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Campa Fernández, José Manuel
Campa, J. M.
Campa, José
Campa, José M.
Campa, José Manuel
Fernández, José Manuel Campa
Irwin, G.
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Bell, Gregory K.
Buisán, Ana
Caballero, Juan C.
Caballero, Juan Carlos
Campa, J.
Campa, J.M.
Campa, Joe Manuel
Campa, Jose
Campa, JosÈ B.
Campa, Jose M
Campa, José M.
Campa, José Manuel
Campa, JoseManuel
Chang, Kevin
Chang, P H Kevin
Chang, P. H. Kevin
Chang, P.H. Kevin
Chang, P.H.K.
Donnenfeld, Shabtai
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Fernandes, Nuno
Gavilán, Ángel
Goldberg, L.S.
Goldberg, Linda
Goldberg, Linda S
Goldberg, Linda S.
González Mínguez, José M.
González Mínguez, José Manuel
González-Mínguez, José M.
Gonzalez, Jose M.
Harvard University
Hernando Castellet, Ignacio
Hernando, Ignacio
Kedia, Simi
Refalo, J.F.
Refalo, James F
Refalo, James F.
Reider, Robert L.
Shaver, J. Myles
Sorenson, Timothy L
Universidad de Navarra / IESE Business School
Weber, Shlomo
Wolf, Holger
Wolf, Holger C.
Arbitrage-Based Tests of Target Zone Credibility: Evidence from ERM Cross-Rate Options.
Are Trade Blocs Conducive to Free Trade?
Asymmetric collateral requirements and output composition
Comments on: "A political theory of foreign investment: An alternative approach" by S. Takemori and M. Tsumagari (Japan and the World Economy 9 (1997) 515-531)
Current accounts in the euro area: an intertemporal approach
Differences in exchange rate pass-through in the euro area.
Distribution margins, imported inputs, and the insensitivity of the CPI to exchange rates
Distribution margins, imported inputs, and the sensitivity of the CPI to exchange rates
Employment versus wage adjustment and the U.S. dollar, 1998:
Employment versus Wage Adjustment and the US Dollar
Entry by Foreign Firms in the United States under Exchange Rate Uncertainty.
ERM bandwidths for EMU and after: evidence from foreign exchange options
ERM Realignment Risk and Its Economic Determinants as Reflected in Cross-Rate Options.
evolving external orientation of manufacturing: a profile of four countries, The
Evolving External Orientation of Manufacturing Industries: Evidence from Four Countries, The
Exchange rate crises and bilateral trade flows in Latin America
Exchange Rate Misalignment: Concepts and Measurement for Developing Countries, Lawrence Hinkle and Peter Montiel (eds.), World Bank, 1999.
Exchange rate pass-through into import prices: a macro or micro phenomenon?
Exchange-rate pass-through to import prices in the euro area
Exchange rates and trade : how important is hysteresis in trade?
Explaining the diversification discount
Exporting and capital investment: On the strategic behavior of exporters.
Firm investment under exchange rate uncertainty
forecasting ability of correlations implied in foreign exchange options, The
Goods arbitrage and real exchange rate stationarity. -
Implied Exchange Rate Distributions: Evidence from OTC Option Markets
Implied exchange rate distributions: evidence from OTC option markets1
importancia de la histéresis en las exportaciones de manufacturas de los países de la UEM, La
Integración y consolidación en el sistema financiero europeo
Investment in Manufacturing, Exchange-Rate and External Exposure
Investment in manufacturing, exchange-rates and external exposure, 1993:
Investment, pass-through, and exchange rates: a cross-country comparison
Irreversible Investments And Volatile Markets: A Study Of The Chemical Processing Industry
Is Real Exchange Rate Mean Reversion Caused By Arbitrage?
M&As performance in the european financial industry
Market Structure and Foreign Direct Investment.
Non-linear adjustment of import prices in the European Union
options-based analysis of emerging market exchange rate expectations: Brazil's real plan, 1994-1997, An
Options-based analysis of emerging market exchange rate expectations: Brazil's real plan, 1994-1999, An
Options-based evidence of the credibility of the peseta in the ERM
Pass-through of exchange rates to consumption prices: what has changed and why
reaction by industry insiders to M&As in the European financial industry, The
Realignment risk in the exchange rate mechanism: evidence from pound- mark cross-rate options
Shareholder Value Creation in European M&As
Sources of gains from international portfolio diversification.
Testing the Expectations Hypothesis on the Term Structure of Implied Volatilities in Foreign Exchange Options
Value creation in European M&As.
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Thesis (Ph. D.)--Harvard University, 1991