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Bessibel, James
Jacques Paisible
Jacques Paisible (Brits componist (1656-1721))
Jacques Paisible (fransk blokkfløytevirtuos og barokk-komponis virksom i England)
Jacques Paisible (französischer Blockflötist und Komponist)
Jacques Paisible (French composer residing in England)
James Paisible
Paisable, Jacques
Paisable, James
Paisible, ..
Paisible, Jacques
Paisible, James
Paisible, James (Mr)
Paisible, Jaques
Peasable, Jacques
Peasable, James
Peasible, Jacques
Peasible, James
asi 1656-1721
Creation class: 
Language material
Manuscript notated music
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Finger, Gottfried (1660?-1730)
Harf, Jost
Lasocki, David
Lasocki, David Ronald Graham
Lully, Jean-Baptiste (1632-1687)
Mezger, Marianne
Purcell, Daniel (1664?-1717)
Purcell, Henry (1659-1695)
Ruf, Hugo
Simmonds, Paul
Watz, Franz (1949-)
[Aires, Fl 1 2 Bc op. 2 Set Nr. 4]. -
Awakening princesses Peter Holstlag plays 18th-century recorders from the Bate Collection, Oxford
Blockflöte in London 1700-1750
Britannia, a new dance, compos'd by M. Isaac, perdorm'd at Court on her Majesties Birth day... [à 1 v.]
Flutadeux. [Oeuvres des XVIIe et XVIIIe s. pour 2 flûtes à bec alto, transposées] pour deux flûtes à bec soprano. [Partition]
Instrumental music for London theatres, 1690-1699 Royal College of music, London, Ms. 1172
Instrumental music. Selections
King Henry IV with the humours of Sir John Falstaff
Monthly mask of vocal music, 1702-1711
music collection at the Bodleian Library, Oxford
new collection of dances originally published by F. Le Rousseau London c. 1725
Playhouse aires [Enregistrement sonore] : 18th-century English theatre music
Prélude [en fa] (Entrée, Minuett, Sarabanda, Rigadon, Symph., Jigg, Kornpipe) (2 fl.)
Prélude [en la min.]
Purcell's trumpets from Shore to Shore
Quatorse sonates : a 2 flustes
Queen's farewell
rigadoon royal, The : Mr. Isaac's new dance made for Her Majestys birth day 1711
Sechs Duette : für Altblockflöten (Querflöten, Oboen, Violinen) : Opus 1
Sechs Suiten : für zwei Altblockflöten und Basso continuo : Cembalo (Pianoforte), Violoncello (Viola da gamba) ad lib.
Sett in B flat major: I. Allmand
Sett in B flat major: II. Allegro
Sett in B flat major: III. March
Sett in B flat major: IV. Minuet
Sett in B flat major: V. Grave
Sett in B flat major: VI. Gavott
Sett in C major: I. Prelude
Sett in C major: II. Largo
Sett in C major: III. Allegro
Sett in C major: IV. Grave
Sett in C major: V. March
Sett in C major: VI. Hornpipe
Sett in C minor: I. Largo
Sett in C minor: II. Allmand
Sett in C minor: III. Aire
Sett in C minor: IV. Entree
Sett in C minor: V. Rondeau
Sett in C minor: VI. Minuet
Sett in C minor: VII. Gavott
Sett in C minor: VIII. Aire
Sett in D major: I. Prelude
Sett in D major: II. Allmand
Sett in D major: III. March
Sett in D major: IV. Sarabande
Sett in D major: V. Minuet
Sett in D major: VI. Sarabande
Sett in D major: VII. Minuet
Sett in D minor: I. Prelude
Sett in D minor: II. Entree
Sett in D minor: III. Minuet
Sett in D minor: IV. Rigadoon
Sett in D minor: V. Jigg
Sett in D minor: VI. Minuet
Sett in F major: I. Prelude
Sett in F major: II. Corrant
Sett in F major: III. Sarabande
Sett in F major: IV. Boree
Sett in F major: V. Scotch Aire
Sett in F major: VI. Minuet
Setts of aires. No. 4
Setts of aires. No. 6
She wou'd and she wou'd not
Six setts of aires
"Solo's by Mr Pesible". 13 Sonates, une sonatine, 2 preludes et Vale royall pour flûte et basse, et 2 sonates pour 2 flûtes
Sonata 2 op 3 c-Moll
Sonata 6 B-dur
Sonata for recorder & continuo in D minor: I. Grave
Sonata for recorder & continuo in D minor: II. Allegro
Sonata for recorder & continuo in D minor: III. Vivace
Sonata for recorder & continuo in F major
Sonata for Trumpet, 2 Violins & Continuo: Adagio
Sonata for Trumpet, 2 Violins & Continuo: Grave Allegro
Sonata quinta f. 2 Altblockflöten u. Cembalo. -
Sonatas, recorder, continuo, D major
Sonatas, recorder, continuo, E♭ major
Sonatas, recorder, continuo, no. 5, G minor
Sonatas, recorder, continuo. Selections
Sonatas, recorders (2), F major (RISM 1698⁸, no. 13)
Sonatas, recorders (2), G minor (RISM 1698⁸, no. 14)
Sonatas, recorders (2), op. 1. No. 3
Sonatas, recorders (4), continuo, G major
Sonatas, trumpets (2), violins (3), continuo, D major
Sonaten Fl 1 2 op. 1
Sonaten, Fl Bc
[Sonates en ré, mi ♭, si ♭, ré min., sol min., ré min., sol, ut min. si ♭, fa, ré min., fa, ut]
Sonates Flûte à bec, basse continue N 13 Sol mineur
Sonates Trompette, violons (2), basse continue
Sonatina [en si ♭] (2 fl.)
Suite in c : for 2 treble recorders (flute or oboes or violins) and basso continuo
Unpublished English manuscripts before 1850, section A
Vale Royall [en la min.]
Contributed to or performed: 
Lonely Shepherd: Cantatas by J. C. Pepusch (Bergen Barokk), The
Queen's Farewell / The Queen's Farewell, The