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Author of a little tract entituled Obedience due to the present king
Clergyman in the country
Cordial friend to the Protestant religion
Daniel Whitby
Daniel Whitby (English theologian)
Divine of the church of England
Obedience due to the present King, Author of a little tract entituled
Well-wisher to the churches peace
Whitbie, Daniel
Whitbie, Daniel (Mr)
Whitby, Daniel
Whitby, Daniel (Dr)
Whitby, Danielus
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Doddridge, Philip (1702-1751)
Gill, John (1697-1771)
Honert, Johan van den T.H. zoon, 1693-1758
Innys, William (Londen)
Loveringh, Jacobus (Amsterdam)
Lowman, Moses (1680-1752)
Poole, Matthew (1624-1679)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Tirion, Isaak (Amsterdam)
Wells, Edward (1667-1727)
Agreement betwixt the present and the former government:
answer to the Reverend Dr. Snape's second letter to the Right Reverend Father in God, Benjamin lord bishop of Bangor. By Daniel Whitby, D.D. and chantor of the Cathedral-Church of Sarum, An
Artificial dearth: or, The iniquity and danger of withholding corn. Being the substance of two sermons on Proverbs xi. 26. He that withholdeth corn, the people shall curse him: but blessing shall be upon the head of him that selleth it. By a clergyman in the country
Behandelingen van de leere der vijf Artijkelen : Eerste Behandeling, Van het Leerstuk der Verkiezinge en Verwerpinge, en de zaeken, welke in de Heilige Schriftuur door die woorden betekend worden
Considerations humbly offered for taking the oath of allegiance to King William and Queen Mary.
discourse concerning I. The true import of the words election and reprobation ..., A
discourse confirming the truth and certainty of the Christian faith from the extraordinary gifts and operations of the Holy Ghost, vouchsafed to the Apostles and primitive professors of that faith, A
discourse of the necessity and usefulness of the Christian revelation;, A
Disquisitiones modestæ in clarissimi bulli defensionem fidei Nicenæ Authore Daniele Whitby, D.D.
Dissertatio de s. Scripturarum interpretatione secundum patrum commentarios ...
dissuasive from enquiring into the doctrine of the Trinity or, the difficulties and discouragements which attend the study of that doctrine. In a letter to a friend., A
Errors of the Church of Rome
Ethices compendium, in usum academicæ juventutis
Examen variantium lectionum Johannis Millii, S.T.P. in Novum Testamentum. ... Opera & studio Danielis Whitby.
fallibility of the Roman Church, The : demonstrated from the manifest error of the 2d Nicene & Trent councils : which assert that the veneration and honorary worship of images is a tradition primitive and apostolical.
full answer to the arguments of the Reverend Dr. Jonathan Edwards, for the opinion of St. Austin concerning the imputation of the first sin of Adam, for guilt to all his posterity; ... By Daniel Whitby, A
Hē logikē latreia: or a sermon proving that reason is to be our guide in the choice of our religion;
Historical account of the English government
Hysterai phrontides. Or, the last thoughts of Dr. Whitby Containing his correction of several passages in his commentary on the New Testament. To which are added, five discourses. Published by his express order.
J.V.C. (John Vincent Canes). Three letters declaring the strange odd proceedings ... 1671:
paraphrase and commentary on the New Testament, A : In two volumes. ... By Daniel Whitby.
Pelagii sancti et eruditi monachi Epistola ad Demetriadem cum aliis aliorum epistolis
Posteriores cogitationes or the last thoughts. -
Protestant reconciler
Romish doctrines not from the beginning
second part of a reply to Dr. Waterland's objections against Dr. Whitby's Disquisitiones modestæ. ... To which is added, an appendix, being a defence of the first part of the Reply. By Daniel Whitby, The
sermon concerning the great duty of self-denial, A : Shewing that it is highly reasonable upon the principles of Christianity. And that the philosophy of the heathens affordeth no sufficient motive to perform it. By Daniel Whitby, D.D. and chantor of the Church of Sarum.
sermon concerning the great duty of self-denial Shewing that it is highly reasonable upon the principles of Christianity. And that the philosophy of the heathens affordeth no sufficient motive to perform it. By Daniel Whitby, D.D. and chantor of the Church of Sarum., A
short view of Dr. Beveridge's writings Which may serve as a preliminary discourse to an examination of his articles., A
Six discourses.
Three sermons preach'd at Salisbury, 1685:
Tractatus de imputatione divina peccati Adami posteris ejus universis in reatum Authore Dan. Whitby.
Tractatus de vera Christi deitate, adversus Arii & Socini haereses.
Traite des loix civiles & ecclésiastiques, faites contre les heretiques, par les papes, les empereurs, les rois, & les conciles généraux & provinciaux, approuvez par l'Eglise de Rome : avec un discours contre la persecution
treatise of the true Millenium, A : shewing that it is not a reign of persons raised from the dead, but of the Church flourishing gloriously for a thousand years after the conversion of the Jews and the flowing-in of all nations to them thus converted to the christian faith.
treatise of traditions. -, A
true account and confutation of the doctrine of the Sabellians, A
Verklaring der algemeene brieven van de apostelen Jakobus, Petrus, Joannes en Judas.
Verklaring van de geheele Heilige Schrift. N.T. Epistles, Pauline. Selection
Verklaring van de Handelingen der apostelen en van den Brief van den apostel Paulus aan de Romeinen
Verklaring van het euangelium van Lukas.
XII sermons preach'd at the cathedral church of Sarum viz. I. Of the immortality of the soul. ... XII. God neither advantaged by our righteousness, nor a sufferer by our sins. To which are added, two sermons, ... By Daniel Whitby.