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Huirne, R.
Huirne, R. B. M.
Huirne, Rutgerus Bernardus Maria
Huirne, Ruud
Huirne, Ruud B.
Huirne, Ruud B. M.
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Computer file
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Manuscript language material
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Anderson, Jock R. (1941-)
Asseldonk, M.A.P.M. van (1969-)
Asseldonk, Marcel Antonius Petronella Marius (1969-)
Dijkhuizen, A.A. (1953-)
Dijkhuizen, Aalt Aleid
Dijkhuizen, Aalt Aleid (1953-)
Geertsema, Kees
Hardaker, J. B.
Hardaker, J.Brian
Hardaker, John Brian (1935-...)
Horne, P.L.M. van
Horne, Peter L.M.
Lien, Gudbrand
Meuwissen, M. P. M.
Meuwissen, M.P.M. (1972-)
Meuwissen, Miranda Petra Maria (1972-)
Vries, A. de
Adaptive conjoint analysis to determine perceived risk factors of farmers, veterinarians and AI technicians for introduction of BHV1 to dairy farms.
Basic framework for the economic evaluation of animal health control programmes.
Computer simulation to support policy making in the control of pseudorabies
Computerized analysis of individual farm performance : an application in swine farming
Computerized management support for swine breeding farms
Coping with Crisis Risk in European Agriculture. Faire face au risque de crise dans l'agriculture europeenne. Mit dem Krisenrisiko in der europaeischen Landwirtschaft umgehen
Coping with risk in agriculture, 1997:
Cost-benefit analysis of vaccination against paratuberculosis in dairy cattle.
Cost-effectiveness of measures to prevent classical swine fever introduction into The Netherlands.
Cost implications of improving food safety in the Dutch dairy chain
Damage control inputs: a comparison of conventional and organic farming systems.
decision-tree to optimise control measures during the early stage of a foot-and-mouth disease epidemic., A
descriptive study of visits by animal health specialists in pig farming: type, frequency, and herd-health management factors., A
Determining farm effects attributable to the introduction and use of a dairy management information system in The Netherlands
Development and Performance of Russian Agricultural Enterprises, 1990-2001
Development of prevention and control strategies to address animal health and related problems in densely populated livestock areas of the community
Distribution of direct recall costs along the milk chain
Ecological-economic modelling to support multi-objective policy making: a farming systems approach implemented for Tuscany
economic model to calculate farm-specific losses due to bovine respiratory disease in dairy heifers., An
Effect of yield and price risk on conversion from conventional to organic farming*
Effectiveness of simulated interventions in reducing the estimated prevalence of E. coli O157:H7 in lactating cows in dairy herds.
Effects of management information from FADN on profitability of Dutch potted-plant firms.
Eliciting processing industry damage from feed crises.
Epidemic Disease Risk Financing in a Protective Vaccination Framework
Evaluation of sustainability of organic, integrated and conventional farming systems: a farm and field-scale analysis
Exposure to physical risk factors in Dutch agriculture: Effect on sick leave due to musculoskeletal disorders
Farm level information systems : Conference Center Woudschoten, Zeist, The Netherlands, May 10-14, 1993 : conference proceedings
Farmers in small-scale and large-scale farming in a new perspective : objectives, decision making and information requirements
Field study on broiler eggs hatchability.
haalbaarheid van een verzekening voor veewetziekten in de varkenssector, De
Hagel- und Sturmversicherung für Gartenbaubetriebe in den Niederlanden [vom 27. - 29. September 1999 in Maastricht NL]
How to define and study farmers' management capacity: theory and use in agricultural economics
Identifying and ranking attributes that determine sustainability in Dutch dairy farming
Improving Food Safety at the Dairy Farm Level: Farmers' and Experts' Perceptions
Improving Food Safety Within the Dairy Chain: An Application of Conjoint Analysis.
Improving nutrient efficiency as a strategy to reduce nutrient surpluses on dairy farms.
Income insurance in European agriculture
influence of cow factors on the incidence of clinical mastitis in dairy cows., The
Informatietechnologie in de land- en tuinbouw : een programmeringsstudie naar de behoeften aan sociaal-economisch onderzoek
Measuring managerial efficiency: the case of commercial greenhouse growers
MKZ: verleden, heden en toekomst : over de preventie en bestrijding van MKZ
model ter bepaling van de optimale aanhoudingsduur van leghennen, Een
model to estimate the financial consequences of classical swine fever outbreaks: principles and outcomes., A
Monte Carlo simulation of virus introduction into the Netherlands.
Optimal replacement of mastitic cows determined by a hierarchic Markov process.
Optimization of dairy heifer management decisions based on production conditions of Pennsylvania.
Praktische economie voor de melkveehouder
Preferences of cost factors for mastitis management among Dutch dairy farmers using adaptive conjoint analysis.
Purchase of Catastrophe Insurance by Dutch Dairy and Arable Farmers
Quantifying characteristics of information-technology applications based on expert knowledge for detection of oestrus and mastitis in dairy cows.
Quantifying economic benefits of sow-herd management information systems using panel data
Quantifying the Agri-Food supply Chain
Repeatability in ranking of dairy farms on technical and economic performance over years.
Risicofinanciering van oogstschade door extreme weersomstandigheden
Risk and risk management in agriculture: an overview and empirical results.
Risk factors associated with sick leave due to work-related injuries in Dutch farmers: an exploratory case-control study
Risk factors for sick leave due to musculoskeletal disorders among self- employed Dutch farmers: A case-control study
Risk management strategies in agriculture : state of the art and future perpectives
Risk management strategies in agriculture : state of the art and future perspectives
risk of the introduction of classical swine fever virus at regional level in the European Union: a conceptual framework., The
Risks and economic consequences of introducing classical swine fever into The Netherlands by feeding swill to swine.
Scenario tree modeling to analyze the probability of classical swine fever virus introduction into member states of the European Union.
Sensitivity Analysis to Evaluate the Impact of Uncertain Factors in a Scenario Tree Model for Classical Swine Fever Introduction
Short- and long-term production losses and repeatability of clinical mastitis in dairy cattle.
Sick leave analysis among self-employed Dutch farmers
Simulating Escherichia coli O157:H7 transmission to assess effectiveness of interventions in Dutch dairy-beef slaughterhouses.
Simulation model of multi-compartment distribution in the catering supply chain
Stochastic dynamic programming to support sow replacement decisions
Stochastic efficiency analysis of bovine tuberculosis-surveillance programs in the Netherlands.
Stochastic simulation of catastrophic hail and windstorm indemnities in the Dutch greenhouse sector.
Strategie en risico in de agrarische bedrijfseconomie
Technical and economic models to support heifer management decisions: basic concepts.
Validation of an integrated decision support and expert system for analysis of individual sow-herd performance.
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