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Benjamin Radford
Benjamin Radford (American skeptic)
Radford, B.
Radford, Benjamin
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Bartholomew, Robert E.
Art and Skepticism Introduction
Art, Mysteries, and Context
Bad clowns
Bark at the Moon
Bell Witch Mystery, The
Bigfoot : The Life and Times of a Legend Joshua Blu Buhs
Book of Stories that Happened to a Friend ... Encyclopedia of Urban Legends, A : Updated and Expanded Edition by Jan Harold Brunvand
Chasing the Ghost Bird Interview with Scott Crocker
Curious Contrails : Death from the Sky?
Dave Thomas vs. Jesse Ventura : The Skeptical Smackdown
Deadwood Ghost Photo, The
Dealing with Believers During Skeptical Investigation
Debunking the Trauma Myth : The Trauma Myth: The Truth About the Sexual Abuse of Children-and Its Aftermath by Susan A. Clancy
Diving Head On into Pseudoscience
Do Einstein's Laws Endorse Ghosts?
Dowsing : Dubious, Discredited, and Dangerous
Exercising the Brain Gym
Ghost-Hunting Mistakes : Science and Pseudoscience in Ghost Investigations
Ghosts, Doughnuts, and A Christmas Carol Investigating New Mexico's `Haunted' KiMo Theater
Hoaxes, myths, and manias, 2002:
How to `Haunt' a House
Hyperbaric Therapy for Autism : Airy Promises
Infrared Cameras and Ghost Hunting
Interview with Roy Richard Grinker Author of Strange Minds : Remapping the World of Autism
Is There a 100C Grain of Truth to Homeopathy?
Kinoki Drains Wallet, Not Toxins
Left Brained or Right Brained?
Lessons from a Denver Fly
Martians have landed! a history of media-driven panics and hoaxes, The
Media mythmakers : how journalists, activists, and advertisers mislead us
Modern-Day DaVinci's ROM : Range of Motion or Rip Off Machine?
Mysterious Invisible `Rods', The
Mysterious Morgellons Malady, The
Mysterious New Mexico : miracles, magic, and monsters in the land of enchantment
Mysterious Phoenix Lights, The
Mystery Solved-According to Whom?
Myth of the Walking Tree, The
(Non)Mysterious Orbs, The
Outbreak! The Encyclopedia of Extraordinary Social Behaviors Hilary Evans and Robert Bartholomew
Pseudoscience of Personalysis, The
Psychic and the Serial Killer Examining the `Best Case' for Psychic Detectives, The
Santa Fe `Courthouse Ghost' Mystery Solved
Science of Chemistry, The
Secrets of Spectacularly Skewered Skin
SKEPTICAL INQUIREE BodyTalk, THE : Boon or Bogus?
Skepticism One Wikipage at a Time Talking with Wikiskeptic Susan Gerbic-Forsyth
Skewed Skepticism : Bizarro Piraro A Conversation with Dan Piraro
Slaying the Vampire Solving the Chupacabra Mystery
Sweating the Small Stuff
Sweet Spirit Sounds of Rosemary Brown, The
time to die?, A
Tracking the chupacabra : the vampire beast in fact, fiction, and folklore
Tracking the Chupachameleon : Chupacabra Iconography
Truth about the 9/11 Truthers, The
XanGo Juice : Miracle or Myth?
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