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Cheryl Wheeler
Cheryl Wheeler (Amerikaans singer-songwriter)
Cheryl Wheeler (amerikansk folksångerska och låtskriverska)
Cheryl Wheeler (US-amerikanische Sängerin)
Cheryl Wheeler (US folk singer and songwriter)
Wheeler, Cheryl
born 1951-07-10
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Beard, Tony
Horn, Jim
Jackson, Chip
Moffatt, Katy
O'Connor, Mark
Petteway, Al
Wheeler, Cheryl
White, Kenny
Wolf, Kate
Young, Steve (1942-)
75 Septembers
Act of Nature
All the Live Long Day
Arrows (intro)
Audio's audiophile
Bad Connection
Bass & drums
Behind the Barn
best of Dick Cerri's Music Americana showcases., The
Beyond the Lights
Blue Summer Day
Bone Deep
Broken Mirror
But the Days and Nights Are Long
Can't Pay the Piper
Cat Accountant
Cheryl Wheeler
Cheyenne & Sugarfoot
Christine Lavin Could Do It (intro)
Christine Lavin Could Do It (song)
Circles [and] arrows
Clearwater, Florida
Cow Pattern Clothes (intro)
Defying gravity
Different stripe
Does the Future Look Black
Don't Forget the Guns
Don't Have the Time, I
Don't Reach You Anymore, I
Don't Wanna
Drifting in the Maritime
Driving Home
Emotional Response
Emphatically Not
Estate Sale
First of September
Folk Scene collection.
Frequently Wrong but Never in Doubt
Further and Further Away
Game of Love
Gandhi/Buddha-Counter Version
Gimme the Right Sign
Give Me the Right Sign
Grey and Green
Half a book
Handy House
Hard Line to Draw
Here Come Floyd
Here Comes Floyd
His Hometown (intro)
His Mother was a Rabbit and His Father was a Businessman
Holding On
Howl at the Moon
If It Were Up to Me
In Your Heart
Invisible Lady
Is It Peace, or Is It Prozac?
It's the Phone
Just Like God
Know This Town, I
Lethal Detective
Lighting up the Mighty Mississippi
Little Kids
Little Road
Makes Good Sense to Me
Military Men
Miss You More Than I'm Mad
[Mistress] Pinocci's guitar
Moonlight and Roses
Mrs. Pinocchi's Guitar
Mrs. Pinocci's Guitar
Music in My Room
Must Be Sinking Now
My Cat's Birthday
Nerves of Steel
No Previous Record
Northern Girl
On the Plane
Once a Month 'till Jesus Comes
One Love
One Side Free
One Step At A Time
Only Victim
Orbiting Jupiter
Over My Head
Overflowing Cups
Paradise in Troubled Water
Paradise in Troubled Waters
Please Play Me a Folk Song
Pointing at the Sun
Praise the Lord and Life is Grand
Quarter Moon (intro)
Quater Moon
Rainy Road into Atlanta
Right Now
Right Way to do the Wrong Thing
Rivers, The
Rollin' By
Runnin' Over Me
Same Old Game
School Girls
See Your Eyes, I
Seventy-Five Septembers
Shanty Town
Silver Lining
Since You've Been Gone
Sing Along
So Far to Fall
So Far To Fell
Soon As I Find My Voice
Storm, The
Summer Fly
Summer's Almost Over
Sylvia Hotel
Tell Him Goodbye
Thinkin' of Leavin'
This Is Me
Those Songs Again
Time Taketh Away
Walk Around Downtown
What Do I Care I Don't Have Any Kids
What We Saw
Wheel on a Wire
When Fall Comes to New England
When You're Gone
White Cat
Who Am I Foolin'?
Will Try, I
Wish I Had a Reason
You Know You WIll
You're the One
You Won't Let Me Dance
Your Radio's up Too Loud
Contributed to or performed: 
1995 Kerrville Highlights
75 Septembers
75 Septembers (live)
Acoustic Audiophile Voices
Acoustic Woman
ALR Jordan: Voices, the Collection
Arrow (live)
Audio’s Audiophile, Volume 19: Ladies’ Favorites
Bank, The
Ben & Jerry's Newport Folk Festival
Ben & Jerry's Newport Folk Festival '88 Live
Best Audiophile Voices
Best of the Kerrville Folk Festival, Volume 1
Best of the Kerrville Folk Festival, Volume 2
Big League Babe: The Christine Lavin Tribute Album, Part 1
Cheryl Wheeler Live
Christine Lavin Presents: Big Times in a Small Town: The Vineyard Tapes
Christine Lavin Presents: Follow That Road - Highlights of the Second Annual Martha's Vineyard Singer/Songwriters' Retreat heald at the Wintertide Coffeehouse
Christine Lavin Presents: Laugh Tracks: Two Evenings of Music & Madness, Live at the Bottom Line, Volume 1
Fake Last Song (live)
Folk, Live From Mountain Stage
Folkscene Collection, Volume III, The
Free to Be, Volume 9
Gandhi/ Buddha
Gandhi/ Buddha (live)
Gandhi/ Buddha Counter Version
Greeting (live)
Greetings: Cheryl Wheeler Live
In-Akustik Reference Sound Edition: Great Voices
Island of Time
Kenny's Song
Lady Gaga's Singing Program
Lady Gaga’s Singing Program (live)
Legacy II: A Collection of Singer Songwriters
Little Kids
Little Kids (live)
Little Lonely Thing
Little Lonely Thing (live)
Live at the World Café, Volume 9
Massachusetts for Folk
New Music Made in New England
Now I Like My Husband (Kenny’s Song) (live)
On a Winter's Night
Philo So Far: The 20th Anniversary Folk Sampler
Pop Tarts and Spam
Pop-Tarts & Spam (live)
Potato (live)
Raining in Portland
Raining in Portland (live)
Real November Sky
Real November Sky (live)
Rhythms of the Road
Rollin by (live)
Rollin' By
Roundup Records CD Sampler, Summer 1994
Shelter: The Best of Contemporary Singer-Songwriters
Shutcher Piehole
Shutcher Piehole (live)
Silverwolf Homeless Project, The
Singer Songwriter Collection, The
Stop Handgun Violence
Talk (Fake Last Song)
Turn of the Decade
We’re the Bank (live)
Where's All the Money?
Where’s All the Money? (live)
Women of Kerrville, The
WTTS 92.3 Collector's Edition, Volume 5