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Bill Loose
Loose, Bill
Loose, William
Loose, William G.
Loose, William George
William Loose
William Loose (Amerikaans componist (1910-1991))
William Loose (compositeur)
William Loose (Film and television composer)
Уильям Луз
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Fil à film
Gaumont Columbia Tristar home vidéo
Metropolitan Pittsburgh Public Broadcasting
Meyer, Russ (1922-2004)
Napier, Charles (1936-...)
Napier, Charles (1936-..)
National academy of sciences Etats-Unis
Scourby, Alexander (1913-1985)
Tillar, Jack
Tree, Matthew (1958-)
Warner home video France
Alice Cafe II
Alice & Paul
Alien Encounters, The
Among the wild chimpanzees
Angel on the Phone
Apache Sting
At The Gravesite / William Loose & John Seeley - Flight / William Loose - Refuge
Az élőhalottak éjszakája
Back on Solid Ground
Black Snake
Bush Pilots, The
Canadian Romp
Carne cruda
Cherry British
Cherry, Harry et Raquel
Cherry's Theme
climate puzzle (1 h)
Coming Home / Homer and Pocahontas
Contes d'autres mondes
Conversation Piece
Dans l'ombre du Vésuve
deliranti avventure erotiche dell'agente Margò, Le
Devil times five
Drüber, drunter und drauf
Dzīvo miroņu nakts
Est-ce une femme ou un animal ?
Everlasting Love
Fantasy of Another World
French Girls in Manhattan
Gifts from the earth (1 h)
Go Apache
Gorille les plus belles images du monde
Greek Chorus, The
Gridiron March
Grizzly and the Treasure, The
Grizzly et L'enfant
Grotesque (Joe Tornatore)
Hollywood Squares (Bob and Merrill's Theme), The
In a Blue Mood
In the shadow Vesuvius
Indian Theme
Janet's Theme
Kitten with a Whip
Légende du couguar
Lo Down
Love and Kisses
man who say tomorrow
marais des alligators
Margo and Homer
Margo and the Guy in the Pickup Truck
Mega vixens
mer de soleil
Motos de la violence, Les
Mystère et boule de gomme
Mystery mansion
Mystic Experience
Nacht der lebenden Toten, Die
Nice Time, A
Night of the Living Dead
Niles Confronts Vixen
Niles Threatens Vixen
nit dels morts vivents, La
Noaptea morților vii
Noć živih mrtvaca
Noc żywych trupów
Noite dos Mortos-Vivos, A
Nostradamus 1999
notte dei morti viventi, La
nueche de los muertos vivientes, La
O'Bannion's Theme
O'Bannion Spins His Web
Persecution / Epilog II, The
Planet Earth
planète bleue
présents de la terre
Raquel Theme
rebel rousers, The
Russ Meyer's vixen
solar sea (1 h)
South of the Border
Supervixens Russ Meyer's Supervixens
Swinging Cheerleaders, The
Tales from other worlds (1 h)
Tarzan and the jungle boy
Tarzán y el niño de la jungla
Teenagers from outer space
Theme for Julie
Theme From Vixen
Toys of Our Time, The
Twelve Days of Christmas, The
uomo che vide il futuro, L'
Up !, anglais
Up mega vixens ; Beneath the valley of the ultra vixens ; Super vixens
Vixen Gets Excited
Vixen's Dilemma
Vixen's Theme Reprise
Vixen & the Constable
Wrestler, The
Yaşayan ölünün gecəsi
Yellowstone in winter
Young and free
Возмутители спокойствия
Ніч живих мерців
Ноћ живих мртваца
Ночь живых мертвецов
Порушники спокою
Человек, который видел будущее
ליל המתים החיים
شب زندگان مرده
عشق و بوسه‌ها (فیلم)
کشتی (فیلم ۱۹۷۴)
ليلة الموتى الأحياء
살아있는 시체들의 밤
Contributed to or performed: 
Acapulco Party
Acid Cloud
Action Closing
Action Opening
Adeste fideles
Adriatic Waltz
Alien Contact
Alien Depths
Alpine Fun
Amore Mio
Angel & Burt Reunited
Announcement Break 1
Announcement Break 2
Announcement Break 3
Announcement Break 4
Announcement Break 5
Announcement Break 6
Around the World in 80 Minutes 2
Ascending Bells
At the Boogaloo
At the Race Track
Average Day
Bassoon Waddle
Bath of Delight, The
Baton Parade
Beach Beat
Best of TV Quiz and Game Show Themes
Bicycle Ride
Big Band Blast
Big Band Bounce
Big Band Foxtrot
Big Band Light Activity News
Big Industry
Bike Ride
Boarding Up
Bongo Jazz Beat
Bongo Roll
Bossa Nova Walk
Bouncing Dolly
Boutique Shopper
Brass Announcement 1
Brass Announcement 2
Brass Announcement 3
Brass Announcement 4
Brass Announcement 5
Brass Announcement 6
Brass Spot 1
Brass Spot 2
Brass Spot 3
Brass Spot 4
Brass Spot 5
Brazilian Fling
Bright End 1
Bright End 2
Bright End 3
Bright End 4
Bright End 5
Bright End 6
Bright End 7
Bright End 8
Bright End 9
Bright Romantic 1
Bright Romantic 2
Bright Romantic 3
Bright Romantic 4
Bright Romantic 5
Bright Romantic 6
Bright Romantic 7
Bright Romantic 8
Bright Romantic 9
Bring on the Girls
Broad Landscape
Broadway Entry 1
Broadway Entry 2
Broadway Glitz 1
Broadway Glitz 2
Broadway Glitz 3
Broadway Glitz 4
Broadway Glitz 5
Broadway Glitz 6
Broadway Glitz 7
Broadway Glitz 8
Building Blocks
Building Empires
Building Romantic End 1
Building Romantic End 2
Building Suspense 1
Building Suspense 2
Business Centre
Bustling Along
Busy Boys
Busy Journey
Busy Shopper
Call of the Drums
Calm Sea
Car Jaunt
Carousel De Paris
Cartoon End 1
Cartoon End 2
Cartoon End 3
Cartoon End 4
Cartoon End 5
Cartoon End 6
Cartoon End 7
Cartoon End 8
Cartoon End 9
Cartoon Spot 1
Cartoon Spot 2
Cartoon Spot 3
Cartoon Spot 4
Cartoon Spot 5
Cartoon Spot 6
Cartoon Spot 7
Cartoon Spot 8
Cartoon Spot 9
Cartoon Villain
Casual Flirtation
Catch Up
Caught in the Wind
Caught in Traffic
Changing Nature
Cheeky Boys
Cheerful Chilli
Chelsea Girls
Cherish the Moment
Cherry & Raquel
Cherry, Harry & Raquel
Chinese Gong Strike
Chop Suey
Chorus Girls
Christmas with Glen Campbell
City Hall
City Hubbub
City Sights
City Travel
Cocktail Lounge
Come Along
Come on Baby
Come on Over
Comic Cut 1
Comic Cut 2
Comic Cut 3
Comic Cut 4
Comic Cut 5
Conquering Heroes
Conveyor Belt
Cool Club
Cool Flute
Courtly Procession
Cowboy Home
Cowboy Ranch
Cowboy Trail
Crashing Cymbal
Creepy House
Curtain Time
Curtain Time Closing
Curtain Time Opening
Cut and Thrust
Daily Chores
Danger Beats
Danger Stealth
Danger Tumble
Dangerous Approach
Dangerous Mission
Deeply in Love
Delightful Afternoon, A
Dennis La Malice
Dennis the Menace
Descending Bells
Desert Caravan
Detective Jazz Tijuana Light Activity
Dinner Dates
Dinner for Two
Dixie Doo Da
Domestic Mode
Donna Reed Show, The
Doom Walk
Double Decker
Dr. Asa Lavendar / The Double Dildo
Drama Link 1
Drama Link 2
Drama Link 3
Drama Link 4
Drama Link 5
Drama Link 6
Drama Link 7
Drama Link 8
Drama Link 9
Dreamy Matinee End
Dreamy Romance
Drive Link
Eastern Blossom
Eastern Jungle
Easy Going
Easy Link 1
Easy Link 2
Easy Link 3
Easy Link 4
Easy Link 5
Easy Link 6
Easy Link 7
Easy Link 8
Easy Link 9
Easy Travelogue
Edelweiss Jaunt
Elegance and Royalty
Elegant and Refined
Elegant Romantic 1
Elegant Romantic 2
Elegant Romantic 3
Elegant Romantic 4
Elegant Romantic 5
Elegant Romantic 6
Elegant Romantic 7
Elegant Romantic 8
Elegant Romantic 9
Entertainment Link 1
Entertainment Link 2
Entertainment Link 3
Entertainment Link 4
Entertainment Link 5
Entertainment Link 6
Entertainment Link 7
Entertainment Link 8
Entertainment Link 9
Entertainment Spot 1
Entertainment Spot 2
Entertainment Spot 3
Entertainment Spot 4
Entertainment Swing 1
Entertainment Swing 2
Entertainment Swing 3
Entertainment Swing 4
Entertainment Swing 5
Entertainment Time 1
Entertainment Time 2
Entertainment Time 3
Entertainment Time 4
Entertainment Time 5
Evil Insect
Exotic Lagoon
Exotic Pleasure
Fanfare (intro)
Fashionable Gowns
Fashionable Gowns Closing
Fashionable Gowns Opening
Fashions on Parade
Finders Keepers Reprise
Finders Keepers Song / The Topless Bar
Floating Void
Folksy March
Follies on Parade
Football Extravaganza
Footlights, The
Foreboding Events
Forever Mine
Franklin & Cherry
Freak Out Party
Frisky Bridge 1
Frisky Bridge 2
Frisky Bridge 3
Frisky Bridge 4
Frisky Bridge 5
Frisky Bridge 6
Front Page News
Full of Beans
Function Suite
Funny Boy
Games And Stories In The Sand
Gamma Rays
Gay and Breezy
Gay Latin Americana
Génération cartoon
Gladiators, The
Gliding Along
Gliding By
Going Dancing
Going Up 1
Going Up 2
Golden Days Waltz
Goodmorning...And Goodbye
Goodtime Boogie
Graduation March
Grand Closing
Grand Event
Grand Opening
Grand Parade
Grand Valley
Grandiose Documentary
Grandiose Landscape
Great Outdoors, The
Grooving Along
Guitar Man
Gypsy Mystery
Happy and Carefree
Happy at Work
Happy Drive
Happy Fellow
Happy Girl Lucky
Happy Outlook
Happy Postman
Happy Trip
Happy Weekend
Harry & Cherry
Heading Off
Headline 1
Headline 2
Headline 3
Headline 4
Headline 5
Headline 6
Headline 7
Headline 8
Heavy Industry
Heavy Sounds To Be Wasted
High Stepping March
High Street Stroll
Highland Croft
Hip Scene
Hit the Town
Holiday Island
Holly & The Ivy, The
Hollywood Freeway
Home From Work
Hoofer Shuffle
Horse and Buggy
Hot Fajita
How Will You Define...
Ice Capade Polka
Imperial Event
In a Hansom Cab
In the Cavern
In the Caves
Industrial Construction
Industrial Estate
Inside Story
Intro Statement 1
Intro Statement 2
Intro Statement 3
Intro Statement 4
Intro Statement 5
Invitation Only
Island Sun
Italian Romance
Italian Tarantella
Jazz Closing 1
Jazz Closing 2
Jazz Closing 3
Jazz Closing 4
Jazz Closing 5
Jazz Cut 1
Jazz Cut 2
Jazz Cut 3
Jazz Cut 4
Jazz Cut 5
Jazz End 1
Jazz End 2
Jazz End 3
Jazz End 4
Jazz End 5
Jazz End 6
Jazz End 7
Jazz End 8
Jazz Filler 1
Jazz Filler 2
Jazz Filler 3
Jazz Percussion
Jazz Phrase 1
Jazz Phrase 2
Jazz Phrase 3
Jazz Phrase 4
Jazz Phrase 5
Jazz Phrase 6
Jazz Phrase 7
Jazz Phrase 8
Jazz Spot 1
Jazz Spot 2
Jazz Spot 3
Jazz Tag 1
Jazz Tag 2
Jazz Tag 3
Jazz Tag 4
Jazz Tag 5
Jazz Tag 6
Jazz Tag 7
Jazz Tag 8
Jazzy Christmas
Jazzy Sitcom
Jazzy Trumpet
Jingle Bells / Up on the Housetop / Jolly Old St. Nicholas
Journey Into Fresh Diggin, Vol. 01, A
Jungle Bound
Just Passing Time
Keep It Up March
Kick Your Ass Out Of Here
Kiddy Play
Kitsch Beat Sitcom Comedy National
Last Chance for Lamar, The
Lavonia & Lamar
Lazy City
Lets Swing
Light and Carefree
Light Happy Bridge
Light Happy Closing
Lindy Hop, The
Lola Langusta
Looking Around
Love of a Gypsy, The
Machine Press
Magic Island
Magic Land
Magic Ocean
Magic Ta Da End
Majestic Seascape
Marching Bells
Matinee Romance
Melodic (intro)
Melodic Beat
Melodic Finale
Melodic Statement
Memories of Italy
Menacing Creature
Mexican Border
Mexican Ending 1
Mexican Ending 2
Mexican Ending 3
Mexican Ending 4
Mexican Ending 5
Mexican Ending 6
Mexican Ending 7
Mexican Ending 8
Mexican Link 1
Mexican Link 2
Mexican Party
Mexican Vacation
Mexico Way
Midnight Summer
Military March
Mind How You Go
Modern Machinery
Monster Approaches
Moonlight and Flowers
Mountain Heather
Move Those Feet
Moving About 1
Moving About 2
Moving About 3
Moving About 4
Moving Gases
Mr Kitsch
Music for Gracious Living
Music For Gracious Living 2
Mysterious Sorceress, The
Mystery Steps
Mystic Caverns
Mystical Background
Natural Scenery
New Town
New Vision
News Bridge 1
News Bridge 2
News Bridge 3
News Bridge 4
News Bridge 5
News Closing
News Cut 1
News Cut 2
News Cut 3
News Cut 4
News Cut 5
News March Bridge 1
News March Bridge 2
News on Parade
News Opening
News Punctuation 1
News Punctuation 2
News Punctuation 3
News Punctuation 4
Newsreel March
Newsreel Sports Showbiz Fashion
Night of the Living Dead
Nursery School
Nursery Slumber
Ocean Calm
Off on a Trip
Olympics, The
On a Carousel
On a Shopping Tour
On Surveillance
On the Football Field
On the Gridiron
On the Horizon
On the Move
On the Town
On the Train
One Step Swing
Ooh La La
Operation Zone
Orchid Room Piano
Oriental Pleasure
Out for a Promenade
Outdoor Activity
Outdoor Sports
Pacey 1 Closing
Pacey 1 Opening
Pacey 2 Closing
Pacey 2 Opening
Pacey 3 Bridge
Pacey 3 Closing
Pacey 3 Opening
Palace Entrance
Palace Garden
Panorama Idents Kitsch Jazz Travel
Parade Drum
Parade of the Pioneers
Paradise Dream
Paso Kid, El
Paula's Pretty Pussy
Peaceful Orient
Peaceful Valley
Perc Effect 1
Perc Effect 2
Performance (intro)
Piano Rhapsody
Play Our Game
Plinky 1
Plinky 2
Plinky 3
Plinky 4
Plinky 5
Plinky 6
Plinky 7
Plinky 8
Plinky 9
Poison Vapour
Polka Dotta
Pom Pom Parade
Pony Ride, A
Pop Hit
Popster Party
Power Generators
Powerful Romance
Printing Press
Program March
Quirky Bridge 1
Quirky Bridge 2
Quirky Bridge 3
Quirky Bridge 4
Quirky Bridge 5
Quirky Bridge 6
Quirky Bridge 7
Quirky Bridge 8
Quirky Bridge 9
Quiz Choice
Religious Rhapsody
Riding the Rapids
Ring a Ding
Rising Marimba 1
Rising Marimba 2
Rising Marimba 3
Rising Marimba 4
Rock a La Carte
Rock and Roller
Rockin Fez
Rocking Cat
Rocking Guitar
Rolling Snares
Romantic Evening, A
Romantic Theme
Rushing Around
Russ Meyer's Up! Mega Vixens, Beneath the Valley of the UltraVixens, Supervixens
Russ Meyer's: Good Morning...And Goodbye! / Cherry, Harry & Raquel / Mondo Topless (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Russ Meyer's: Mudhoney / Finders Keepers Lovers Weepers / MotorPsycho (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Savoy Bar
Screech Message
Secret Affair
Secret Mission
Secret Wish
Semper Fidelis and Other Men
Shop Girl
Shopping Trip
Show Night
Showbiz News 1
Showbiz News 2
Showbiz News 3
Showtag End 1
Showtag End 2
Showtag End 3
Showtag End 4
Showtag End 5
Showtag End 6
Showtag End 7
Showtime Ending 1
Showtime Ending 2
Showtime Ending 3
Showtime Ending 4
Showtime Ending 5
Showtime Ending 6
Showtime Ending 7
Showtime Ending 8
Showtime Ending 9
Showtime Overture
Sitcom Bridge 1
Sitcom Bridge 2
Sitcom Bridge 3
Sitcom Bridge 4
Sitcom Bridge 5
Sitcom Bridge 6
Sitcom Bridge 7
Sitcom Bridge 8
Sitcom Bridge 9
Sitcom Spot 1
Sitcom Spot 2
Sitcom Spot 3
Sitcom Spot 4
Skating on Ice
Skiing Down the Slopes
Skipalong 1
Skipalong 2
Skipalong 3
Skipalong 4
Skipalong 5
Skipalong 6
Skipalong 7
Skipalong 8
Skipalong 9
Sleigh Bell Gavotte
Small Town Reprise / Super Soul
Small Town USA
Smooth Stepping
Sneaky Peep
Soft and Silky
Soft and Warm
Soft Furnishings
Soho Swings
Solemn News
Something Cool
Sound of the Forties
South Of The Border
Spanish Dance
Spirit of Christmas, The
Spooky Rise
Sports Event Closing 1
Sports Event Closing 2
Sports Event Closing 3
Sports Event Closing 4
Sports Event Closing 5
Sports Event Closing 6
Sports Event Closing 7
Sports Event Opening 1
Sports Event Opening 2
Sports Event Opening 3
Sports Event Opening 4
Sports Event Opening 5
Sports Event Opening 6
Sports Event Opening 7
Sports Events
Sports Spot
Sprightly Dance
Spring in the Step
Star Studded
State Security
Station Break 1
Station Break 2
Station Break 3
Station Break 4
Step Up and Fanfare 1
Step Up and Fanfare 2
Strolling By
Strutting Along
Stylish Creations
Stylish Lady
Summer Sales
Summer Soiree
Sunny Jaunt
Sunshine Drive
Super Sleuth
Surf Boy
Surfing the Waves
Sweet and Easy
Swing It Sister
Swinging Town
Tales of Love
Television's Greatest Hits
Television’s Greatest Hits, Volume 1: From the 50’s and 60’s
Tequila March
Tequila Time
Test Card
Theater District
Theatrical Opening
Thoughts and Ideas
Tijuana Close 1
Tijuana Close 2
Tijuana Close 3
Tijuana Close 4
Tijuana Close 5
Tijuana End 1
Tijuana End 2
Tijuana End 3
Tijuana End 4
Tijuana Short 1
Tijuana Short 2
Tijuana Spot 1
Tijuana Spot 2
Tijuana Spot 3
Tijuana Spot 4
Tijuana Trad
Time Keeper 1
Time Keeper 2
Time Keeper 3
Time Keeper 4
Time Lapse 1
Time Lapse 2
Time Lapse 3
Time Lapse 4
Time Lapse 5
Time Lapse 6
Timpani Roll
Tiring Day
Top o the Morning
Tortured Mind 1
Tortured Mind 2
Touring the Shops
Touring the Sights
Traffic and News 1
Traffic and News 2
Traffic and News 3
Traffic and News 4
Traffic and News 5
Traffic and News 6
Traffic and News 7
Traffic and News 8
Traffic and News 9
Traffic Bridge 1
Traffic Bridge 2
Traffic Bulletin
Traffic Trouble
Travel Plan
Travel Route
Trendy Boutique
Tropical Treats
Tumbling Down
Uncertain Outlook
Urban Ballet
Vaudeville Close 1
Vaudeville Close 2
Vaudeville Close 3
Vaudeville Close 4
Vaudeville Close 5
Vaudeville Close 6
Vaudeville Close 7
Vaudeville Spot
Vibe Arpeggio
Vibe Effects 1
Vibe Effects 2
Vibe Effects 3
Vibe Effects 4
Vibe Space
Vibe Wash
Victors March
Waltzing at the Ritz
War Link 1
War Link 2
War Link 3
War Link 4
Watch Out
Wave of the Wand
We'll Have To Find Something In Life That Interests You Besides Sex / Sibelius: Finlandie
Weird Happening
Western Panorama
When the World Was Young
When the World Was Young / The Love of a Gypsy
Wide Open Spaces
Window Display
Window Shopping
Winners, The
Winter Frolics
Wistful Folk
Within My Arms
Wonderful Moments
Wondrous Panorama
Worse for Wear
Xylophone Waddle
You Made A Whore Out Of Me