, The
Biggest Ragga Dancehall Anthems 99, The
Biggest Reggae One-Drop Anthems 2015, The
Bitter Blood Riddim
Blazing Fire
Bobo Revolution 2
Boom Down
Buju Banton Meets Garnett Silk & Tony Rebel at the Super Stars Conference
Bun Dem
Bun Up 3000
Buzz, The
Catalog Riddim
Champion Sound
Chich 14
Chich, Volume 11
Chiney Gal & Blazing
Clean Hands (Pure in Heart)
Clean Heart
Come Pick Cherry
Conscience a Heng Dem
Conscience a Heng Dem (Aaron Spectre remix)
Conscience a Heng Dem (Junkore mix)
Conscious Ragga 3
Conscious Ragga, Volume 2
Conscious Rasta: Clean Heart & Love, Part II (CD)
Crossfade Dancehall Party 2004
Culture Warriors
Cure Riddim
D.J. Reggae Mix
Dancehall 4-Play
Dancehall Beach Party
Dancehall Days: The Old to the New
Dancehall Kings III
Dancehall Party 2004
Dancehall Party 2004 Today's Biggest Ragga and Dancehall Anthems
Dancehall Rhythm: The Total Mix
Dem a Go Burn Up
Dem Gal Mix
Destination Jamaica
Dis Is the Trinity Special
Doctor's Darling
Doing It Real Big
Domino, Volume 1
Double Trouble
Drum Song
Drum Song with MixMaster Mighty Mike
Dubwize Fire Burn
Duppy Man
Duppy Man (radio edit)
East Coast to the West Coast
Educated Fools
Escape Megamix
Fire Ago Bun Dem
Firepower (The Tables Have to Turn)
First Prize
Five Disciples, The
Flag Flown High: Best of Bobby Digital's Roots Productions
Flava Riddim
Forces of Nature
Four the Hardway
From Zion to Jamdown
Ghetto Red Hot: Volume 1
Ghetto Youth Fi Big
Give Har Goody / Mistiamenia
Good *Hearted People
Good Hearted People
Good, The Bad & The Blazing, The
Got It Fi Dem
Greensleeves Reggae Sampler 18
Greensleeves Reggae Sampler 19
Greensleeves Reggae Sampler 20
Greensleeves Reggae Sampler 23
Greensleeves Reggae Sampler, Volume 22
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #11: Mud-Up
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #12: X-Treme
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #14 Drop Top / Di Nipples
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #15: Bushy Bushy
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #16: Saddam Birthday Party / Jailbreak
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #17: Herbalist/Energy
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #18: Bun Bun (A.K.A. Rice & Peas, Part 2)
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #19: Bigga Judgement
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #2: Virus
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #20: Time Bomb
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #21: Bad Kalic
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #22: Martial Arts, Part 1
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #23: Martial Arts Riddim, Part 2
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #24: Zero Tolerance
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #26: Hard Drive
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #29: Sledge
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #3: Doorslam
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #30: Bollywood
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #31: Belly Skin
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #33: Mad Ants
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #35: Clappas
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #36: Knockout
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #38: C-4
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #43: Jumbie
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #48: Tunda Klap
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #51: Red Alert!
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #54: Cool Fusion
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #58: Summer Bounce
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #59: Kasablanca
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #6: Latino + Boasy Gal
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #63: Chicatita
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #64: Klymaxx
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #70: Grimey
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #8: Highway
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #80: Sweat
Greensleeves Rhythm Album #9: Heatwave
Greensleeves Sampler 8
Guerrilla Warfare
Gun Hark
Hail King Selassie
Hail King Selassie I
Hail King Selassie!
Hail King Selassie! (Mixed by Jazzy T & DJ Kareem)
Happy For You
Hard Times
Hi Grade Ganja Anthems
Hi Grade Ganja Anthems 3
Hot 97: Gold and Platinum Reggae, Volume 3
Island Treasures
It Was Written
Jah Is Gonna Work It Out
Jah Jah Bless
Jah Kingdom
Jungle Classics: The Ultimate Drum ’n’ Bass and Jungle Album
Jungle Hits, Volume 2
Junglecorps, Volume One
Kill Ya Sound
Kings of Zion, Part II
Kings of Zion, Volume 3
Kingston Town
Latest & Greatest Reggae Dancehall Hits
Lethal Riddims - '94 Dancehall Explosion
Liberation Time (Blanco remix)
Liberation Time (remix)
Live It Up
Living in a Dream
M-16 Riddim
Mad Instruments
Made In Jamaica - Reggae (Music from the Motion Picture)
Mark of the Beast
Mega Ragga
Mega Ragga, Volume 2
Mega Reggae
Mega Rmx
Mix 2 di Max
More Than Loving
Morgan Heritage Family and Friends, Volume 2
Morgan Heritage Family and Friends, Volume 3 (disc 2)
Morgan Heritage Family and Friends, Volume Three
Natty Dread N°38
Natty Dread No.28
Ne jette pas l'éponge
Never Get Down
Never Want the Youth Dem Die
Never Want the Youths Dem Die
Never Want the Youths to Die
No Cocaine
No Surrender
No Time
Nuthin but a G Medley (Chatterbox Spezialversion)
Om Lounge 13
One Drop: New Roots Attack
One Mission
One Two (live)
Orange Hill Presents 'ElectroBashy' Welcome To Our Sound
Original Man
Party Time
Planet Reggae: The Beginning
Planetary Assault
Platinum Reggae, Volume Two
Puissance Ragga Dancehall
Pum Pum Mix
Punanny (medley)
Purge Dem (Catch a Fire), Part II
Put Down the Weapon
Put Down the Weapon (feat. Capleton)
Put Down Your Weapons
Ragga Connection II
Ragga Hip-Hop, Volume III
Ragga in the Jungle
Ragga Ragga Ragga, Volume 1
Ragga Ragga Ragga! 16
Ragga Ragga Ragga! 2005
Rasta Jamz
Rastafari Lives, Volume 1
Rastafari Lives: Best of Roots, Volume 2
Real Badman 2008
Reality Calling, Vol. 1
Reggae 2013: The Hits
Reggae Addiction
Reggae Anthology Box Set
Reggae Box: The Routes of Jamaican Music, The
Reggae Gold 1995
Reggae Gold 1997
Reggae Gold 1999
Reggae Gold 2000
Reggae Gold 2001
Reggae Gold 2002
Reggae Gold 2004
Reggae Gold 2005
Reggae Gold 2006
Reggae Golden Jubilee: Origins of Jamaican Music - 50th Anniversary
Reggae Hits 30
Reggae Hits, Volume 11
Reggae Hits, Volume 12
Reggae Hits, Volume 16
Reggae Hits, Volume 17
Reggae Hits, Volume 20
Reggae Hits, Volume 23
Reggae Hits, Volume 24
Reggae Hits, Volume 25: Silver Edition
Reggae Hits, Volume 26
Reggae Hits, Volume 27
Reggae Hits, Volume 30
Reggae Hits, Volume 33
Reggae Hits, Volume 34
Reggae Hits, Volume 35
Reggae Hits, Volume 36
Reggae Hits, Volume 9
Reggae is The KING, Volume 1
Reggae Mix 3
Reggae on the River: 20th Anniversary
Reggae Party Mega Mix
Reggae Party Mega-Mix (Mixed by Hard-E and Smooth B.)
Reggae Sound System Mixé par DJ Stickee & DJ SamK
Reggae Summer Party
Reggae vibration
Reggae Vibrations, Volume 1
Respect Jaro
Retreat Special
Rice & Peas Vol. 1: Roots Reggae Dancehall
Rice & Peas Volume 1
Riddim CD #02
Riddim Driven
Riddim Driven: X5
Ride da Riddims
Ride Da Riddims Summer Selection
Rise Up
Rock Stone
Roots Reggae With a Universal Message
Rude Bwoy Reggae
Selekta: Best of Dancehall, Reggae, Dub & Ska
She's Ma Baby / Pop Pop
Silk Riddim
Smells Like Dizzee in Rage (Trust Us! Special version)
Smoke the Herb
Songs of Joy
Songs of Joy (album version)
Songs of Joy (radio version)
Sound Boy Killing : Dance Hall Killers : Vol. 3
Soundsystem Selection 2004
Special Combo
Special Delivery: The 1st Decade, 2001-2011
Speed and Full Moon
Spilt Milk
Stinky Grooves Sessions
Straight Step Riddim
Street Sweeper Round Two
Strictly One Drop Volume: 1
Strictly the Best 17
Strictly the Best 23
Strictly the Best 27
Strictly the Best 3
Strictly the Best 32
Strictly the Best 7
Strictly the Best 9
Strictly the Best, Volume 35
Sunshine Girl
Supa Chiney 8.1
System (Petalpusher Salted disco dub), The
System (Rob Garza Remix), The
System, The
Thunder and Bedroom
Toe 2 Toe, Volume 3
Total Togetherness, Volume 8
Total Togetherness, Volume 9
Trojan Ragga Box Set
Unity Riddim
Universal Message
Universal Message, Volume 2
Universal Message, Volume 3
Urban Explosion
Very Best of Pure Dancehall, The
Very Best of Reggae Hits Boxset, The
Vibes, The
Watch All the People (Tour)
Wave, The
way you si mi look, The
We Mean It
Welcome to Jamrock: Conscious Reggae, 2005-1
What’s It Gonna Take
Who Dem? (Ward 21 Intro)
Who I Am
Wings of the Morning
Wings of the Morning (Dynamik Duo mix)
Wings of the Morning (Lil Jon & Paul's mix)
Wings of the Morning (Lil'Jon & Paul's Mix)
Wings of the Mornings (Dynamik Duo mix)
Woman Mi Proud Of
World Peace
World Shall See, The
World Today, The
Xclusive Drum and Bass
Young & Sexy, Volume 14 (Mixed by DJ L) (Hosted by Buffie the Body)
Young Fresh and Green
Zion Riddim (By Mafia & Fluxy)