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Djïmmï Rïd
Jimmy Reed
Jimmy Reed (American blues musician and songwriter)
Jimmy Reed (Amerikaans gitarist (1925-1976))
Jimmy Reed (amerykański muzyk bluesowy, gitarzysta i wokalista)
Jimmy Reed (cantante statunitense)
Jimmy Reed (US-amerikanischer Blues-Sänger und -Musiker)
Matcher James Reed
Mathis James Reed
Reed, James
Reed, Jimmy
Reed, Matcher James
Reed, Mathis James
Reed, Mathis James "Jimmy"
Джимми Рид
Джиммі Рід
Рид, Матис Джеймс
ג'ימי ריד
جیمی رید
دجىيممىي رىيد
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Charly holdings inc
Charly records Ltd Londres
Charly Schallplatten GmbH
Hooker, John Lee (1917-2001)
Little Richard (1932-)
McGhee, Brownie (1915-1996)
Naxos Digital Services
Reed, Jimmy (1925-1976)
Taylor, Eddie (1923-1985)
Vogue Maison de disques
Wagram music
18 Greatest Hits: Compact Command Performances
Aces'shuffle (3 min 22 s)
Ain't Gonna Cry No More
Ain’t Got You, I
Ain't No Big Deal
Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby / Baby, Don’t Say That No More
Ain't That Lovin' You Baby (Introduction)
Ain't That Loving You Baby: Singles As & Bs 1953-1961
Ain't Thay Lovin' You Baby
At Soul City
Aw Shucks, Hush Your Mouth
Baby, Don’t Say That No More
Baby's So Sweet
Baby, What Do You Want Me to Do
Baby, What's on Your Mind
Baby, What's Wrong
Baby What You Want Me to Do (alternate take)
Baby What You Want Me to Do / Caress Me Baby
Baby What You Want Me To Do (Introduction)
Baby Whats Wrong
Back Home at Noon
Bad boy
Best of Jimmy Reed, The
best of the Vee-Jay years, The
Big Boss Lady
Big Boss Man (High Energy version)
Big Boss Man / I'm a Love You
Big Boss Man (Introduction)
Big Leg Woman
Big Legged Woman
Blowing the fuse
Blue before sunrise (3 min 47 s)
Blue Blue Water
Blue Carnegie (instrumental)
Blue guitar album
Blues Collection 18: You Don't Have to Go, The
Blues Collection: Jimmy Reed, You Don't Have to Go, The
Blues Everywhere
Blues for Twelve Strings
Blues Masters: The Very Best of Jimmy Reed
Body And Soul
Boogie in the Dark
Bright Lights, Big City / I'm Mr. Luck
Bright Lights, Big City (Introduction)
Buy Me a Hound Dog
C.B. And Me
C.C Rider
Can't Get Started, I
Can't Stand to Love
Can’t Stand to See You Go, I
Caress Me Baby (alternate take)
Charly Blues Masterworks, Volume 17: Bright Lights, Big City
Check Yourself
Cherry Red
Christmas Present Blues
Close Together
Cold and Lonesome
Come Love
Come on Baby
Comeback, The
Crazy About That Miniskirt
Cry Before I Go
Dawn at the Corner Grocery Store
Devil's Shoestring, Part 2 (alternate take), The
Devil's Shoestring Part II, The
Do the Thing
Don't Cry
don't go for that, I
Don't Light My Fire
Don't Say Nothin'
Don't Think I'm Through
Down at the corner grocery store
Down in Mississippi
Down in Virginia
Down the Road I Go
Encyclopedia of Popular music, 1998;, The
Ends and Odds (instrumental)
Essential Boss Man: The Very Best of the Vee-Jay Years, 1953-1966
Fifteen Years
Five Long Years
Five Years of Good Lovin'
Found Joy
Found Love
Found My Baby, I
Funky funky soul
Ghetto Woman Blues
Go on to School
Goin' by the River, Part 1 (alternate take)
Goin' by the River, Part 2 (alternate take)
Goin' Fishing
Goin' to New York
Going by the River, Part 1
Going by the River, Part 2
Going By the River Pt. 1
Going Fishing
Going To New York (Introduction)
Good Is Catching Up With Me
Good Lover, 1 & 2
Good times (4 min 11 s)
Got Me Chasing You
Got the Blues, I
Got the World in a Jug, I
Got to Keep Rolling, I
Greatest Hits
Guitar, Harmonica & Feeling
HA ! HA ! HA ! HA !
Hard Walkin' Hana
Hard Walkin' Hanna
Hard walking Hanna
Hard Walking Hannah
Heading for a Fall
Heartaches and Troubles
Help Yourself
Hey Lucinda
Hi Yellow Good Lovin'
High And Lonesome (Introduction)
High and lonesome [SR] 1980?:
Hold Me Close
Hones I Do
Honest I do (2 min 40 s)
Honest I Do (Introduction)
Honest I Do / Signals of Love
Honey, Don't Let Me Go
Honey It's Time for Love
Honey, Where Are You Going
Honey, Where You Goin'
Honey, Where You Going? (single version)
House rent stomp (3 min 15 s)
How Long Long Long Blues
Hush hush (2 min 37 s)
I'll Be Home Some Day
I'll Change Everything
I'll Change My Style (LP version)
I'll Change That Too
I'm a Love You
I'm Forty Upside Your Head
I'm Goin' Upside Your Head
I'm Going Upside Your Head (Introduction)
I'm Going Upside Your Head / The Devil's Shoestring
I'm Gonna Get My Baby / Odds and Ends
I'm Gonna Help You
I'm Gonna Ruin You
I'm Jimmy Reed
I'm John Lee Hooker
I'm Leavin'
I'm Louisiana red (3 min 29 s)
I'm Mr. Luck
I'm Nervous
I'm the man (down there)
I'm Trying to Please You
I've Got the Blues
If the Four Winds Don't Change
If You Don't Want Me Baby
In the Morning
Instrumental (4 min 41 s)
It's You Baby
Jazz & Blues Collection 13: Jimmy Reed
Jimmie's Boogie
Jimmy Reed at Carnegie Hall
Jimmy Reed - Big Boss Man
Jimmy Reed Blues Jam
Jimmy Reed Sings the Best of the Blues
Jimmy's Boogie
Jimmy's Rock
Judge Should Know, The
Jump and Shout
Jumpin' The Blues
Just Can't Sleep at Night
Just Jimmy Reed
Kansas City Baby
Kind of Lonesome
Knockin' at Your Door
know It's a Sin, I
Laughin' at the Blues
Laughing at the Blues
Left handed woman
Legend-The Man, The
Let's Get Together
Life Is Funny
Little Rain
Lookin' for My Baby
Lost in the Shuffle
Love You Baby, I
Mary, Mary
Masters, The
Meet Me
Met a Little Girl on Her Way to School
Midnite Jazz & Blues: Big Boss Man
Milking the Cow
Mixed Up
Moon Is Rising, The
Mr. Luck (The Complete Vee-Jay Singles)
My Baby (Down in Virginia)
My Baby Is So Sweet
My Baby's So Sweet
My Baby Told Me
My Bitter Seed
My First Plea
Need You So, I
New Chicago Blues
New Leaf, A
Night Train Revisited
Now Appearing
Obra selecta.
Odds and Ends
Oh, John
Oldies but goldies
Outskirts of Town
Over the Hump
Please Don't
Poor Country Boy
Pretty Ring
Pretty Thing
Red Lights, The Stop Light
Ride 'em on down
Rockin' with reed
Roll and Rhumba
Roll 'em Pete
Rune Here to Me Baby
Salty Papa
See See Rider
Shame Shame Shame (Introduction)
Sharper than a Tack
She Don't Go for That
She don't want me no more
Shoot my baby
Shot an Arrow to the Sky, I
Signals of Love (single version)
Sixteen greatest hits
Skies are crying
Slow Walking Mama
Somebody Help Me
St. Louis Blues
State Street Boogie
Stop Light
Straight talk (3 min 42 s)
String to Your Heart, A
Sugar, Sugar Woman
Sun Is Shinin', The
Sun Is Shining, The
Sun Is Shinning, The
Sweet home Chicago (2 min 59 s)
T'Ain't No Big Thing But He Is Jimmy Reed
T'aint No Big Thing But He Is...Jimmy Reed
Take It Slow
Take Out Some Insuramce
Take Out Some Insurance on Me Baby
Tell Me You Love Me
Tell the World I Do
Texas Is So Doggone Big
That mean old train (2 min 20 s)
That's how I feel (3 min 56 s)
There'll Be a Day / Shame, Shame, Shame
Things A'int What They Used To Be
Things Ain't What they Used To Be
Thirty-one scorching classics from 1961
This Is the End
told you baby (2 min 19 s), I
Too Much
Tribute to a Friend
Trouble in mind
Truly Wonderful
Untitled Instrumental
Up Side The Wall
Upside the Wall
Vee-Jay Box: The Complete Singles and Other Rarities, The
Vee Jay era
Vee-Jay Years, The
Very Best of Jimmy Reed, The
Wailin' the Blues
Wanna Be Loved, I
Wanna Know, I
Want to Be With You Baby
Wanta Be With You
Was So Wrong, I
Was So Young, I
We Got to Stick Together
Wear Something Green
Wee Wee Baby
Welcome to Nevada
What did I say (2 min 22 s)
When Girls Do It
When I Woke Up This Morning
When Two People in Love
When you left me
When you're doing all right (2 min 34 s)
When You're Doing Allright
When You're Doing Alright
Where Can My Baby Be
Where can You Be
Why Can't I Come In
Worried Life Blues
Xmas Present Blues
You Better Hold Me
You Can Run, but You Can't Hide
You don't have to go (3 min 04 s)
You Don't Have To Go (Introduction)
You Gonna Need My Help
You Got Me Crying
You Got Me Dizy
You got me Dizzy (2 min 51 s)
You Got Me Dizzy (Introduction)
You Got Me So Dizzy
You Got My Dizzy
You Know I Love You
You Know You're Looking Good
You'n That Sack
You 'N' The Sack
You're My Baby
You're Somethin' Else
You're Something Else
You upset my mind
You’ve Got Me Dizzy
You've Got Me Waiting
Zevon, Warren First Sessions.
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100 Blues ’n’ Soul Greats
100 Hits: Blues
12 Year Old Boy, The
25 ans avant Nova
25 Blues 'N' Soul Greats Volume 3
25 Blues 'N' Soul Greats, Volume 2
25 Blues Masters, Volume 1
25 Blues Masters, Volume 2
25 Blues Masters, Volume 3
25 Blues Masters, Volume 4
26 Golden Rhythm & Blues Hits
6 Blues Giants Live! Vol. 1 (disc 1: Live at Liberty Hall - Houston TX 1972)
60 Blues Guitar Greats
70's Jazz, Soul and Funk Rarities From the Old School
ABC of the Blues
Absolutely the Best of the Blues, Vol. 3
Absolutely the Best of the Blues, Volume 1
Absolutely the Best of the Blues, Volume 2
Ain't That Lovin' You Baby
All Time Blues Favourites
American Blues, Volume 1
American Festival Folk Blues
American Heartbeat: 1956
Bad Boy
Bad Case of the Blues, A
Barbeque Beat
Beginner's Guide To Rhythm 'n' Blues
Beginner's Guide to the Blues
Best Blues Album in the World... Ever
Best Blues, The
Best Blues, Volume 2, The
Best of Blues
Best of Blues Guitar
Best of Chicago Blues
Best of the Blues
Best of The Blues - Hooker - Hopkins - Reed
Best of the Blues, Volume 1
Big Boss Man
Big Town Playboy
Black and Blues, Volume 2
Blowing the Blues: A History of Blues Harmonica 1926-2002
Blowing the Fuse: 29 R&B Classics That Rocked the Jukebox in 1955
Blowing the Fuse: 30 R&B Classics That Rocked the Jukebox in 1956
Blowing the Fuse: 31 R&B Classics That Rocked the Jukebox in 1960
Blue Voices
Blues & Soul
Blues & Soul Sessions
Blues & Soul Volume Three
Blues & Soul Volume Two
Blues Anthology
Blues Anthology, Discoverin' the Blues
Blues at Christmas II: The Very Best of the Blues, The
Blues Avenue: ...from past to present
Blues Box, The
Blues Classics
Blues Classics 1960-1964
Blues Collection, The
Blues Collection, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2
Blues Collection, Vol. 2
Blues Collection, Volume 2
Blues Connection Vol. 3 - After Midnite
Blues Gems, Volume 1
Blues Gems, Volume 3
Blues Giants
Blues Giants: The Essential Songbook
Blues Gold
Blues Guitar Box, The
Blues Harp Boogie: 25 Years of Blues Harmonica
Blues Legends
Blues Legends - Back To Back Vol. Three
Blues Legends, Volume 2
Blues Legends: Blues Giants
Blues Legends: The Best of the Blues
Blues Masters Collection, The
Blues Masters Sampler
Blues Masters, The
Blues Masters, Volume 16: More Harmonica Classics
Blues Masters, Volume 2: Postwar Chicago Blues
Blues Masters, Volume 4: Harmonica Classics
Blues Masters, Volume 6: Blues Originals
Blues Masters, Volume 7: Blues Revival
Blues Masters: Originals
Blues Masters: The Essential Blues Collection
Blues Power: 50 Blues Artists Who Matter
Blues Revival
Blues Spirit
Blues Story
Blues Story n°15 Les labels de légende - Vee Jay & Sun
Blues Story, The
Blues Story, Volume 1, The
Blues Story, Volume 2, The
Blues Upside Your Head
Blues, The
Blues: A Collection of Classic Blues Singers, Volume 1, The
Blues: A Smithsonian Collection of Classic Blues Singers, The
Blues: La Grande Anthologie 1925-1962
Blues: The Electric Blues Experience, The
Born With the Blues 2
Boss Men of Blues
Box Set
Bright Lights Big City
Bright Lights, Big City
Byrds Heard Them Here First, The
Charly Blues Masterworks Sampler 2, The
Charly Pocket Jukebox
Chicago Blues
Chicago Blues: Milestones of Legends
Chicago Hit Factory - The Vee-Jay Story 1953-1966
Chicago: Inner City Blues
Classic Blues
Classic Blues, Volume 1
Classics From the Roadhouse
Collection of the Blues (disc 3), A
Coming Home
Confessin’ the Blues
Confessin’ the Blues, Volume I
Confessin’ the Blues, Volume II
Country Roads Volume 3
Cry for Me Baby
Definitive Blues Anthology
Definitive Chicago Blues
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
Do You Want Me to Cry
Don't Knock at My Door
Down Home Blues Classics Volume 1 1943-1953
Down the Road I Go
Downtown Blues
Drivin Blues
Electric Blues
Elmore's Contribution to Jazz
Essential Blues
Essential Blues 2
Essential Blues 3
Essential Blues Anthology
Essential Blues Harmonica
Essential Chicago Blues
Essential Guide to American Roots, The
Eversweets & Sugarhits
Every Day I Have the Blues
FabricLive 07: John Peel
Fifties: Juke Joint Blues, The
From Ripley to Chicago
Funky Junky
Game of Love: 15 Super Oldies, The
Get on the Right Track: Mod R&B, Jazz & Ska
Glory Days of Rock 'n' Roll: R&B Legends
Got a Feeling Called the Blues
gouden eeuw van de blues, De
Great Tomato Blues Package, The
Greatest Blues Legends
Greatest Blues of All-Time
Greetings From the Boss! 15 Tracks Handpicked by Bruce Springsteen
Grill Can't Help It, The
Guitar Blues
Harp Blues
Heatin’ Up: Cool Tunes for Hot Days
Hipocondria Mods: Black Rhythm & Blues
Hipocondría Mods: Blues 1945-1969
History of Rhythm and Blues, Volume 3: The Rock'n'roll Years 1952-1957, The
Honest I Do
Honey, Where You Going
Hoodoo Man Blues
Hot Style Music Collection: Blues
Hour of Blues and Soul Giants, An
House of Blues: Essential Blues
House of Blues: Essential Chicago Blues
Howlin' the Blues Alive & Well
I'm Sitting Here
In Crowd: The Ultimate Mod Collection, The
In the Christmas Groove
Inspirations: Rocked by Rod
Introduction to the Blues: 50 Nostalgic Tracks That Defined a Genre, An
It Hurts Me Too
Jazz & Blues
Jazz Collection: Blues Men
Joe Strummer's Jukebox
Juke Joints
Jukebox Classics, Volume 2
Jukebox Favourites: The Best of the Blues
King's Record Collection: The Original Versions of Songs Later Recorded by Elvis Presley, Volume 2, The
Kings of the Blues
Kings of the Blues Guitar
Knocking at Your Door
Leavin' Blues
Legends of Blues: Hoochie Coochie Man
Let Me Tell You About the Blues: Chicago - The Evolution of Chicago Blues 1925-1958
Liberty Hall Sessions feat. Jimmy Reed
Little Rain
Live At Liberty Hall, Houston, TX, 1972
Livin' it up with the Blues
Living the Blues - Blues Masters
Living the Blues – Chicago Blues Classics
Living the Blues: 1955-1956 Blues Classics
Living the Blues: 1957-1959 Blues Classics
Living the Blues: Blues Classics 1960-1964
Living the Blues: Blues Greats
Living the Blues: Blues Legends
Living the Blues: Blues Masters
Living the Blues: Chicago Blues
Lost Highways: American Road Songs 1920s-1950s
Low Down Gal of Mine
Mai 68 : La Bande originale
Many Faces of The Rolling Stones, The
Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: A Musical Journey
Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: Godfathers and Sons
Mean Old World: The Blues from 1940 to 1994
Memory Motel
Merry Christmas Baby
Merry Christmas, Baby
Midnite Jazz & Blues: The Golden Era: Chicago Blues
Mojo 2006.12: The Who Jukebox
Mojo Music Guide, Volume 4: Blues Power
Mojo Presents: Boss Sounds!
Mojo Presents: Good Times, Bad Times
MOJO Presents: Life Companion: 15 Tracks That Shaped Keith Richards
Mojo Presents: Rock! Rock! Rock!
Mojo Presents: Stoned
Mojo Presents: The Roots of the Rolling Stones
Mojo Presents: The World of the Small Faces and Beyond
Mojo: The Roots of Hendrix
Music From the Film A Rage in Harlem
Music Never Stopped: Roots of the Grateful Dead, The
My Baby
New Millennium Blues Party
New York, New York
Not Fade Away: 15 Classics That Fired Up the Rolling Stones
Nothin' but the Blues
Nothin' But the Blues: 36 Blues Standards
Nothing But the Blues
Nothing but the Blues: 40 Blues Greats
Oldies But Goodies, Vol. 1
Oldies but Goodies, Volume 1
Oldies but Goodies, Volume 10
Oldies but Goodies, Volume 11
Petty's Peculiar Picks: The Best of Tom Petty's Buried Treasure
Pittsburgh's Favorite Oldies: At the Hop VII
Planete Blues 2: The Best of Blues Rock
Plug It In! Turn It Up! Electric Blues: The Definitive Collection! Part 1: 1939-1954
Plug It In! Turn It Up! Electric Blues: The Definitive Collection! Part 2: 1954-1967
Plug It In! Turn It Up! Electric Blues: The Definitive Collection! Part 3: 1960-1969
Plus Grands Artistes de Blues, Les
Prescription for the Blues
Presidential Picks: The Millennium's Best Of The Blues
Pure Blues
R 'N' B Classics
R&B Confidential No.1: The Flair Label
R&B Hits of 1954, The
Raw Blues
Raw Blues, Volume 1
Real Blues Brothers, The
Red Hot Blues
Replay: Volume 1, Number 5
Rhythm & Blues: 1957
Rhythm & Blues: 1961
Ride 'em on Down
Road Trippin' Blues
Road Trippin' Blues, Volume 1
Rock 'n' Roll Era: R&B Gems II, The
Rock ’n’ Roll Era: R&B Gems, The
Rock Around the Clock
Rock the Joint
Roots of Jimi Hendrix, The
Roots of Rhythm: Super Bad
Rough Guide to Blues Legends: John Lee Hooker: Birth of a Legend, The
Route 66: The USA Music Story (disc 3)
Route du Blues, La
Route to Quadrophenia: Mojo Presents a Mod Compendium, The
Santa's Funk & Soul Christmas Party
Screaming and Crying
Solid Gold Soul 1957
Solid Gold Soul 1961
Solid Gone Blues
Soul Time
Sound of the City: Chicago, The
Sounds, Volume 1: Paint It Black! Legends & Newcomer
Spirit of Blues
Still Got the Blues, Volume 3
Stop Light
Story of the Blues, The
Story of the Blues: 125 Blues Classics, The
Straight to Blues
Street Talkin'
Super Blues Legends, Volume 1
Super Soul Blues, Volume II
Super Soul Legends, Volume 1
Superblues, Volume 1
Swampbilly Shindig: Rockabilly, Country & Soul From Deep South
Sweet Home Chicago
Sweet Soul Music: 31 Scorching Classics From 1961
Take Me Where You Go
Talent Blues Condensed
Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead
This Is Charly R&B
Time-Life Treasury of the Blues, The
Totally Blues Guitar
Tresors Blues: Les plus beaux Blues
Uk Sue Story! Vol. 4, The
Ultimate Blues Album, The
Ultimate Blues Collection, The
Ultimate Collection: 50s Jukebox: 100 Hits, The
Ultradisc II Anniversary Sampler
Uncut - This is Radio Strummer
Uncut: Maximum R'n'B - The roots of the Who
Uncut: The Devil's Jukebox
Uncut: Woke Up This Morning - 15 Blues Classics
Van Morrison's Jukebox - The Songs That Inspired The Man
Vanishing Point: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Vee-Jay: Celebrating 40 Years of Classic Hits 1953-1993
Very Best of Blues
Very Best of Blues Guitar, The
Very Best of Blues: 50 Unforgettable Tracks, The
Very Best of the Blues, The
Very Best of Vee Jay Blues, Volume 1, The
Very Best of Vee Jay Blues, Volume 2, The
Very Best of Vee Jay Blues, Volume 3, The
Very Best of Vee Jay Blues, Volume 4, The
Very Best of Vee Jay Blues, Volume 5, The
We Were First! 180 Hits in Their Original Versions
When Chicago Got the Blues
Willie Dixon Story, The
World of Blues, The
You Got Me Dizzy
You'll Always Have a Home
Yoyo: 70's Jazz, Soul & Funk Rarities from the Old School