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Bud Freeman
Bud Freeman (American musician)
Bud Freeman (Amerikaans orkestleider (1906-1991))
Bud Freeman (musicien américain)
Bud Freeman (musicista statunitense)
Bud Freeman (US-amerikanischer Tenor-Saxophonist)
Bud Lawrence, Freeman
Freeman, Bud
Freeman, Bud Lawrence
Freeman, But
Freeman, Lawrence
Lawrence "Bud" Freeman
باد فریمن
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Adler, Oscar (co-performer)
Ahola, Sylvester (co-performer)
Armstrong, Louis (1901-1971)
Ballew, Smith (co-performer)
Barnet, Charlie (co-performer)
Benny Goodman and His Boys (isMemberOf)
Bernardi, Noni (co-performer)
Bessinger, Frank (co-performer)
Black, Ted (co-performer)
Bloom, Kurt (co-performer)
Bloom, Mike (co-performer)
Bose, Sterling (co-performer)
Briedis, Vic (co-performer)
Brilhart, Arnold (co-performer)
Brodsky, Irving (co-performer)
Bud Freeman & His Summa Cum Laude Orchestra (isMemberOf)
Bud Freeman and His Boys (isMemberOf)
Bud Freeman and his Famous Chicagoans (isMemberOf)
Bud Freeman and His Gang (isMemberOf)
Bud Freeman and His Orchestra (isMemberOf)
Bud Freeman and his Summa cum laude orchestra (see also from)
Bud Freeman and His Windy City Five (isMemberOf)
Bud Freeman and his Windy city five (see also from)
Bud Freeman and the Chicagoans (isMemberOf)
Bud Freeman Trio (isMemberOf)
Bud Freeman trio (see also from)
Buddy, Banjo (co-performer)
Butterfield, Billy (co-performer)
California Ramblers (isMemberOf)
Campbell, Arthur (co-performer)
Campbell, Chuck (co-performer)
Clark, Spencer (co-performer)
Condon, Chick (co-performer)
Conselman, Bob (co-performer)
Cusick, Fred (co-performer)
Cutshall, Cutty (co-performer)
Davis, Bobby (co-performer)
Dickenson, Vic (co-performer)
Dickson, Richard (co-performer)
Doherty, Jimmy (co-performer)
Dorsey, Jimmy (co-performer)
Dorsey, Tommy (co-performer)
Dunn, Artie (co-performer)
Ennis, Skinnay (co-performer)
Fain, Sammy (co-performer)
Feld, Morey (co-performer)
Feldkamp, Elmer (co-performer)
Felline, Tommy (co-performer)
Ferretti, Andy (co-performer)
Fields, Arthur (co-performer)
Fontana, Carl (co-performer)
Foster, Herman (co-performer)
Freeman Five (isMemberOf)
Freeman Four (isMemberOf)
Goodman, Benny (1909-1986)
Goodman, Benny (co-performer)
Goodman, Harry (co-performer)
Gray, Chauncey (co-performer)
Haggart, Bob
Haggart, Bob (co-performer)
Hall, Arthur (co-performer)
Hamilton, Scott (co-performer)
Hansen, Jack (co-performer)
Hare, Ernest (co-performer)
Harris, Sid (co-performer)
Hawkins, Coleman (1904-1969)
Hayes, Clancy (co-performer)
Hayton, Lennie (co-performer)
Hubble, Eddie (co-performer)
Hucko, Peanuts (co-performer)
Ingham, Keith (co-performer)
Johnson, Gus (co-performer)
Johnston, Roy (co-performer)
Kaufman, Irving (co-performer)
Kaufmann, Jack (co-performer)
Kellaway, Roger (co-performer)
King, Stan (co-performer)
Kirkeby, Ed (co-performer)
Klink, Al (co-performer)
Lambert, Harold "Scrappy" (co-performer)
Lawson, Yank (co-performer)
Lay, Ward (co-performer)
Leeman, Cliff (co-performer)
Lincoln, Abe (co-performer)
Livingston, Fud (co-performer)
Loeffler, Carl (co-performer)
Manone, Wingy (co-performer)
Mason, Paul (co-performer)
Masso, George (co-performer)
Mc Kenzie and Condon's Chicagoans (see also from)
McGarity, Lou (co-performer)
McPartland, Jimmy (co-performer)
Miller, Eddie (co-performer)
Miller, Glenn (co-performer)
Mince, Johnny (co-performer)
Mole, Miff (co-performer)
Mondello, Toots (co-performer)
Moore, Bill (co-performer)
Morgan, Dick (co-performer)
Morgan, Tom (co-performer)
Morton, Benny (co-performer)
Mulligan, Gerry (1927-1996)
Muranyi, Joe (co-performer)
Murray, Billy (co-performer)
Napoleon, Phil (co-performer)
Newcomb, Clyde (co-performer)
Nichols, Red (co-performer)
Olsen, Lloyd "Ole" (co-performer)
Philburn, Al (co-performer)
Pollack, Ben (co-performer)
Pumiglio, Pete (co-performer)
Purvis, Jack (co-performer)
Quealey, Chelsea (co-performer)
Ricci, Paul (co-performer)
Robert S. Altshuler Collection (Library of Congress)
Rollini, Adrian (co-performer)
Rollini, Art (co-performer)
Rosengarden, Bobby (co-performer)
Russell, Pee Wee (1906-1969)
Russin, Jack (co-performer)
Russo, Sonny (co-performer)
Schutz, Bob "Buddy" (co-performer)
Shavers, Charlie (1917-1971))
Smith, Carrie (co-performer)
Spencer, Herbert Winfield (co-performer)
Stannard, Ed (co-performer)
Stern, Hank (co-performer)
Stoneburn, Sid (co-performer)
Storey, F. Fabian (co-performer)
Sullivan, Joe (co-performer)
Sullivan, Maxine (co-performer)
Summa cum Laude Orchestra
Sutton, Ralph (co-performer)
Teagarden, Jack (1905-1964)
The Cellar boys (see also from)
The World's Greatest Jazzband (isMemberOf)
Traxler, Gene (co-performer)
Van Brunt, Walter (co-performer)
Van Eps, Fred (co-performer)
Weiss, Sam (co-performer)
Wells, Dicky (1907-1985)
Wellstood, Dick (co-performer)
Weston, Clift (co-performer)
Wilber, Bob
Wilber, Bob (co-performer)
Wright, Edythe (co-performer)
Yantis, Bruce (co-performer)
Yukl, Joe (co-performer)
1928-1938 (Giants of Jazz label)
50 modern jazz phrases
50 swing phrases
After Awhile
Ain't misbehavin'
All of me (3 min 48 s)
archive collection of great jazz recordings
As Long as I Live
At Sundown
At the jazz band ball
Basin street blues
Because Of Lsd
Big Boy
Blue in C Double Flat
Blue Lou
Blue Moon
Blue Room, The
Blues For Tenor
Blues on overtime
Bud Freeman, 1928-1939:
Bud Freeman All-Star swing sessions, The
Bud Freeman All-Stars
Bud Meets Bob
But Not for Me
Buzzard, The
By myself
Caldonia (3 min)
Can't Give You Anything but Love, I
Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man
Chasin'at newport (5 min 10 s)
Chicago / Austin High School Jazz in Hifi
China boy
Chronological Classics: Bud Freeman 1928-1938, The
Chronological Classics: Bud Freeman 1939-1940, The
Chronological Classics: Bud Freeman 1945-1946, The
Comes jazz
Could Write A Book, I
Dave's Blues
didn't know what time it was, I
dolphin has a message, The
Don't Believe It, I
Dutch Swing College Band
East to Get
Easy to Get
Easy to Love
Eel's Nephew, The
Exactly Like You
Exactly Like Yoy
Fidgety Feet
Forty Seven and State
Forty Seventh and State
Found a New Baby, I
Freeman Talk
Girlfriend, The
Glenn Miller story
Got Rhythm, I
Great jazz legends 40 remarkable recordings.
Guess I'll Have to Change My Plan, I
Home cooking
Honeysuckle Rose
I'm nobody's baby (2 min 57 s)
I've Found a New Baby
Indian Summer
It's Only a Paper Moon
Jack hits the road (2 min 56 s)
Jazz-Club main stream drums
Jazz in the mountains
Jess Stacy and friends 1938 - 1944
Joe Bean
Just One of Those Things
Just you, just me (7 min 10 s)
Keep smilin' at trouble
Keep Smiling at Trouble
Knock me a kiss (2 min 59 s)
Lee Wiley sings
Lester leaps in (9 min 28 s)
Let a Song Go Out of My Heart, I
Let’s Do It
'Life' Spears a Jitterbug
Love Is Just Around the Corner
Low down dirty shame blues (2 min 45 s)
Madame Dynamite
Mahogany Hall stomp
Majestic dance
Man I Love, The
Man: Live in Dublin 1976, The
Margo's Seal
Meet me tonight in dreamland
Meet you in San Juan
Memories of You
Muskrat ramble
My Honey's Lovin' Arms
Nat meets June (3 min 38)
need some pettin', I
Newport News
Nineteenforties jazz singers
Nobody's Sweetheart
Oh! Baby
On the sunny side of the street (3 min 11 s)
Palm Springs jump (2 min 35 s)
Pennies From Heaven
Perdido (Lost)
Please Tell The World (A Message From The Grave)
Prince of Wails
Racines (50 mn 23 s)
Remember You, I
Rosetta (6 min 38 s)
Roy Hits the Road
Sail Fish, The
Satanic Blues
Satin Doll
She's Funny That Way
Skylark (3 min 08 s)
Small groups, 1931-1936
Sobbin' blues
Somebody stole my gal
Somethin' tender
Something to remember you by
Song of the Tenor
songs of Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart The songs of Harold Arlen., The
St James'infirmary (3 min 06 s)
St Louis blues (3 min 05 s)
Stardust (3 min 50 s)
Stop, Look and Listen
string of swingin' pearls, A
Sugar (2 min 37 s)
Summertime (3 min 13 s)
Sweet Georgia Brown (7 min)
Sweet Sue (Just You)
Swingin' Without Mezz
Swinging with "The eel"
Take me back baby (3 min 01 s)
Tea for Two
Teach Me Tonight
That D Minor Thing
That Da Da Strain
That Newport jazz great all-star performances recorded live at the Newport jazz festival
There'll be some changes made (3 min 17 s)
There'll come a time (2 min 52 s)
These foolish things
Three little words
Three's No Crowd
Tia Juana
Tillie's Downtown Now
Tommy Dorsey
Topsy turvy (3 min 16 s)
tribute to Duke
Tuxedo junction (2 min 32 s)
Undecided (10 min 47 s)
Way down yonder in New Orleans
What Is There To Say
What's the use ?
When my bay left me (2 min 38 s)
When your lover has gone (7 min 25 s)
Whispering (2 min 44 s)
World's Greatest Jazz Band of Yank Lawson & Bob Haggart, The
You don't look like a musician
You Took Advantage of Me
Zen Is When
Contributed to or performed: 
47th and State
Aint Misbehavin'
All That Jazz Collection
Are You There?
At Sundown
At the Jazz Band Ball
At the Jazz Band Ball: Chicago/New York Dixieland
Atomic Era, The
Ballads in Jazz 1930-1943
Ballads In Jazz, New York-Chicago-Los Angeles, 1930-1943
Beat the Band to the Bar
Best of Dixieland Jazz, The
Blues for Tenor
Buck & Bud
Bud Freeman All-Star Swing Sessions, The
But Not for Me
But Why
Buzzard, The
Classic Capitol Jazz Sessions
Classic Sessions 1928-1949, The
Come Rain or Come Shine
Could Write a Book, I
Cutie Pie
Darktown Strutters Ball
Dave’s Blues
Disenchanted Trout
Dixieland Jazz: This Was the Jazz Age
Dr Paycer's Dilemma
dreamin' and schemin'
Easy to Love
Eel's Nephew, The
Exactly Like You
Farewell Blues
For Musicians Only (A Musical Treatise on Jazz)
Golden Retriewer Puppy Dog Blues
Good Man Is Hard to Find (1), A
Good Man Is Hard to Find (2), A
Good Man Is Hard to Find (3), A
Good Man Is Hard to Find (4), A
Great Jazz Legends
Great Performers of Jazz, Volume 2 (disc 1: Great Jazz Legends), The
Greatest Sax Legends
Have You Met Miss Jones
Hector's Dance
Hillbillies In Hell: Country Music's Tormented Testament (1952-1974) The Final Chapter
I'm Comin' Virginia
I've Got The World On A String
If I Had You
Instant Cool Jazz Ballads
It All Depends On You
It Had to Be You
It Must Be True
Jack Hits the Road
Jazz Encounter
Jazz Piano History
Jess Stacy Piano Solos / Jess Stacy & Friends
Just for Tenor
Just One of Those Things
Keep Smiling at Trouble
Latest Thing in Hot Jazz, The
Legends of Jazz
Let a Song Go Out of My Heart, I
Let's Do It Again
Live in Haarlem
Love Me or Leave Me
Man I Love, The
March On, March On
Milenburg Joys
Mountain Greenery
Oh No
Oh Yes
Only Have Eyes for You, I
Original Jazz Masters Series, Volume 2, The
Original Jazz Masters Series, Volume 4, The
Out Of Nowhere
Pee Wee Russell Plays With Buck Clayton, Vic Dickenson & Bud Freeman
Pee Wee's Blues
Pee Wee's Song
Perdido (Lost)
Private Jives
RCA Victor Jazz/The First Half-Century: The 30's
Remember You, I
Satin Doll
Saxophone Anthology
She's Funny That Way
Shorty's Blues
Something Tender
Something to Remember You By
Stop, Look and Listen
Surrender Blues
Sweet Sue
Sweet Sue Just You
Tea for Two
Test of Time, The
That Old Feeling
This Is It
This Is The Police
Three Little Words
Tillie's Downtown Now
Tribute to Duke, A
Triomphes du jazz, Les
Twisted Tales Of The Vinyl Wastelands Vol 4
Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 07: Classic Jazz, Ragtime, Dixieland, The
Ultimate Jazz Archive, The
Ultimate Jazz Collection (1927-1949), The
Used To Love You, I
Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
What Is There to Say
What Is There to Say?
What's The Pitch
Who Cares?
World of Jazz: The Jazz Saxophone
write me a love song baby
You Took Advantage of Me
You're the Top: Cole Porter in the 1930s