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Bengt Holmström
Bengt Holmström (finnischer Wirtschaftswissenschaftler und Hochschullehrer für Wirtschaftswissenschaften am Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Bengt Holmström (finsk ekonom)
Bengt Holmström (finsk økonom)
Bengt R. Holmström (économiste finlandais)
Bengt R. Holmström (Finnish economist)
Bengt R. Holmström (Fins econoom)
Holmstrom, B.
Holmström, Bengt
Holmström, Bengt R.
Holmström, Bengt Robert
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Baker, George
Baron, David P
Baron, David P.
Costa, Joan
Fudenberg, Drew
Gibbs, Michael
Harris, Milton
Hart, Oliver
Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration Affiliation (see also from)
Holmstrom, B
Holmström, Bengt
Holmstrom, Bengt R
Holmstrom, Bengt R.
Kaplan, Steven
Kaplan, Steven N.
Kaplan, Steven Neil
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) / Economics Department
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Economics Affiliation (see also from)
Milgrom, Paul
Milgrom, Paul R.
Myerson, Roger B
Myerson, Roger B.
Nalebuff, Barry
National Bureau of Economic Research Affiliation (see also from)
Ricard, I.
Ricart i Costa, Joan
Roberts, John
School of Organization and Management Affiliation (see also from)
Stanford University
Thadden, Ernst-Ludwig von
Tirole, J
Tirole, Jean
Tirole, Jean (1953-...)
Weiss, Laurence
Wilson, Bob
Agency costs and innovation
Aggregation and Linearity in the Provision of Intertemporal Incentives.
boundaries of the firm revisited, The
Comment on "The Credit Rating Crisis"
Contractual Models of the Labor Market.
Contractural Models of the Labor Market
Corporate Governance and Merger Activity in the U.S.: Making Sense of the 1980s and 1990s
Corporate governance and merger activity in the United States: Making sense of the 1980s and 1990s
Cost of Capital in Nonmarketed Firms., The
dangers of too much governance, The
Design of incentive schemes and the new Soviet incentive model
Domestic and international supply of liquidity
Efficient and Durable Decision Rules with Incomplete Information.
Equilibrium Long-Term Labor Contracts.
Financial intermediation, loanable funds, and the real sector
Financing of Investment in Eastern Europe: A Theoretical Perspective.
Firm as a Subeconomy., The
firm as an incentive system, The
Frändskaper : Hjalmar Gullberg som översättare
Game theory in the tradition of Bob Wilson
Groves' Scheme on Restricted Domains.
Hierarchies and compensation: A case study
Inside and outside liquidity
Internal Economics of the Firm: Evidence from Personnel Data., The
Internal Labor Markets: Too Many Theories, Too Few Facts.
investment banking contract and new issues, The
Investment Banking Contract for New Issues under Asymmetric Information: Delegation and the Incentive Problem., The
LAPM: a liquidity-based asset pricing model
LAPM, c1998:
Liquidity and risk management
Managerial incentive problems : a dynamic perspective
Managerial Incentives and Capital Management.
Managerial Incentives, Investment and Aggregate Implications, Part I: Scale Effects
Market Liquidity and Performance Monitoring.
Microeconomic Developments and Macroeconomics.
Modeling aggregate liquidity
Moral Hazard and Observability
Moral Hazard in Teams
Multitask Principal-Agent Analyses: Incentive Contracts, Asset Ownership, and Job Design.
note on pollution control. -, A
On incentives and control in organizations
On the Duration of Agreements.
On The Theory of Delegation
Palkkojen jäykkyyden ja työttömyyden sopimusteoreettinen perusta
Pay without Performance and the Managerial Power Hypothesis : A Comment
Private and public supply of liquidity
Short-term contracts and long-term agency relationships
State of Corporate Governance 2004, The
State of U.S. Corporate Governance: What's Right and What's Wrong?, The
state of US corporate governance. -, The
Theory of Contracts, The
theory of firm scope, A
theory of the firm, The
Theory of Wage Dynamics, A
To the Raider Goes the Surplus? A Reexamination of the Free-Rider Problem.
Transfer Pricing and Organizational Form.
Understanding the role of debt in the financial system
wage policy of a firm, The
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Submitted to the Graduate School of Business
Copyright by the author
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Stanford University, 1978