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Rice, Dejuan
Suag Free
Suga Free
Suga Free (Amerikaans rapper)
Suga Free ((Musician))
Suga Free (Rapper)
Walker, Dajuan
Walker, Dejuan
Суга Фри
born 1970-01-17
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Island Europe
Island Records Inc
Lil' Scrappy
Polygram Distribution
Snoop Doggy Dogg (1972?-...)
Snoop Lion, 1972-
Westside connection
Williams, Pharrell
Ying Yang Twins
420 Coma
Ain't Shit
Allergic to Bullsh*T
Angry Enuff (J-Box remix)
As Long As
Been Around da Block
Born Again
Choice Me
Circus Music
Crunk juice
Did I Do Dat
Dip da (4 min 32 s)
Doe doe and a skunk (5 min 07 s)
Don't Fight da Pimpin'
Don’t Fight the Pimpin’
Don't no suckaz live here (5 min 12 s)
Don't Worry
Excuse Me Miss
Features, Vol. 2, The
Fly fo life (4 min 46 s)
Fox Is Comin'
Free - Call Snoop
Fuck Wit You
Get Loose
He's Pimpin She's Hoeing
Hello Hello Hello
Hi Power Pimpin’
High Heels
Hot Air Balloons
Hotel Motel
How to Knock a Bitch
I'd rather give you my bitch (5 min 02 s)
I'm Living for You
I'm So Text Book
If It Ain't Broke
If U stay ready (4 min 46 s)
If U Stay Ready (remix)
If You Stay Ready
Interlude 1
Intro (48 s)
It Is What It Is
Jesus (Interlude)
Just add water
Keep Up the Bad Work
Know, I
Last of a Dinasaur
Let Me Pimp or Let Me Die
Let's Get Together
Like What
Mean Green
My Dice
My Name
Need My Doe, I
New and Improved
New Testament (The Truth), The
On my way (4 min 29 s)
Pay Me
Por Que Te Quiero (Because I Love You)
Put Ya Hands Up
Ranger, The
Sana Sana
Secrets (4 min 43 s)
She Get What She Pay Foe
Smell My Finger
So Unpimpable
Some Move, Some Groove
Still Rather Give U My Bitch
Street gospel
Suga Free (Skit)
Sugafree (Unreleased)
Sunday School Begins
Sunday School Ends
Table interlude (1 min 06 s)
That's What's Up
Tip toe (5 min 15 s)
Touchy, Touchy Feeling
True crime[Enregistrement sonore]
True crime the soundtrack
Tune the Fuck In
U Know My Name
Wanna Go Home (The County Jail Song), I
While U Bullshittin'
Why U Bullsh**in?
Why U bullshittin' ? (4 min 24 s)
Why U Bullshittin', Part 2
Would, I
Yo Momma Yo Daddy
You Just Won't Stop Talkin'
Contributed to or performed: 
10 Toes
15 Minutes To 5
All My Hoes
All Stars
All You Really Need
Any Way U Want To
Appearances, The
Around Here
Baby Come Here
Bad Bitches
Balance & Options
Barbary Coast
Bet I Never Slip
Better Quit
Bitches Ain't Shit
Bitches Aint Shit
Blackgodfather, The
Blood Makes You Related, Loyalty Makes You Family
Blood Makes You Related, Loyalty Makes You Family (Full Dose)
Blue Lil Pill
Bonfriend (Pimpin)
Bonus Track
Book of David, The
Brand New Bitch
Break Yo Back
Bring It On
Broken Down
Cake & Ice Cream, Mixtape Volume 2
Cake and Ice Cream, Mixtape Volume 3
Cali Ways
Califa Funk
California Cowboys
Can't Smoke With Me
Cant Pimp Me
Capital P, The
Cash Out (Remix)
Celebrity Deathmatch: Soundtrack for the Slaughter
Choose Up
Circus Music
City Is Ours, The
Crunk Juice
Deadly Needles
Def Jam's How to Be a Player: Soundtrack
Deions 1st Lesson
Did I Do That
Do I Love Her?
Dodger Dog
Dogghouse in Your Mouth
Dogghouse Ridaz
Don't Know Suckaz Live Here
Don’t Go
Don’t Know, I
Dont Cost a Dime
Down, Down, Down
Drugstore Cowboy
Duces ’n Trayz: The Old Fashioned Way
Everything You Need (Remix)
Evolution of a G
F*ck With Me
Feels So Good
For You
Free Tray Deee... Vol.1
Friendship Test
Fuck With Me
Funny How Niggas Gon Change Things
G-Funk Remixes Vol. 1, The
Game Don't Wait, The
Game On My Mind
Game Spittas of America
Gangsta Gumbo
Gangsta Shit
Genie Of The Lamp, The
Get It From My Dad, I
Get Loose
Get Wit Me
Gettin' This Money
Gimme That
Gimme the Sunshine
Go Go Get It
Grit & Grind
Grooveline, Part 2
Hard 2 B-Legit
He's Pimpin' She's Hoein'
Hi Power Pimpin’
Hi-Life Hustle, The
High Heels
History: Function Music
House, Money & Cars
How I Get Down
I'm Gone
I’m a MF Pimp
If It Ain't Broke
If It Wasent 4 U
If U Stay Ready
If You Feel Me (DASS West Coast mix)
Ign'ant Mix CD, Volume 2
In California
In the Rain
Inner City Hero
Inside Out
It's Not What You Say... It's How You Say It
Its a Shame
Jakal, The
Just Pimpin
Know It's Not You
Konnectid Project, The
Last Banger, The
Leave Me Alone
Let Me Talk
Life and Times of Jonny Valiant, The
Life Jacket
Married to My Cadillac
Maybe for Me, but Not for You
Me & You
Mecha-God Spilla
Miami's Collection of Dope, Pt. 2
Midnight Life, The
Mr. Criminal Presents: Hood Affiliated, Pt. 2
Mr. Kane, Part 2
Mr. Shadow's Thug Connection
Mr. Tic's Groove
My Alphabets
My Secret Congregation
My Town
Never Give Up
Never Know
No Doubt
No Limit Top Dogg
No Sera
Non Fiction
Nothing Could Be Better
Nuthin' But a Gangsta Party 2
Oh Ohhhh
Oldest Profession
On My Way
On Point
One Foot
Only The Strong Survive
Out Here
Pay Me
Peace of Mind
Person 2 Person
Personal Business
Phunk Planet
Pimp In Practice, Pt. 2, A
Pimp In Practice, Pt.1, A
Pimp Juice
Pimp Overload
Pimp Perfected, A
Pimp Slap
Pimpin In the Year 3000
Pimpin Knew
Pimpin n tha Summertime
Pimpin n tha Year 3000
Pimpin' In the Year 3000 (Clean)
Pimpin' Knew
Pimps Around the World
Platinum & Gold Collection
Playas Gangstas
Players Ball Call, The
Pomona City Movement
Pop My Calla
Pray, I
Pussy Sells
R U Single
Rabbit Food
Revenue Retrievin': Night Shift
Right Back
Roach Motel, The
Round 2
Rug Burns
Rug Burnz
Salute The West
Say Whoop
Screamin' B.O.W
Sexy Thang
Sh*t Chea
She Choose Up
She's a Better Crook
Shes a Better Crook
Short Khop (interlude)
Sidewalk Talk
Sin or 2
Snoop Dogg Presents My #1 Priority
Snoop Dogg Presents Tha Eastsidaz
Snoop Dogg Presents: The West Coast Blueprint
So Conceited
So Fly
So Fly (remix)
So Fresh
So Sexy
Sorry I'm Away So Much
SouthSide's Most Wanted : Greatest Collabos
Started That "p" S**t, I
Starters in the Game
Succa Repellent
Suga Cain
Suga Free's Secret Congregation
Super Saucy
Tables Have Turned, The
Take My Seat
Taylor Made
Team So Mean
Tell U 2wice
Tha Last Meal
Tha Poison
That's My Work 2
That's What I Do
That's What tha Pimpin's There For
That's Why Pimpin's Here
They Aint Fenta Take My Shit
This Is How We Get Down
Thizz Nation, Volume 2
Thizz Or Die
Thunder & Lightning
Tic's Groove
Til the Dawn
Tip Toe
Tip Toe (Reprise)
Trouble (Remix)
True Crime: Streets of LA: The Soundtrack
Trust Me
Turnout, The
Turnt up
U Ain't Knowin'
Walking Game
Wanna Be Like You, I
Way U Luv Me, The
We Be Giggin'
We Be Giggin' (Clean)
We Go
We're Pimpin Forever
Welcome to Mollywood 2
West Coast Gangsta, Volume 15
West Coast Gangsta, Volume 16
Westcoast Playaz: The Ultimate Westcoast Rap Compilation
What a Hit We Made
What If
What the F*** I Do 2 U
What U Thought
What U Want
Whatchu Know?
Where Is The Love?
Where U From
Where'd I Go Wrong
Wiggle Wiggle'em Off
Wild West, The
Wish a Mutha Fucka Would
Would Die 4 You, I
X Or IZM, The
Ya Ain't F****n Wit Us
You Ain't Going
You Gotta Believe Me