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Gerard Presencer
Gerard Presencer (britischer Jazzmusiker)
Gerard Presencer (British musician)
Gerard Presencer (Brits jazzmuzikant)
Presencer, Gerard
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Brown, Jeremy
Dagley, Chris
Dee, Brian
DR Big Band (isMemberOf)
Gray, Steve
Keezer, Geoff
Locke, Joe
Pabst, Christian
Parricelli, John
Presencer, Gerard
Street, Karen (1959-)
Utterbach, Cynthia
And If I Told You
Blah de Blah
Blue-Eyed Boy
Bodysong [Enregistrement sonore]
Bodysong music from the film
Chasing Reality (Micatone remix)
Chasing Reality Part One
Cool Rules (feat. The Aura Tones)
Crimplene Lover
Days of infinity
Déjà-vu (3 min 48 s)
Dr. Jekyll
Green-Eyed Girl
Here and now (6 min 28 s)
History of jazz
Hymn for the frogotten ones (1 min 36 s)
In The Air
Into the lake (7 min 04 s)
Made by walking
Married Woman
Music beyond ACT - What's nu?
Nothing Changes
Optimist, The
Patchy Sunshine
poet’s path (7 min 48 s)
Sarasate (7 min 40 s)
Still Moanin'
Tales from the city (5 min 46 s)
tribute to Louis Armstrong
Und der regen (7 min 15 s)
Unfold and fly (2 min 02 s)
Contributed to or performed: 
3 AM
3 AM 2
3 AM 3
3 AM 4
Alle 40 Goed - Sunday Morning
Another World
Another World 2
Another World 3
Another World 4 (sting)
Another World 5 (sting)
Another World 6 (sting)
Bar Lounge Classics, Volume 4
Bar Lounge Classics: Summer Edition
Big Cheese 2, The
Big Cheese 3, The
Big Cheese 4, The
Big Cheese 5 (60), The
Big Cheese 6 (30), The
Big Cheese 7 (sting), The
Big Cheese, The
Black Winter Party: Best of 2013
Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)
Chaise Lounge
Chaise Lounge 2
Chilli Zet: Nastaw Sie Na Chillout, Volume 2
Chortles, Cheese & Children
Cool Jazz, Trumpet
Cool Jazz, Trumpet 2
Cut Mustard
Cut Mustard 2
Detectives in a Car
Detectives in a Car 2
Detectives in a Car 3 (60)
Detectives in a Car 4 (30)
Detectives in a Car 5 (sting)
Eleanor Rigby
Funk Crusade
Funk Crusade 2
Funk Crusade 3
Green Day
Green Day 2
Green Day 3
Here And Now
Homestraight 2
Homestraight 3
Honky 2
In the City
In the City 2
Istanbul 2
Istanbul 3
Jazz Blues
Jazz Cafe
Jazzism 1: Selected by
Latin Holiday
Life After Life
Life After Life 2
Life After Life 3
Linn Collection 1998, The
Linn Records:
Long Thursday
Long Thursday 2
Long Thursday 3 (60)
Made To Move Music Collection - Jazz
Middle East 2
Nightingale and the Rose, The
Nightingale and the Rose: 1st movement, The
Nightingale and the Rose: 2nd movement, The
Nightingale and the Rose: 3rd movement, The
Nightingale and the Rose: 4th movement, The
Nordic Lights
One for Blue
One for Blue 2
One for Blue 3
One for Emma
One for Emma 2
One for Emma 3
One for Emma 4 (bridge)
Original Hits - Rap & Soul
Poeth's Path, A
Prancing in the Park
Prancing in the Park 2 (60)
Prancing in the Park 3 (30)
Prancing in the Park 4 (sting)
Ramblin' to My Baby's Place
Ramblin' to My Baby's Place 2
Ramblin' to My Baby's Place 3
Ramblin' to My Baby's Place 4 (60)
Ramblin' to My Baby's Place 5 (30)
Ramblin' to My Baby's Place 6 (sting)
Real Groover 2, The
Real Groover 3, The
Real Groover 4, The
Real Groover 5 (60), The
Real Groover 6 (30), The
Real Groover 7 (sting), The
Real Groover 8 (sting), The
Real Groover, The
Retro Funk Grooves
Rockabilly 2
Rockabilly 3
Rockabilly 4 (60)
Rockabilly 5 (30)
Rockabilly 6 (sting)
Saturday Sports
Saturday Sports 2
Saturday Sports 3
Saturday Sports 4 (sting)
Soul to Be
Soul to Be 2
Soul to Be 3
Summertime 2
Summertime 3
Tailin Off
Tailin Off 2
Tailin Off 3
Tales From The City
Tell the Truth
Tell the Truth 2
Tell the Truth 3
Tell the Truth 4 (sting)
To the Sound
Tubarama 2
Tubarama 3 (60)
Tubarama 4 (30)
Tubarama 5 (sting)
Unfold and Fly
Very Best of Latin Jazz, The
Vintage Chill, Volume 3: Autumn
Western Smoothie
Western Smoothie 2
Western Smoothie 3
Western Smoothie 4 (sting)
White Gospel
White Gospel 2
White Gospel 3 (30)
White Gospel 4
Yellow Tomato 2, The
Yellow Tomato 3, The
Yellow Tomato 4, The
Yellow Tomato 5, The
Yellow Tomato 6 (60), The
Yellow Tomato 7 (30), The
Yellow Tomato 8 (sting), The
Yellow Tomato, The