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Evelyn Glennie
Evelyn Glennie (britische Schlagzeugerin und Komponistin)
Evelyn Glennie (britisk komponist)
Evelyn Glennie (Brits componiste)
Evelyn Glennie (brittisk kompositör)
Evelyn Glennie (compositrice et percussionniste)
Evelyn Glennie (percussionista e compositrice scozzese)
Evelyn Glennie (perkusistka szkocka, wykonawczyni muzyki poważnej)
Evelyn Glennie (Scottish percussionist)
Glennie, Evelyn
Glennie, Evelyn (Dame)
Glennie, Evelyn Elizabeth Anne (Dame; Vollstaendiger Name)
Эвелин Гленни
에벌린 글레니
グレニー, エヴェリン
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
BBC Symphony Orchestra
BMG France
BMG Music
BMG Music International (Europe)
Corkhill, David
Frith, Fred (1949-...)
Glennie, Evelyn (1965-...)
Hemmersam, Jon (co-performer)
MacMillan, James (1959-)
Mezei, Szilárd (co-performer)
Perahia, Murray (1947-)
Scottish Chamber Orchestra Edinburgh
Skotnicki, Piotr (1972- ))
Solti, Georg (1912-1997)
Stevens, Michael Jefry (co-performer)
The Core-Tet Project (isMemberOf)
Tizmoret ha-filharmonit ha-Yiśreʼelit
Turnage, Mark-Anthony (1960-))
Wordsworth, Barry (1948-...)
岩瀬, 孝雄 (1938-)
African dances.
African sunrise/Manhattan rave
Amadinda (full mix)
Ambient Percussion (alternate version)
Ambient Percussion (full mix)
Anvil Chorus, The
Arachnophobia (edit sting)
Arachnophobia (full mix)
Attack of the Glow Worm
Bali (full mix)
Battle Cry [bonus mix]
Battle Cry (iron mix)
Battle Cry (rain mix)
Battle Cry (shadow mix)
Björk - Telegram
Born to Be Wild
Bullroarer (full mix)
Chase (edit alternate end)
Chase (full mix)
Chinese cymbals
Chronophobe (full mix)
Cocoon (full mix)
Council, The
Creeper (stinger 1)
Creeper (stinger 2)
Creeper (stinger 3)
Cristofori (full mix)
Crossing the Bridge
Czardas (5 min 13 s)
Dame Evelyn Glennie at the Royal Northern College of Music : Percussion Masterclass
Darabuka (edit dry)
Darabuka (full mix)
Darkness to Light (Light Section)
Dragon Dance (full mix)
Dream of the cherry blossoms (5 min 05 s)
Embers (full mix)
Enfant Terrible (full mix)
Evelyn Glennie montre comment écouter
Fairy Dust (full mix)
First Contact
flight of the bumble bee (1 min 18 s)
Flight of the Bumblebee (full mix)
Fractured lines
Free Spirit (full mix)
Gong Patter (alternate version)
Gong Patter (full mix)
Gorilla in a cage concerto for percussion and orchestra
Group percussion for beginners
Halasana (6 min 50 s)
Harmonix (full mix)
Hejre Kati (6 min 06 s)
Her Greatest Hits
Hi-hat playout
Hoe-down from Rodeo (2 min 40 s)
Instrumental music.
Introduction & rondo capriccioso, Op. 28 (9 min 11 s)
Invitation to the dance (5 min 10 s)
Jungle Drums (edit dry)
Jungle Drums (full mix)
Land of Vendon
Last Contact
Last night of the proms the 100th season
Latin American interlude
Light in darkness
Little Prayer, A
Lullaby Bell (full mix)
Maple leaf rag
Marimba Dances: I
Marimba Dances: II
Marimba Dances: III
Marimba music. Selections
Marimba spiritual
Matre's dance (9 min 22 s)
Mexican Dance for Marimba no. 1
Mexican Dance for Marimba no. 2
music of Joseph Schwantner
My Spine (Evelyn Glennie)
Oil Tank
Orchestra music.
Orologeria aureola
Perpetual motion
Pezzo da concerto no. 1, op. 15
Pezzo da concerto No.I, Op. 15, for snare drum (4 min 30 s)
rag of colts (4 min 13 s)
Ravel's greatest hit - The ultimate bolero
Reaching Out
Reflected in brass Evelyn Glennie meets the Black Dyke band
Remote Goat (full mix)
Rhythm and beauty : the art of percussion
Rhythm of Life (alternate version)
Rhythm of Life (full mix)
Rhythm song
Rizumu wa kokoro ni hibiku
route of wolves (7 min 43 s)
Saw Whale
Sea Pictures (full mix)
Selections From Shadow Behind the Iron Sun / Battle Cry Mixes
Shadow behind the iron sun
Simtak debut
Sonata for two pianos and percussion
Sonate piano's [2], slagwerk Sz.110
Sonaten, Kl 1 2 Schz, Sz 110
song of Dionysius (13 min 02 s)
Sooty's Horse (full mix)
Sorbet no. 1: Latin American Interlude
Sorbet no. 2: Chinese Cymbals
Sorbet no. 3: UDU Trail
Sorbet no. 4: Woodblocks and Falling Instruments
Sorbet no. 5: Wood and Metal Chimes
Sorbet no. 6: Simtak Debut
Sorbet no. 7: Hi-Hat Playout
Sorbet No. I
Steelie (full mix)
Street songs
sugar factory
swan (3 min)
Swan, The
Tam Tam (alternate version 1)
Tam Tam (alternate version 2)
Tam Tam (alternate version 3)
Tam Tam (full mix)
Tam Tam (gong hit 1)
Tam Tam (gong hit 2)
Taps in tempo (2 min 06 s)
Three chorales for marimba
Thumb Piano
Thunder Caves
Tinker Bell (full mix)
To the Earth
Touch the sound
Train Station (full mix)
trench [Film], The
Tritsch-Tratsch Polka
Tubular Bells (full mix)
Two Movements for Marimba: I
Two Movements for Marimba: II
Udu (alternate version 1)
Udu (alternate version 2)
Udu (full mix)
UDU trail
Unter Donner und Blitz
Variations on Japanese children's songs
Veni, veni, Emmanuel
Walls are loosening (15 min 04 s)
Warrior's Chant
Wind Horse
Wind in the bamboo grove
Wood and metal chimes
Woodblocks and falling instruments
Эвелин Гленни учит слушать
اولین گلنی [Evelyn Glennie] گوش دادن را به ما نشان می دهد
کودکان (فیلم ۱۹۹۰)
リズムは心に響く : パーカッションに賭けた青春
Contributed to or performed: 
Africa, Township, Hilife
African Sunrise / Manhattan Rave
Alignment 10 (sting)
Alignment 11 (sting)
Alignment 2
Alignment 3
Alignment 4 (60)
Alignment 5 (60)
Alignment 6 (60)
Alignment 7 (30)
Alignment 8 (30)
Alignment 9 (30)
Ambient, Atmospheric
And I Will Kiss
Andalusian Dream
Big Tyre (full mix)
Black Key Study
Bloom, Part 1
Bloom, Part 2
Boomerang (full mix)
Bushmaster 2 (60)
Bushmaster 3 (60)
Bushmaster 4 (Sting)
Caliban's Dream
Cartoon Music
Cartoon, Comedy
Cast of Hawks, A
Children: Age 0-4
Chill Out
Chiller Cabinet
Clog Dance
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 80: April 2000
Comedy, Quirky, Silly 2
Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra: I. Con forza
Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra: II. Misterioso
Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra: III. Ritmico con brio
Concerto for Solo Percussions and Chamber Orchestra: I
Concerto for Solo Percussions and Chamber Orchestra: II
Concerto for Solo Percussions and Chamber Orchestra: III
Concerto for Solo Percussions and Chamber Orchestra: IV
Concerto para marimba e orchestra de cordas: I
Concerto para marimba e orchestra de cordas: II
Concerto para marimba e orchestra de cordas: III
Concerto para marimba e orchestra de cordas: IV
Concerto pour batterie et petit orchestre
Concerto pour marimba et ensembles à cordes
Conjurer / Vocalise
Conjurer: Cadenza I
Conjurer: Cadenza II
Conjurer: Cadenza III
Conjurer: Movement I: Wood
Conjurer: Movement II: Metal
Conjurer: Movement III: Skin
Conspiracy 2
Conspiracy 3
Conspiracy 4
Conspiracy 5
Crazy Bones
Crazy Bones 2
Crazy Bones 3 (60)
Crazy Bones 4 (60)
Crazy Bones 5 (30)
Crazy Bones 6 (30)
Crazy Bones 7 (sting)
Daddy Wrong Legs
Daddy Wrong Legs 2
Daddy Wrong Legs 3 (60)
Daddy Wrong Legs 4 (60)
Daddy Wrong Legs 5 (30)
Daddy Wrong Legs 6 (30)
Daddy Wrong Legs 7 (sting)
Daddy Wrong Legs 8 (sting)
Dare to Hope
Dare to Hope 2
Dare to Hope 3 (60)
Dare to Hope 4 (60)
Dare to Hope 5 (30)
Dare to Hope 6 (30)
Dare to Hope 7 (sting)
Dare to Hope 8 (sting)
Darkness to Light (complete version)
Dawn of a New Age: I
Dawn of a New Age: II
Deep River (full mix)
Deep River (sting)
Disturbia 2
Disturbia 3 (60)
Disturbia 4 (60)
Disturbia 5 (30)
Disturbia 6 (30)
Disturbia 7 (Sting)
Disturbia 8 (Sting)
DJ Yoda's How to Cut & Paste: Mix Tape, Volume 2
Docudrama, Cops
Dream of the Bison
Dream Sense
Dream Sense 10 (sting)
Dream Sense 2
Dream Sense 3
Dream Sense 4 (60)
Dream Sense 5 (60)
Dream Sense 6 (60)
Dream Sense 7 (30)
Dream Sense 8 (30)
Dream Sense 9 (30)
Dreamachine: Da Vinci's Wings
Dreamachine: Electric Eel
Dreamachine: Rube Goldberg's Variations
Dreamachine: Vulcan's Forge
Duckwalk (full mix)
Earth Air Fire Water
Earth Air Fire Water 10 (30)
Earth Air Fire Water 11 (30)
Earth Air Fire Water 12 (30)
Earth Air Fire Water 13 (sting)
Earth Air Fire Water 14 (sting)
Earth Air Fire Water 2
Earth Air Fire Water 3
Earth Air Fire Water 4
Earth Air Fire Water 5 (60)
Earth Air Fire Water 6 (60)
Earth Air Fire Water 7 (60)
Earth Air Fire Water 8 (60)
Earth Air Fire Water 9 (30)
Earth Dawn
Earth Dawn 10 (sting)
Earth Dawn 11 (sting)
Earth Dawn 12 (sting)
Earth Dawn 2
Earth Dawn 3
Earth Dawn 4 (60)
Earth Dawn 5 (60)
Earth Dawn 6 (60)
Earth Dawn 7 (30)
Earth Dawn 8 (30)
Earth Dawn 9 (30)
Earth Tones
Earth Tones 2 (60)
Earth Tones 3 (30)
Earth Tones 4 (Sting)
Editor's Series: Ethnic
Eruption 2 (60)
Eruption 3 (30)
Eruption 4 (Sting)
Etude in C, op. 6 no. 10
Experimental Percussion
Experimental Percussion 2
Fantasy on Japanese Wood Prints, op. 211
Farewell to Altamira
Farewell to the Bison
Five Mile Smile
Five Mile Smile 10 (sting)
Five Mile Smile 11 (sting)
Five Mile Smile 2
Five Mile Smile 3
Five Mile Smile 4 (60)
Five Mile Smile 5 (60)
Five Mile Smile 6 (60)
Five Mile Smile 7 (30)
Five Mile Smile 8 (30)
Five Mile Smile 9 (30)
Flight of the Bumble Bee, The
Forest Canopy
Forest Canopy 2 (60)
Forest Canopy 3 (30)
Forest Canopy 4 (Sting)
Fragile Earth
Fragile Earth 10 (sting)
Fragile Earth 11 (sting)
Fragile Earth 2
Fragile Earth 3
Fragile Earth 4 (60)
Fragile Earth 5 (60)
Fragile Earth 6 (60)
Fragile Earth 7 (30)
Fragile Earth 8 (30)
Fragile Earth 9 (30)
From Above
From Above 2 (60)
From Above 3 (30)
From Above 4 (sting)
Frozen Lands
Frozen Lands 2 (60)
Frozen Lands 3 (30)
Frozen Lands 4 (Sting)
Fun House
Fun House 2
Fun House 3 (60)
Fun House 4 (60)
Fun House 5 (30)
Fun House 6 (30)
Fun House 7 (sting)
Fun House 8 (sting)
Fun, Quirky, Happy 2
Funk, Lifestyle, Retro
Gee Whizz!
gerettete Alberich / Violin Concerto / Rapture, Der
gerettete Alberich: I., Der
gerettete Alberich: II., Der
gerettete Alberich: III., Der
Ginger and Fred (Medley)
Glass Mountain
Gloomy Sunday
Glory of the Cave
Going Back
Going Back 2 (60)
Going Back 3 (30)
Going Back 4 (Sting)
Golden Age of the Xylophone, The
Gymnopedie no. 1
Gypsy Virtuoso, The
Heart Cinema
Heart to Heart
Hejre Kati
Hidden Worlds
Hidden Worlds 2 (60)
Hidden Worlds 3 (30)
Hidden Worlds 4 (Sting)
High Above
High Above 2 (60)
High Above 3 (30)
High Above 4 (Sting)
Hittin' Em Up
Hoe Down
Hoe-Down From Rodeo
Horror Box
Human Time
Human Time 2 (60)
Human Time 3 (30)
Human Time 4 (Sting)
Ice Clouds
Ice Clouds 2
Ice Clouds 3 (60)
Ice Clouds 4 (60)
Ice Clouds 5 (30)
Ice Clouds 6 (30)
Ice Clouds 7 (sting)
Iceland Mysteries, The
In the World to Change the World
Introduction & Rondo capriccioso, op. 28
Invitation to the Dance
Isles of Wonder: Music For the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games
Journey Through a Japanese Landscape: I. Spring
Journey Through a Japanese Landscape: II. Summer
Journey Through a Japanese Landscape: III. Autumn
Journey Through a Japanese Landscape: IV. Winter
Londonderry Air
Lost Souls
Lost Souls 10 (Sting)
Lost Souls 2
Lost Souls 3
Lost Souls 4 (60)
Lost Souls 5 (60)
Lost Souls 6 (60)
Lost Souls 7 (30)
Lost Souls 8 (30)
Lost Souls 9 (30)
Lost to the Void
Lost to the Void 2
Lost to the Void 3 (60)
Lost to the Void 4 (60)
Lost to the Void 5 (30)
Lost to the Void 6 (30)
Lost to the Void 7 (sting)
Magic, Ghosts, Mystery 2
Magic, Mystery
Mambo Italiano
Manhattan Rave
Maple Leaf Rag
Marimba Spiritual
Matre's Dance
Matter of Time
Matter of Time 2
Matter of Time 3 (60)
Matter of Time 4 (30)
Matter of Time 5 (30)
Mindwarp (full mix)
Music of Joseph Schwantner, The
My Spine
Night Fright
Night Fright 2
Night Fright 3 (60)
Night Fright 4 (60)
Night Fright 5 (30)
Night Fright 6 (30)
Night Fright 7 (Sting)
No Place Like Home
Nu-Folk, Acoustic Pop
On the Breeze
On the Breeze 2 (60)
On the Breeze 3 (30)
On the Breeze 4 (Sting)
On the Breeze 5 (Sting)
Open Dawn
Open Dawn 2 (60)
Open Dawn 3 (30)
Open Dawn 4 (Sting)
Orchestral & Orchestral Effects
Orchestral Drama, Horror
Orchestral, Contemporary Drama
Oriental Landscapes
Ouija 2 (60)
Ouija 3 (30)
Ouija 4 (sting)
Out of the Silence
Patterns of Nature
Patterns of Nature 2 (60)
Patterns of Nature 3 (30)
Patterns of Nature 4 (Sting)
Percussion Concerto: I. Cortege with Fanfares
Percussion Concerto: I. The Night Deepens
Percussion Concerto: II. Prelude to Water Tune
Percussion Concerto: II. Scherzo I
Percussion Concerto: III. Nightscape (Callanish)
Percussion Concerto: III. Speedy Wind
Percussion Concerto: IV. Scherzo II
Percussion Concerto: V. Aubade with Fanfares
Polkas by the Beautiful Blue Danube
Rag of Colts, A
Reflected in Brass
Return of the Moon: Blue Mist Like Smoke
Return of the Moon: In a Far Off Place
Return of the Moon: Prayer to the New Moon
Return of the Moon: Rainmaking With a Bowstring
Return of the Moon: Song of the Broken String
Ringing of a Bell, The
Rite of Fire
Rite of Fire 2
Rite of Fire 3 (60)
Rite of Fire 4 (60)
Rite of Fire 5 (30)
Rite of Fire 6 (30)
Rite of Fire 7 (sting)
Robbin' Harry
Robot March
Robot March 2 (60)
Robot March 3 (30)
Robot March 4 (sting)
Robot March 5 (sting)
Route of Wolves, A
Rudy's Rambles
Seahorses 2
Seahorses 3 (60)
Seahorses 4 (60)
Seahorses 5 (30)
Seahorses 6 (30)
Seahorses 7 (Sting)
Seahorses 8 (Sting)
Slaughter on 10th Avenue
Slavische Fantasie
Solar Drift
Solar Drift 10 (30)
Solar Drift 11 (30)
Solar Drift 12 (30)
Solar Drift 13 (sting)
Solar Drift 2
Solar Drift 3
Solar Drift 4
Solar Drift 5 (60)
Solar Drift 6 (60)
Solar Drift 7 (60)
Solar Drift 8 (60)
Solar Drift 9 (30)
Solo Drums & Percussion
Sonata for 2 Pianos and Percussion: I. Assai lento
Sonata for 2 Pianos and Percussion: II. Lento, ma non troppo
Sonata for 2 Pianos and Percussion: III. Allegro non troppo
Song of Dionysius, The
Sound Spirits
Sound Spirits, Part 1
Sound Spirits, Part 2
Spirit of the Land
Spirit of the Land 2 (60)
Spirit of the Land 3 (30)
Spirit of the Land 4 (Sting)
Street Songs
Street Songs: Green Gravel
Street Songs: Oranges & Lemons
Street Songs: Poor Roger
Sugar Factory, The
Symmetry 10 (sting)
Symmetry 11 (sting)
Symmetry 12 (sting)
Symmetry 2
Symmetry 3
Symmetry 4 (60)
Symmetry 5 (60)
Symmetry 6 (60)
Symmetry 7 (30)
Symmetry 8 (30)
Symmetry 9 (30)
Symphony no. 4 "Magma"
Taps in Tempo
Terror Zone
Terror Zone 2
Terror Zone 3 (60)
Terror Zone 4 (60)
Terror Zone 5 (30)
Terror Zone 6 (30)
Terror Zone 7 (sting)
This Is Science
Time of Your Life
Time of Your Life 2
Time of Your Life 3 (60)
Time of Your Life 4 (60)
Time of Your Life 5 (30)
Time of Your Life 6 (30)
Time of Your Life 7 (sting)
Timor Drift
Timor Drift 10 (sting)
Timor Drift 2
Timor Drift 3
Timor Drift 4 (60)
Timor Drift 5 (60)
Timor Drift 6 (60)
Timor Drift 7 (30)
Timor Drift 8 (30)
Timor Drift 9 (30)
To Be Me (full mix)
To Be Me (sting)
Travelling Light
Turbulent Landscapes
Tween Heather and Sea
Two’s Company: I. Desolate, Lonely
Two’s Company: II. Frivolous, Playful
Two’s Company: III. Dramatic. Furious - Expressive
Two’s Company: IV. Warm - Passionate - Exultant
UFO: ???
UFO: Flying
UFO: Objects
UFO: Traveling Music
UFO: Unidentified
Urban Strip
Urban Strip 2
Urban Strip 3 (60)
Urban Strip 4 (60)
Urban Strip 5 (30)
Urban Strip 6 (30)
Valse Brilliante
Veni Veni Emmanuel Dance-Chorale: Coda-Easter
Veni, Veni, Emmanuel
Veni, Veni, Emmanuel: Coda - Easter
Veni, Veni, Emmanuel: Dance - Chorale
Veni, Veni, Emmanuel: Dance - Hocket
Veni, Veni, Emmanuel: Gaude, Gaude
Veni, Veni, Emmanuel: Heartbeats
Veni, Veni, Emmanuel: Introit - Advent
Veni, Veni, Emmanuel: Transition: Sequence I
Veni, Veni, Emmanuel: Transition: Sequence II
Waking World
Waking World 2 (60)
Waking World 3 (30)
Waking World 4 (Sting)
Walls Are Loosening (A Little Prayer)
Water Crystals
Whirlwind, The
Wishing Tree
Wishing Tree 2
Wishing Tree 3 (60)
Wishing Tree 4 (60)
Wishing Tree 5 (30)
Wishing Tree 6 (30)
Wishing Tree 7 (sting)
World, Percussion
Xylophone Classics
Yorkshire Ballad
Zingzillas: The Album