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Archibald Constable (editore scozzese)
Archibald Constable (Scottish printer and publisher)
Archibald Constable (uitgever uit Schotland (1774-1827))
Constable, Arch
Constable, Archibald
Constable, Archibald David
Constable & socios, Archibald
Констебль, Арчибальд
Արչիբալդ Կոնստեբլ
ארצ'יבלד קונסטבל
fl. 1795-1827
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Archibald Constable & Co (see also from)
Bernier, François (1620-1688))
Brock, Irving
Lizars, Daniel (1760-1812))
Lizars, William Home (1788-1859))
Longman, Thomas Norton (1771-1842))
Seward, Anna (1742-1809)
Smith, Vincent Arthur (1848-1920))
Stewart, Dugald (1753-1828))
Stoddard, Richard Henry (1825-1903)
Tytler, Alexander Fraser
Arch. constable's catalogue, 1801. A catalogue of a general collection of books, in most branches of literature. Including Boece's Scotland, by Bellenden Nisbet's heraldry, 2 vol. Douglas's peerage and baronage, 2vol. Sir R. Sibbald's works The black letter and rescinded acts Nearly one hundred volumes of valuable MSS. Norden's travels, 2 vol. Churchill's voyages. 8vol. Spence's polymetis Basket's Bible, Royal folio A complete collection of Scots law Bacon's works, 3 vol. Blackwell's herbal, 2 vol. Gerarde's Herbal, by Johnson Galmet's dictionary, 3vol. Waltheri lexicon diplomaticam Duchesne, hist. normannorum Demosthenes, Gr, Ionis Wolfi 1604 Lord Oxford's works, 5. vol. Sir D. Lindefay's monarches, 1552.-Satyre, 1602 Encyclopæde Brit. 18 vol. Sir D. Dalrymple's work Sir W. Jones works, 3 vol. Russhead's statues at large Boyle's works, 6 vol. Oeuvres de rousseau 16 vol. Obrien's Irish dictionary Fabricii bib. græca, 5 vol. Pilkerton's Scotish porridge 2 vol. The Scots magazine, 60 vol. The gentleman's magazine, 80 vol. The monthly review, 113 vol. Annual register, 36 vol. Ourvres de Voltaire, 70 vol. Rapin and Tindal, 21 vol. Ciceros work. 30 vol. The books are now on sale money), catalogues to be had at the shop of archibald constable, at the cross, Edinburgh, where full value is given for any library or parcel of books in exchange or ready money
Arch. Constable's sale catalogue, 1799.
Catalogue of books, consisting of nearly thirty thousand volumes, and including the valuable classical library of the late professor Hensler of Kiel, in Holstein, on sale at the shop of Archibald Constable and Co. Edinburgh.
code of health and longevity, or, A concise view of the principles calculated for the preservation of health, and the attainment of long life. Being an attempt to prove the practicability of condensing, within a narrow compass, the most material information hitherto accumulated, regarding the most useful arts and sciences, or any particular branch thereof. By Sir John Sinclair, Bart. Vol. I [-IV]., The
Edinburgh Gazetteer, or Compendious Geographical Dictionary containing a description of the various countries, Kingdoms, States ... towns, mountains, seal, sivers ... of the world ... forming a complete body of Geographiphisical, political, statistical & commercial ... accompanied by maps, The
Elements of the philosophy of the human mind. By Dugald Stewart,... Volume second.
Essay on the principles of translation
Flora scotica, or a description of Scottish plants arranged both according to the artificial and natural methods. In two parts
history of Greater Britain as well England as Scotland, A
Jameson's mineralogy
Letters of Anna Seward : written between the years 1784 and 1807.
Memoirs of Antonio Canova : with a critical analysis of his works, and an historical view of modern sculpture
Memoirs of Capt. George Carleton, an English officer including anecdotes of the war in Spain under the Earl of Peterborough, and many interesting particulars relating to the manners of the Spaniards in the beginning of the last century
Memoirs of George Heriot jeweller to King James VI with an historical account of the hospital founded by him at Edinburgh
Outlines of natural philosophy, being heads of lectures delivered in the University of Edinburgh, by John Playfair,... Vol. I[-II]..
Personal reminiscences.
Report of the commitee of the highland society of Scotland appointed to inquire into the nature and authenticity of the poems of Ossian, drawn up, according to the directions of the commitee by Henry Mackenzie, Esq. , its convener or chairman, with a copious appendix containing some of the principal documents on which the report is founded.
State papers and letters of Sir Ralph Sadler, Knight-Banneret. edited by Arthur Clifford, esq. in two volumes. To which is added a memoir of the life of Sir Ralph Sadler, with historical notes, by Walter Scott, esq. Vol. I-[vol. 2]., The
T. Lucretii Cari De rerum natura libri sex ; ad exemplar Gilberti Wakefield, A. B. Cum ejusdem notis, commentariis, indicibus, fideliter excusi. Adjectae sunt editionum quinque, in quibus principis, ferrandi, lectiones variantes omnes ; ut et integrae Ricardi Bentleii annotationes, illustrationes, conjecturae, ex ipsius autographo, in Musaeo Britannico conservato. Volumen primum [-quartum].
Travels in the Mogul Empire AD 1656-1668
Treatise on mineralogy, or The natural history of the mineral kingdom. By Frederick Mohs,... Translated. from the German, with considerable additions, by William Haidinger,....
treatise on the kaleidoscope, by David Brewster, LL. D. F.R.S. Lond. and EDIN. &C.., A