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McVey, Joseph Wayne
Z-Ro (American rapper)
Z-Ro (Amerikaans rapper)
Z-Ro ((Musician))
Z-Ro (rapper statunitense)
Z-Ro (rappeur américain)
Z-Ro (US-amerikanischer Rapper)
Zero ((Musician))
זירו (מוזיקאי)
born 1977-01-19
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
McVey, Joseph W. (real name)
Related names: 
Assholes by Nature (isMemberOf)
D, Dougie (co-performer)
Guerilla Maab (isMemberOf)
Lil' Keke
Skinhead Rob
Taz (co-performer)
Tech N9ne (Rapper)
Too Short (Musician)
Trae (co-performer)
Trae (Rapper)
Wall, Paul (1980-)
Webbie, 1985-
Yung Chill (Rapper)
Yung Joc
Yung Redd (Rapper)
1 Time
2 Many Niggaz (Screwed)
25 Lighter
25 Lighters
25 Lighterz
3 Way Relationship
4/20: The Smokers Anthem
4 da green reloaded
5200 Freestyle
Act Like That
Agonylife Slab Soldierz Catalog
Ain't Gonna Lie, I
Ain't No Love
All Night
Angel Dust
Another Song
Auntie & Grandma
Baby Girl
Baby Momma Blues
bad azz mix tape, A
Baller Please
Belong To The Streets (Explicit)
Belong To The Streets (Radio Edit)
Black angels [VR], c2009:
Blast Myself
Brang a Stacc
Bring My Mail
Bud Sack
Bun B. II trill, 2008:
Bye Bye
Can’t Complain
Cash Flow
Change of Scenery
Chip on My Shoulder
City Streets
Club Wax Promo
Come Back Wit It
Come with Me
Comin’ Dine
Coming Dyne (Dj Michael Watts Remix)
Continue 2 Roll (instrumental)
Crack (intro)
Crooked Officer
Crown (Dj Michael Watts Remix)
Crown, The
Devil Ass City
Dirty Game
Do Bad on My Own
Do da Southside
Do Our Than G
Do You See?
Does It Matter? (skit) (intro)
Doing Just Fine
Dome, Kush, And Codeine
Don’t Be Like Me
Don't Fucc with You, I
Don’t Give a Damn, I
Don't Love U, I
Don't Stop Now
Don't Wanna Go to War
Dr@ Smoke
Drank & Smoke
Drank So Good
Drankin' & Drivin'
Driving Me Wild
Drop the Top
Everyday, Samethang
Everyday, Somethang
Everyday The Samething
Exotic Girl (Dj Michael Watts Remix)
Eye’s on Niggas
Eyez on da Prize
Face Real Heavy
Fast life
Final Curtain Call
Fire in My Eyes
For My Gangsta's
Found Me, Volume 2, I
Freestyle 13
Freestyle 14
Freestyle 15
From the Other Side
From the South (instrumental)
Get Yo Paper
Going Down in the South
Gonna Get Easier
Gorilla Til I Die
Gotta Let You Go (skit)
Gotta Stay on My Grind, I
Greatest Hits
Greed Vanity Lust
Grind All Night
Grindin’ (regular)
H-Town Kinda Day
Hands Up (Dj Michael Watts Remix)
Happy Alone
Happy Feelingz
Hate Me so Much
Hate U Bitch, I
Hate U (instrumental), I
Hate U (LP), I
Hate U (radio), I
Hate U / Z-Ro / Hey Lil Mama, I
Hatin' Me
He Hoes
He's Not Done
Help Me Please
Hey Lil Mama (instrumental)
Hit It With the Mule (snippet)
Hold Up Bitch
Homie, Lover, Friend
How Does It Feel?
I'm a Gangsta
I'm a Soldier
I’m Alive
I'm Gone (Dj Michael Watts Remix)
I'm Good
I'm Still Livin' (Chopped & Screwed)
II My Ni@@az
Imposters (Dj Michael Watts Remix)
Intro: 1-Deep
Intro (Dj Michael Watts Remix)
It Don't Stop
It's a Shame
It’s Gonna Be Alright
It's Guaranteed
June 27
Just Wanna Say, I
K-Rino Interlude: The Law
Keep It Real
Keep On
Keep Shining (Dj Michael Watts Remix)
King of Da Ghetto
King of tha Ghetto: Power
King of the Ghetto
Know, I
Kush Drank Pills (Dj Michael Watts Remix)
Let It Go
Let Me Live My Life
Let the Truth Be Told (Chopped and Screwed by DJ Paul Wall)
Life Is a Struggle & Pain
Life of Joseph W. McVey: Screwed & Chopped-A-Lot, The
Life (Slowed & Chopped)
Like Jesus
Limited Edition 1 Deep: Slowed & Chopped
Lit Up
Live Your Life (Dj Michael Watts Remix)
Long Time
Look at Me
Look Good
Look What You Did to Me
Lord Tell Me Why
Lost Another Soldier
Lost My Mind
Love Ain't Live
Love My Dick (Dj Michael Watts Remix)
Love These B%tches
Love These Bitches (Dj Michael Watts Remix)
Mac & Tha King
Make It
Man Cry
Melting the Crown
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Mo City (Dj Michael Watts Remix)
Mo City Don (Freestyle) (radio)
Mo City Don (instrumental)
Mo City Don (regular)
Mo City Don, The
Mo City Takeover
Mo City Thugz
Moments in the Hood
Move Your Body
Mule, The
My City
My Life
My Money
My Sermon
My Story (Slowed)
My Time
Naked Headed Lover
Never Been a Ho
Never Had Love
Never Let It Go
Never Take Me Alive (regular)
Never Wrote
New Shit
No Love Boulevard
No Love (regular)
No More Pain
No Reason
On Mo Time
On My Grind
One Deep 4 Life
One Thug
One Two
One Woman Man
Out His Mind
Owe You Niggaz Shit
Paid My Dues
Paper Game
Passenger Side
Phuq Wit Me
Pig Feet
Pimp On
Platinum (instrumental)
Platinum / Mo City Don / From the South
Platinum (radio)
Play Me
Play No Games
Power: Kings of the Streets
Presidential 4 Life
Pussy Ass Nigga (Dj Michael Watts Remix)
Quarterback Vision
R.I.P. DJ Screw
Razor Blade
Real Is Back, The
Real Niggaz in My Hood
Real or Fake
Respect My Mind
Ride 2 Night
Ride All Day and Night
Ro & Bun
Roll On By
Run This Town
S.U.C. 4 Life
S.U.C. for Life
Same Everyday
Same One, The
Say Ahh
Screw Did That
Screwed Up Click Representa' (Slowed and Chopped)
Se Me Now
Shelter From da Storm
Shelter in the Storm
Skrewed Up
Slow Loud and Bangin (live)
Smoke Some Weed
Smokers Anthem
So High
So Much (a cappella)
So Much (instrumental)
So Much (LP)
So Much (radio)
Soufside Can't Stop
Southern Girl, A
Southside Can't Stop
Spend Yo Money Wit Me
Stay Down
Stayin Alive
Stickey Ickey
Still a Player
Still Get No Love
Still in My Life
Still in the Hood
Still Livin' (instrumental)
Still Sippin (Slab Soldierz Certified Lean)
Still Standing (a cappella)
Still Standing (instrumental)
Still Standing (radio)
Still Standing / What's My Name
Straight Foreign
Straight Profit
Struggle and Pain
Swang on 4’s
Sweet James
T.H.U.G. / Continue 2 Roll
T.H.U.G. (True Hero Under God) (instrumental)
Talkin' Down on Me
Talking to the Popo
Tall Tale of a G
Tell Me What You See
Tha Third Coast
That Mo
That’s the Type of Nigga I Am
That’s What I Did
That Third Coast
That'z Who I Am
These Days
These (instrumental)
They Don't Understand
Third Coast
This Ain’t Livin’ (extended version) (screwed and chopped)
Thru the City
Thug Life
Thug Nigga
Time and Time Again
To Love a Thug
Too Many Niggaz
Top Notch
Truth Is
Type of Ni**a I Am
Type Of Nigga I Am
U Gotta Let Go
Under the Floor
Underground Railroad, Volume 1: Street Life
Up in My Face (regular)
???? Upcoming Z-Ro (S.L.A.B.Ed)
Vince Young
Wacha Gone Do
Wanna C Me Fall
Way 2 Fly
We Are
What Happened to That Dude
What It Look Like (Dj Michael Watts Remix)
What's Going On?
What's My Name (a cappella)
What's My Name (instrumental)
What's My Name (radio)
What's Your Name
When I Get Free
When We Ride
Where Is the Love
Where My Money At
Where the Real
Who Could It Be
Will I Go Crazy
Women Men
World Wide
You Ain't Gotta Worry
You's a Bitch
You Would Too
Young Nigga
Z-Ro (Chopped & Screwed)
Z-Ro & Friends
Z-Ro (instrumental)
Z-Ro (radio)
Z-Ro (remix)
Z-Ro's Underground Railroad, Volume 2: Thug Luv Hulled & Chopped
Z-Ro Speaks (How I Met DJ Screw)
Z-Ro Speaks (I Met Robert Earl Davis)
Z-Ro Speaks (We Started Talkin’ About Life)
Z-Ro the Crooked
Z-Ro vs. The World
Contributed to or performed: 
1 Night
1st Time Again
2 Cups
3rd Coast
4's & 3's
8 Minute Freestyle
Ain't Havin None of That Bullshit
Ain't Takin No Loss, Vol. 2, I
Aint No Turnin Back
Aint Takin No Loss P. 2, I
Aint Takin No Loss, I
Alcohol Nutts
All About Gettin' Paid
All About My Change
All Day
All Fall Down
All My Dogs
All Night Long
All This Pressure
American Dream, Volume III
And 2 My G's
Art of War
Back Back
Back in the Lab
Bad Bitch
Baller Please
Barre Kelly / Get Money Pro Freestyle
Be South 6
Been On (Remix), I
Better Days
Bitch Nigga
Blessing in Disguise
Block Bleeda
Block Bleeder
Blue 22 (Freestyle)
Body in the Trunk
Bottom to the Top
Boxframe Cadillac ('83 DeVille mix)
Break It Down
Burbans & Lacs
Burbans and Lacs (radio)
But It’s Okay
Call In
Call My Phone
Came from da Bottom
Can, I
Can't Leave Drank Alone
Can’t Even Drank Alone, I
Candy Cars
Chiefen on Dogia
Chop Chop
Chopped and Screwed (H Town remix)
City of Killers
City of Syrup
City of Syrup (Screwed)
Comin Up
Comin' Up
Coming Down
Coming Down (Every Town)
Coming Up
Commin' Down
Confidential Playa
Continue 2 Roll
Crossing State Lines: Chopped & Screwed, Volume One
Crumbs 2 Bricks (Freestyle)
Cup Up Top Down
Da Cop
Da Cops
Da don ro & Trae
Day After Hell Broke Loose, The
Dedicated 2 U
Dedication to Pimp C
Definition of a Real Nigga
Definition of Real
Denzel Washington
Devil in Me
Diamonds In Ya Mouth
Diggin’ da South
Dirty 3rd, The
Dirty Work
Do da Southside
Do It Again
Do It for Screw
Do Our Than G
Do What I Do
Don't Wanna Hurt Nobody
Don't Worry Bout Mine
Don’t Waste Your Time
Don’t Worry Bout Mine
Down in Tha Dirty
Down With Agonylife
Draped Up (remix)
Exclusive 8 Minute Freestyle
Exotic Girl
Explicit Get That
Eyes On Paper
F**k That N***a
F**K Wit Me
F**K With Ya
F*cked Up World
Fall Back
Fallen Souljas (R.I.P.P.A.T.)
Fell So Many Times
Fiesta (Remix) (Freestyle)
Fondren & Main
For My Gangsta's
For the Hustlers
Found Me (Slowed), I
Found Me, I
Freestyle 1
Freestyle 10
Freestyle 2
Freestyle 7
Freestyle Rap
From Mo City to Yo City
From the South
From the South (radio)
From the South (Texas remix)
Fuck Dat Nigga
Fuck You Too
G Love (Freestyle)
Ga Away
Game Goes On (Reg. Speed version), The
Game Goes On, The
Gangsta Girl
Gangsta Rhythm
Get High (Remix)
Get It Crunk
Get It Crunk (a cappella)
Get It Crunk (instrumental)
Get It Crunk (radio)
Get It Crunk / Kings of the South / Burbans and Lacs
Get Rowdy
Get Throwed
Get Throwed (remix)
Get Yo Paper
Get You Paper
Ghetto Crisis
Ghetto Crisis (Worldwide Southside)
Go Long
Go to War
Goin Down Freestyle
Got's 2 Get Dat
Gripping Grain
Grown Man
Gucci & Fendi
Guerilla Till I Die
H-Town Anthem
H-Town Kinda Day
H-Town Stomp
Hard Times
Hard Tymez
Hater Maker
Hater Maker (Screwed & Chopped)
Haters Ball
Haters Got Me Wrong
Haters Song
Haters Song (Let It Go)
Haterz Got Me Wrong
Heart of a Hustler (Block Wear)
Here We Go
Hey Lil Mama (radio)
Hit 'em Wit' da Mule
Hold Up
How Could You
Huggin' the Block
Hurt No More
Hustlin' In the Game
Hustling All I Can Do
I'm a G
I'm a Gangsta
I'm a Murder'Ra
I'm Clean
I'm From Texas
I'm The Shit
I's a Playa
I'sa Playa
I’m A G
If I Ruled the World (Freestyle)
If That's How You Feel
II Trill
Imaginary Player
In Dat Cup
In My City
In My Prime
Instant Classic
It's Going Down (King & the Boss) (ChopNotSlop Remix)
It's Ok
It’s a Playa
It’s Going Down (King & The Boss)
IzA Playa
Jaccers Wanna Know
June 27th
Jus' a Hoe
Kay Row
Keep It Real
Keep on Doin It
Keep Runnin
Keep Shining
Kings Of The South
Kings of the South (instrumental)
Kings of the South (radio)
Kings of Vacation
Know About Me
Know What I'm Saying
Know, I
Legendary DJ Screw, The
Let the Truth Be Told
Let's Chill
Letz Ride
Life Is a Bitch
Life Is a Struggle & Pain
Life Is Cold
Life of a G (feat. Freddie Gibbs & Z Ro)
Life Story
Life Story (G Love)
Life, The
Light Up Light Up
Living in the City
Look What You Did To Me (Blue 22)
Look What You Did to Me (It’s a dirty World)
Lookin Like G'z
Looking Good
Lord Tell Me Why (Back n Yo Ear)
Losing Composure
Lost Another Soldier
Love It
Love My Swag
Love This Game (Remix)
Loved by the Real & Hated by the Haters
Lovely Day, A
Lovin You (On My Mind)
Lovin You (On My Mind) (clean)
Loving U
Loving You
M-16 (remix)
Maintain (Slowed & Chopped)
Make It
Maria, Maria (Freestyle)
Miss My Mama
Miss Our G's II
Miss U (Chopped & Screwed), I
Miss U, I
Mo City Grey
Money in the City
Most Wanted
Move Around
Mr. Hit That Hoe
Mule (a cappella), The
Mule (album version), The
Mule (Instru), The
Mule (Obscene Blend), The
Mule (radio), The
Mule, The
My Life
My Own
My Time
My Whole Life
Never Let the Game Go
Never Take Me Alive
Nigga From the Hood
No Help
No Love
No Love (ChopNotSlop Remix)
No Mo Pain
No More Tears
Nolia Clap (Re-remix)
Nolia Clap (remix)
Nothin Left 2 Live 4
OG In Da Hood
Oh No
On Mo Time
On My Grind
On The Edge
One Hundred
Only the Real (Freestyle)
Pac And Pimp (R.I.P.)
Pain of My Pen
Payin' Dues
Paying Dues
Pig Feet
Pimp Hard
Playa Don't
Po' It Up
Po' It Up (Screwed)
Pocket Fulla Cash
Pouring Up (Slab Soldierz Purple Lean)
Presidential 4 Life
Prices Go Up
Public Announcement
Pullin' on Swang
Purple Codeine IV
Put It in the Air (remix)
R U Down
Rap-A-Lot Records 25th Anniversary
Rap-A-Lot Records 25th Anniversary: The Album
Ready 2 Die
Ready 4 War
Ready to Rock
Real Niggaz
Real or Fake
Real Witcha
Remember Me
Respect Something
Rest in Peace
Ride on Our Enemies
Ride on Our Enemies (S.L.A.B.ed)
Ro & Bun
Ro and Trae Speak
Roll By
Rollin on Swangaz
Rollin’ on Swangas
Run (remix), I
Same Everyday
Screwed Up Clicc Killas
Screwed Up Click
Screwed Up Killers
She Loves Me
Shelter in the Storm
Show You How It Go
Since We Lost Y'all
Sittin Low on 4’s
Smoke Everyday
Smoke Sumthen
Snitch Nigga
So Crazy
So High
So Houston
Soldier Story
Sometimes I Ride
Sorry Lil' Mama
Soufside Can't Stop
Soufside So Real
South Side Groovin
Southern Girl, A
Southern Lean, Volume 3
Southside (Slowed & Chopped)
Southside Groovin
Spittin' Fire
Steady Ballin
Stick of Dro
Still Breaking Boys
Still Livin'
Still on a Million Dollar Grind
Still Standing
Still Trappin With This Muzik
Stop Then Look
Straight up Killa
Stranger in the Midst
Street Legends
Street Legends Part 2
Strugglin 2 Change
Summer in Houston
Survivor Freestyle
Swang Down
Swang on 4's
Swang Real Wide
Swangin in the Rain (Muddmix)
Swangin in the Rain (Muddmix) (Slowed & Chopped)
SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artists
SXSW 2016 Showcasing Artists Part 2
Syrup in My Cup
T.H.U.G. - True Hero Under God (RMX)
Take My Time
Take Over, The
Tell Me What You See
Terminate on Sight
Texas Wire Wheels
Tha Police
Thangz Are Crazy
Thangz Are Crazy (Slowed & Chopped)
Thank You
That Money
That'z Who I Am
These (LP)
These (radio)
These Ni@@az
These Niggaz
These Niggaz Ain’t Real
Third Coast
Thru the Roof
Thug Life
Time and Again
Time and Time Again
Tippin' Down 2005
Too Many N****S
Too Much
Top Notch
Top Notch (remix)
Tribute to Kelbo, A
Trill N****** Don't Die
True Untold Story, The
True Untold Story..., The
Truth Be Told
Truth, The
Tyme & Tyme
U Like
Wake Up
Wamp Wamp
We Ain't Trippin No Mo
We Ain't Trippin' No Mo
We Ballin
We Da Shit
We da Shit (Screwed)
We da' Shit!
We Don't Speed
We Don’t Speed
We Got It All
We Miss U 2
We Won't Stop
We Wont Stop
Welcome 2 Houston
What It Look Like
When It Gets Gangsta
When We Ride
When You See Us
Where I’m from (Huggin’ Da Block)
White Tees
Who Could It Be
Who’s tha Man
Whut It Dew
Whut Up Now
Why I Hustle
Will I Go Crazy
Won't Let You Down (Texas Takeover remix)
Wonder If I'm Blessed
Wood Grain Grippin
World Series Grillz
Wreckshop Records Presents: Hit List, Volume 3
Ya Heard Me
Young & Sexy, Volume 14 (Mixed by DJ L) (Hosted by Buffie the Body)
Young Ghetto Stars
YTMND Soundtrack, Volume 10
Z-Ro and The SUC
Z-Ro Speaks (Fisher Boy)
Z-Ro Tolerance
Z-Ro Tolerance (Slowed and Chopped)