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Lake, Marilyn
Marilyn Lake
Marilyn Lake (Australian historian)
Marilyn Lake (historica uit Australië)
born 1949-01-05
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Curthoys, Ann (1945-....))
Damousi, Joy (1961-)
Fox, Charles (1949-)
Grimshaw, Patricia
Holmes, Katie
Kelly, Farley
La Trobe University
McKenna, Mark (1959-....))
Monash University
Reynolds, Henry (1938-)
Wilson, Kathleen
ambiguities for feminists of national belonging: Race and gender in the Australian community, The
Australians at work : commentaries and sources
Blood Brothers. Racial identification and the right to rule: The Australian response to the Spanish-American war
Brightness of Eyes and Quiet Assurance that See to Say American: Alfred Deakin's Identification with Republican Manhood, The
Charles Pearson
Chinese Colonists Assert Their 'Common Human Rights': Cosmopolitanism as Subject and Method of History
Citizenship as Non-Discrimination: Acceptance or Assimilationism? Political Logic and Emotional Investment in Campaigns for Aboriginal Rights in Australia, 1940-1970
Connected worlds history in transnational perspective
Cosmopolitan Colonials: Chinese Australians and Human Rights
Creating a Master Narrative of Anzac: Mythology, Memory and History
Creating a nation
Critical perspectives on empire
Discovery of Whiteness is a very Modern Thing: WEB DuBois on the global and the personal, The
divided society, A : Tasmania during World War I
Doubletime, women in Victoria, 150 years
Drawing the global colour line : white men's countries and the international challenge of racial equality
Drawing the Global Colour Line: White Men's Countries and the Question of Racial Equality
Equality and Exclusion: The Racial Constitution of Colonial Liberalism
'Essentially Teutonic': E. A. Freeman, liberal race historian. A transnational perspective
Faith Faith Bandler, gentle activist
Fellow Feeling: A Transnational Perspective on Conceptions of Civil Society and Citizenship in "White Men's Countries", 1890-1910
Female Desires: The Meaning of World War II
Feminist histories, 1991:
Freedom bound..
From Mississippi to Melbourne via Natal: the invention of the literacy test as a technology of racial exclusion
From Self-Determination via Protection to Equality via Non-Discrimination: Defining Women's Rights at the League of Nations and the United Nations
Gender and war : Australians at war in the twentieth century.
Gendered and Racialised Self who Claimed the Right to Self-Government, The
Getting equal the history of Australian feminism
History and the Nation.
History Wars: Independent Histories
How do schoolchildren learn about the spirit of Anzac?
In the Interests of the Home: Rose Scott's feminist opposition to Federation
Introduction: The Past in the Present
James Bryce on the fellow feeling of Australia and South Africa
league of gentlemen, The
limits of hope, 1987:, The
limits of hope, The ; soldier settlement in Victoria, 1915-1938
Looking to American Manhood: The Correspondence of Alfred Deakin and Josiah Royce
Lowe Kong Meng appeals to international law: transnational lives caught between empire and nation
Mapping World History: Report on the World History Research Agenda Symposium
Memory, monuments and museums : the past in the present
Militarisation of Australia's Historical Memory, The
Miss Australia
Monuments, Museums and Memory
Monuments of Manhood and Colonial Dependence: The Cult of Anzac as Compensation
Mrs Ternente Cooke Makes History: Australian Feminism's Shifting Attitudes to the Question of 'Race'
Nationalist Historiography, feminist scholarship and the promise and problems of new transnational histories: the Australian case
On Being a White Man, Australia, Circa 1900.
On politics and history
Paul Hasluck and the Two-Headed Calf
Political Communities of Women
Sounds of History: Oratory and the fantasy of male power
Special Friends
State Socialism for Australian Mothers: Andrew Fisher's Radical Maternalism in its International and Local Contexts
Teaching Australian History: the Perils of Military Endorsement
Translating Needs into Rights: Race, Manhood and the Family Wage
Translating needs into rights: the discursive imperative of the Australian white man, 1901-30
Transnational History, Race and Human Rights. The Radical Challenge of Drawing the Global Colour Line
Universal Races Congress
Wasn't this a Government obsessed with historical 'truth'?
What if Alfred Deakin had made a declaration of independence?
What's wrong with ANZAC ? the militarisation of Australian history
What's Wrong with Anzac: The militarization of Australian history
Whatever happened to the anti-war movement?
White Australia Rules
White is Wonderful: Emotional Conversion and Subjective Formation
White Man's Country: Locating Australia in the world
White Man's Country. The Trans-National History of a National Project.
White Man under Siege: New Histories of Race in the Nineteenth Century and the Advent of White Australia, The
White men's countries
Why go to University?
Woman, black, indigenous: recognition struggles in dialogue.
Women's movement, Australia
Women's rights and human rights international historical perspectives
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Age, The
Australian Financial Review
Australian Historical Studies
Australian Journal of Politics and History
Biographical Dictionary Of Australian And New Zealand Economists, A
Civil Society, Public Sphere and Gender Justice Historical and Comparative Perspectives
Communities of Women: Historical Perspectives
Companion to Tasmanian History
Connected Worlds: History in Transnational Perspective
Contesting Assimilation
Cultural History in Australia
Encyclopedia of Melbourne
Frontier, Race and Nation. Henry Reynolds and Australian History
Gender and History
Gendered Nations: Nationalism in the Long Nineteenth Century
Global Practice in World History Advances Worldwide
historian's conscience: Australian historians on the ethics of history, The
Historicizing Whiteness: Transnational Perspectives on the Construction of Identity
History Workshop Journal
Independent Voices
Information Battlefield: Representing Australian's at War, The
International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest, The
Journal of Colonialism & Colonial History
Journal of Women's History
Journal of World History
Labour History
Makes of Miracles: The Last of the Federation Story
Making Australian History: Perspectives on the Past Since 1788
Masculinities in Politics and War: Gendering Modern History
Memory, Monuments and Museums
Palgrave dictionary of transnational history, The
Race, Nation and Empire: Making Histories, 1750 to the Present
Re-Orienting Whiteness
Reading across the Pacific: Australia-United States Intellectual Histories
Recognition Struggles and Social Movements. Contested Identities, Agency and Power.
Reflected Light: La Trobe Essays
Southern Worlds: South Africa and Australia Compared
Symbols of Australia
Talking and Listening in the Age of Modernity
Tasmanian Historical Studies
Teaching History
Thesis Eleven
Transnational Lives:Biographies of Global Modernity, 1700-Present
Victorian Historical Journal
What If? Australian history as it might have been
What's Wrong With ANZAC? The Militarisation of Australian History
Whitewash: on Keith Windshuttle's fabrication of Aboriginal history
Women's Rights and Human Rights: international historical perspectives
World War Two reader, The
Submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy
Summary: [unpaged] in front of text
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Monash University, 1984