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Rosen, S.
Rosen, Sherwin
Sherwin Rosen
Sherwin Rosen (American economist)
Розен, Шервин
Шъруин Роузън
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Ashenfelter, Orley
Becker, William E
Becker, William E.
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Nadiri, M Ishaq
Nadiri, M. Ishaq
National Bureau of Economic Research
Neal, Derek
Neal, Derek A.
Rosen, S
Rosen, S.
Rosen, Sherwin
Rosen, Shewin
Rosenfield, A.
Rosenfield, Andrew M
Ryoo, J.
Ryoo, Jaewoo
Sanderson, Allen
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Scheinkman, Jose A.
Schwarz, Michael
Simon, J.
Suen, Wing
Taubman, Paul
Taubman, Paul J.
Thaler, Richard
Thea, D.
Topel, Robert
Topel, Robert H
Topel, Robert H.
University of Chicago
Welch, Finis
Willis, Robert J
Willis, Robert J.
Winship, Christopher
Wright, Eric Olin
Appendices to "A Disequilibrium Model of Demand for Factors of Production"
Austrian and Neoclassical Economics : Any Gains from Trade?
Cattle cycles
Changes in Life-Cycle Earnings: What Do Social Security Data Show?
Characteristics of the Data
Comment on "Unemployment insurance and job search decisions," by Dale T. Mortensen (30:4, July 1977).
Commentary on `golden parachutes, executive decision-making, and shareholder wealth'
Comments on "A Price Theoretic Approach to the Specification and Estimation of the Sales-Advertising Function."
Conflicts and common interests in committees
Contracts and the market for executives
contratos implícitos: Una reseña, Los
Crossing the Line.
decline of the Midwest, The
Disaggregated Results
Discrimination in the market for public school teachers
disequilibrium model of demand for factors of production, A
Distinguished Fellow: Mincering Labor Economics
Distribution of Prizes in a Match-Play Tournament with Single Eliminations, The
Economics of Superstars: Reply., The
Education and Self-Selection.
Effects of Child-Care Programs on Women's Work Effort: Comment.
Engineering Labor Market, The
Equilibrium Approach to Labor Markets, The
Estimation of the Model: Total Manufacturing
Exchanging Debt for Health in Africa: Lessons from Ten Years of Debt-for-Development Swaps.
Experimentations in Speciflcation
Experiments in Specification
Further Observations, Summary, and Conclusions
George J. Stigler and the Industrial Organization of Economic Thought.
H. Gregg Lewis and Modern Labor Economics.
H. Gregg Lewis Memorial Comments
Healthiness, Education, and Marital Status
Hedonic Prices and Implicit Markets: Product Differentiation in Pure Competition.
Housing Investment in the United States.
Implicit contract theory
Implicit Contracts: A Survey.
Interrelated Factor Demand Functions.
Introduction to "A Disequilibrium Model of Demand for Factors of Production"
Introduction to "Studies in Labor Markets"
Introductory pages, including Preface, to "A Disequilibrium Model of Demand for Factors of Production"
Labor markets in professional sports, c2000:
Labor Quality, the Demand for Skill, and Market Selection
Labor Supply and Income Redistribution.
Labour Markets in Professional Sports.
Learning by Experience as Joint Production.
learning effect of assessment and evaluation in high school, The
Male-Female Wage Differentials in Job Ladders.
Managerial Compensation, Control, and Investment
Manufactured inequality
Market for Engineers., The
Market for Lawyers., The
Markets and diversity, 2004:
Measuring the Obsolescence of Knowledge
Monopoly and product quality
Nature of the Problem and Relation to the Literature
New Books on the Measurement of Capital
New Econmics of Teachers and Education., The
new economics of teachers and education, The
Note on Aggregation of Skills and Labor Quality, A
On the Interindustry Wage and Hours Structure.
Organizations and institutions : sociological and economic approaches to the analysis of social structure
Papers in honor of Sherwin Rosen.
Pension Inequality
Potato Paradoxes.
Prizes and Incentives in Elimination Tournaments.
Public employment, taxes and the welfare state in Sweden
Rank-Order Tournaments as Optimum Labor Contracts.
Relative Deprivation Curve and Its Applications., The
Reply to Robert Gordon
Research on High School Economic Education.
Risks and Rewards: Gary Becker's Contributions to Economics.
Russia in Transition
Selling versus producing in market fluctuations : A comment
Short-run employment variation on class-I railroads in the United States, 1947-1963
Some Economics of Teaching.
Specialization and Human Capital.
Structure of the Model, The
Studies in labor markets
Substitution and Division of Labour.
Theories of the distribution of labor earnings
theory of equalizing differences, The
Theory of Life Earnings., A
Ticket Pricing.
Time Series Model of Housing Investment in the U.S., A
Trade Union Power, Threat Effects and the Extent of Organization.
Transactions Costs and Internal Labor Markets.
Tyler Cowen, What Price Fame?
Unemployment and insurance
Unionism and the Occupational Wage Structure in the United States.
Unobservable Family and Individual Contributions to the Distributionsof Income and Wealth: Comment.
Unraveling in assignment markets
Unraveling in Matching Markets.
Value of Changes in Life Expectancy., The
Value of Saving a Life: Evidence from the Labor Market, The
Valuing Health Risk.
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Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Chicago