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Allen, Fulton
Blind Boy Fuller
Brother George
Fuller, Blind B.
Fuller, Blind Boy
Fuller, Blind Boy (pseudonym)
Fulton Allen
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
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Related identities: 
Allen, Fulton (Wirklicher Name; other identity, same person)
Related names: 
Davis, Gary (1896-1972)
Memphis Minnie, 1896 (1973)
Sonny Terry (1911-1986)
Sony music France
Terry, Sonny
White, Bukka
Ain't it a cryin' shame? (3 min 3 s)
Ain’t It a Crying Shame?
Ain't No Gettin' Along
Babe You Got to Do Better / Truckin' My Blues Away
Baby, I Don't Have to Worry ('Cause That Stuff Is Here)
Baby, I Don't Have to Worry / Lookin' for My Woman
Baby, Let Me Follow You Down
Baby, Let Me Lay It on You
Baby, Quit Your Low Down Ways (take 1)
Baby, Quit Your Low Down Ways (take 2)
Baby you gotta change your mind (3 min 13 s)
Baby You Gotta Change Your Mind / Somebody's Been Playing With That Thing
Been Your Dog
Before the blues the early American Black music scene.
Big Bed Blues
Big House Bound
Big leg woman gets my pay (2 min 43 s)
Black and tan (3 min 20 s)
Black Bottom Blues
Blacksnakin' Jiver
Blind Boy Fuller 1935-1938 Remastered
Blind Boy Fuller (1935-1940) the remaining titles.
Blind Boy Fuller (1936-'40)
Blind Boy Fuller, complete recorded works in chronological order.
Blind Boy Fuller, Volume 2
Blind Boy Fuller1935-1940
Blue and worried man 1935-1940.
Blues Collection 52: Heart Ease Blues, The
Blues Collection: Blind Boy Fuller, Heart Ease Blues, The
Bluesla grande anthologie1925-1962
Boots and Shoes / Truckin' My Blues Away No. 2
Break of Day Blues
Brownskin Sugar Plum
Bull Dog Blues (21629)
Bulldog Blues (62359)
Bus Rider Blues
Bye Bye, Baby, Blues
Careless Love
Carolina blues
Cat man blues (3 min 5 s)
Cat Man Blues (take 1)
Cat Man Blues (take 2)
Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order, Volume 1: 23 September 1935 to 29 April 1936
Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order, Volume 2: 29 April 1936 to 12 July 1937
Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order, Volume 3: 12 July to 15 December 1937
Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order, Volume 4: 15 December 1937 to 29 October 1938
Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order, Volume 5: 29 October 1938 to 5 March 1940
Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order, Volume 6: 5 March to 19 June 1940
Corinne, What Makes You Treat Me So / Weeping Willow Blues
Corrine, What Make You Treat Me So
Corrine What Makes You Treat Me So?
Crave My Pig Meat, I
Crave My Pigmeat, I
Crooked Woman Blues
Dealing With the Devil
Death Alley
Death valley
Don't Care How Long, I
Don't Want No Skinny Woman, I
Early American Black music scene.
east coast piedmont style sr p
Essential, The
Evil hearted woman (3 min 4 s)
Flyin' Airplane Blues
Funny Feeling Blues
Funny Felling Blues
Georgia Ham Mama
Get You Yas Yas Out
Get your yas yas out the essential recordings of Blind Boy Fuller.
Get your yas yas out22 great tracks
Good Feelin' Blues
Good Feeling Blues
Got a Woman, Crazy for Me) She's Funny That Way, (I
Got to Find My Little Woman
Heart Ease Blues / Jivin' Woman Blues
Homesick and Lonesome Blues
Hungry Calf Blues
I'm a Black Woman's Man
I'm a Good Stem Winder
I'm a Rattesnakin' Daddy
I'm a rattlesnakin' daddy (3 min 5 s)
I'm a stranger here (2 min 53 s)
I'm climbin' on top of the hill (3 min 17 s)
I'm Climbing on Top of the Hill
I'm Going to Move (To the Edge of Town)
I'm Rattllesnakin' Daddy
If You Don't Give Me What I Want
If You See My Pigmeat
It Doesn't Matter, Baby
Jesus Is a Holy Man
Jitterbug Rag
Jivin' Big Bill Blues
Jivin’ Woman Blues
Keep away from my woman (3 min 12 s)
Keep Away From My Woman (take 1)
Keep Away From My Woman (take 2)
Last Lover Blues
Let Me Squeeze Your Lemon
Little Woman, You're So Sweet
Log cabin blues (3 min 17 s)
Log Cabin Blues (take 1)
Log Cabin Blues (take 2)
Long Time Trucker
Lookin' for My Woman
Looking for my woman (3 min 9 s)
Looking for My Woman No. 2
Lost Lover Blues
Mama Let Me Lay It on You No. 2
Mamie (take 1)
Mamie (take 2)
Mean and No Good Woman
Meat Shakin’ Woman
Mistreater, You're Going to Be Sorry
Mojo Hidin' Woman
Money Spending Woman
Must Have Been My Jesus
My Baby Don't Mean Me No Good
My Best Gal Gonna Leave Me / Wires All Down
My Brown Skin Shugar Plum
My Brown Skin Sugar Plum [1935]
My brownskin sugar plum (2 min 59 s)
New Louise, Louise Blues
New Oh Red!
New York city blues1940-1950
Night Rambling Woman
No Stranger Now
Obra selecta.
Oh Zee Zas Rag / Shake That Shimmy
Oozin' You Off My Mind / Georgia Ham Mama
Painful Hearted Man
Painful Hearted Woman
Passenger Train Woman
Piccolo Rag
Pistol Slapper Blues [1937]
Pour vous
Precious Lord
Put You Back in the Jail
Rag, Mama, Rag (3 min 3 s)
Rag Mama Rag (take 1)
Rag Mama Rag (take 2)
Rag Mamma Rag
Red's Got the Piccolo Blues
Risin' Sun Blues
Rory Gallagher live in Europe
Rough Guide to Blues Legends: Blind Boy Fuller, The
Screaming and Crying Blues
Shaggy Like a Bear
Shake It, Baby
Shake That Shimmy
She's a Truckin' Little Baby
She’s a Trucking Little Baby
slide guitar, The
Snake Woman Blues
Some Day You're Gonna Be Sorry
Somebody's Been Playin' With That Thing
Somebody’s Been Playing With That Thing
Somebody's Been Talkin'
Somebody's Been Talking
Somebody's playing with that thing (3 min 15 s)
Stealing Bo-Hog
Steel Hearted Woman
Step It Up and Go N:2
Stingy Mama
Stip Is Up and Go
Stop Jivin' Me Mama
Sweet honey hole (2 min 47 s)
Ten O'Clock Peeper
That Smells Like Fish
Thousand Woman Blues
Thousand Women Blues
Three Ball Blues
Throw Your Yas Yas Back in Jail
Tom Cat Blues
Too Many Women Blues / Jitterbug Rag
Train Whistle Blues
Truckin’ My Blues Away No. 2
Trucking My Blues Away No. 2 (take 1)
Trucking My Blues Away No. 2 (take 2)
Twelve Gates to the City
Untrue blues (2 min 49 s)
Walking and Looking Blues / Working Man Blues
Walking my troubles away (2 min 54 s)
Walking My Troubles Away (take 1)
Walking My Troubles Away (take 2)
Want Some of Your Pie, I
Weepin’ Willow
Weeping Willow Blues
What’s That Smells Like Fish
When You Are Gone
When Your Gal Packs Up and Leaves
Where My Woman Usta Lay
Why Don't My Baby Write to Me?
Wires All Down
Woman, I'm Done
Woman, You Better Wake Up
Working Man Blues
Worn Out Engine Blues
Worried and Evil Man Blues
You Can't Hide From the Lord
You Go To Have Your Dollar
You Got to Have Your Dollar / Bye Bye Baby
You Never Can Tell
You're Laughing Now
You've got something there (2 min 46 s)
You've Got to Move It Out
Contributed to or performed: 
Acoustic Blues
As Good as It Gets: Country Blues
Back to the Blues
Bad Luck Blues
Barbecue Any Old Time: Blues From the Pit 1927-1942
Beauty of the Blues: Roots n' Blues Sampler
Bed Spring Poker: Meat in Motion, 1926-1951
Before the Blues, Volume 3
Beginner's Guide to Blues Music
Big House Bound
Bill Wyman's Blues Odyssey
Birth of the Blues, The
Black & White Blues
Black Cotton Vol. 2
Blowing the Blues
Blowing the Blues: A History of Blues Harmonica 1926-2002
Blues and Worried Man
Blues Bar
Blues Cafe
Blues Classics 1927-1969
Blues Collection: East Coast Blues, The
Blues Fireworks
Blues Greats: All Time Favorites
Blues in History II
Blues Is Black
Blues Legends
Blues Legends 60 Classic Performances
Blues Legends: The Classic Collection of Midnight Hours Blues
Blues Spirit
Blues, Blues, Blues: The Platinum Collection
Blues, Volume 1
Blues, Volume 4
Blues: A Smithsonian Collection of Classic Blues Singers, The
Broke, Black & Blue
Bus Rider Blues
Bye Bye Baby Blues
Carcollection: Blues Giants, The
Century of the Blues
Chain Gang Blues
Classic Bluesmen, The
Collection N°1 : 25 plus grands enregistrements originaux du blues
Complete Blues: The Roots of the Allman Brothers Band
Copulatin' Blues, Volume Two, The
Cotton Pickin' Blues
Diggin' Deeper, Volume 1
Diggin' Deeper, Volume 10
Diggin' Deeper, Volume 2
Diggin' Deeper, Volume 3
Diggin' Deeper, Volume 4
Diggin' Deeper, Volume 5
Diggin' Deeper, Volume 6
Diggin' Deeper, Volume 7
Diggin' Deeper, Volume 8
Diggin' Deeper, Volume 9
Dirty Blues 2
Dirty Blues 3
Don't Care How Long, I
Don't Want No Skinny Woman
Don't Want No Skinny Woman, I
Early Blues Roots of Bob Dylan, The
Early Blues Roots of Led Zeppelin, The
Flashbacks, Volume 3: Hot & Sexy: CopulationBlues 1926-1940
Fox Chase
Good-Bye Now
Gospel Spirit
Grande Époque du Gospel : 1902-1944, La
Great Blues Singers, The
Harmonica and Guitar Blues 1937-1945
Harmonica and Washboard Breakdown
Harmonica Blues
Harmonica Stamp
Harmonica Stomp
He Got Out His Big Ten Inch: Risque R&B and Rude Blues
I'm a Stranger Here
I'm Stranger Here
If You Don’t Give Me What I Want
Indigo Blues Collection 2
It's the Blues
Jukebox Favourites: The Best of the Blues
L’Histoire du jazz vocal - The Story of Vocal Jazz: 1911–1940
Led Zeppelin's Jukebox
Legends of Blues
Legends of the Blues, Volume 1
Let Me Squeeze Your Lemon: The Ultimate Rude Blues Collection
Living the Blues: Blues Roots: 1930-1944
Lonesome Train
Mean and No Good Woman
Mega Gospel
Millenium Collection: Blues Legends
Mississippi Juke Joint Blues (9th September 1941)
Mistreater, You're Going to Be Sorry
Mojo Presents: In Search of Syd: 15 Mind-Bending Freak-Outs
Mojo Workin': Blues for the Next Generation
Murder: Songs from the Dark Side of the Soul
New Love Blues
News & the Blues - Telling It Like It Is
NieA’s Blues
Nothing but the Blues
Original Blues
Pistol Slapper Blues
Precious Lord
Prewar Blues Story 1926-1943 (disc 2), The
Prison Blues
Pure Blues
Real… Blues: The Ultimate Collection, The
Roll & Tumble Blues: A History of Slide Guitar
Root of Blues: 72 Blues Standards That Inspired Generations
Roots of Led Zeppelin, The
Roots of the Blues, Volume 1
Rough Guide to Gospel Blues, The
Rough Guide to Holy Blues, The
Rough Guide to Ragtime Blues, The
Rude Dudes
Shake Down Blues
Slide Guitar: Bottles, Knives & Steel, The
Slide Guitar: The Streamline Special
Somebody's Been Talkin'
Steamline Special, The
Stop Jivin' Me Mama
Stop Jivin' Me Momma
Story of the Blues
Story of the Blues, The
Sun Risin' Blues
Sweet Woman
Them Dirty Blues
Those Dirty Blues, Volume 2
Those Dirty Blues, Volume 3
Three Ball Blues
Train Whistle Blues
Triomphes du Blues, Volume 13: East Coast Blues, Les
Twelve Gates to the City
Ultimate Encyclopedia of American Blues Classics, The
Ultimate Jazz Archive, The
Victrola Favorites: Artifacts From Bygone Days
Vintage Blues Box, The
Want Some of Your Pie, I
You Got to Have Your Dollar